'In that district alone, I slept with perhaps 40 or 50 boys'

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Meet the co-founder of ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org...
I got to know one particular kid called Rickey. At that time he was 13 years old. When I was that age I didn't know anything about sex, and it surprised me that someone so young could have had so much experience. It really was him who seduced me. And I really loved him. Then we were together - how long was it? - we were together for four years. He lived with me. His mother knew all about it, I spoke to her and she was completely ok about it. She said, it's better he goes with you than with someone who's not so good. She was quite happy, and everything was fine. And then I also got to know his elder and his younger brothers, and they were all the same. And all of his friends in the neighborhood. In that district alone, I slept with perhaps 40 or 50 boys.
- Tom Reeves AKA Alex Marbury

When Reeves realized in the late 1990's that his efforts in NAMBLA were destine to fail because of the reputation that NAMBLA had acquired, he wrote a petition titled "A Call to Safeguard Our Children and Our Liberties." Nearly ten years later, in 2007 Reeves teamed up with his mate Paul Shannon to create the ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org website, only they both knew that their new project would never go anywhere if Reeves were to use his real name on it; so they agreed that Reeves should use the alias of "Alex Marbury" and the ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org campaign was formed.
Reeves and Shannon laid down the blueprints for their new organization on their website, which read:

The campaign hopes to attract more and more signers to the statement, and to generate discussion groups throughout the United States. Eventually,we hope to generate specific lobbying efforts aimed at reforming sex offender laws in all states and federally. If enough interest is evident, a national conference will be organized on the topic of sex offender law reform. As indicated in the statement posted on this web-site, further information is available by calling Paul Shannon at 617-497-5273 or contacting Alex Marbury at alex@ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org.
The structure was to be essentially the same as how Reeves had established and organized NAMBLA for 20+ years: The organization was to be divided into 50 individual state chapters, each responsible for efforts in their respective states, annually there would be national conference and the monthly Digest would serve as a kind of online equivalent of the NAMBLA bulletin and there would be a prison outreach project to disseminate copies of the Digest to offenders currently imprisoned.

RSOL National Conference
Hosted by Missouri Citizens for Reform
August, 2011
NAMBLA International Membership Conference
Hosted by the Southern California Chapter
November, 1986

A common friend: On the left hand side you have Paul Shannon a close personal friend of Tom Reeves with the RSOL and on the right hand side you have David Thorstad, who also happens to be a close friend of Tom Reeves, with NAMBLA.

Until his recent death, Reeves was involved in every possible online facet of the ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org campaign; from collecting donations for the annual conference to writing and producing articles himself. If Paul Shannon was to be the public face of the ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org campaign, Tom Reeves was the to be the online presence of the campaign using the alias Alex Marbury. The fact that we knew what Tom Reeves looked like and knew that Tom Reeves was a NAMBLA kingpin, meant that Reeves had to live out the last years of his life in hiding, hiding his face, hiding his name, knowing that his organization would never survive if his true identity were to be uncovered.

Before his death, Alex Marbury AKA Tom Reeves said:

Truth and reason can never be silenced.
I wonder whether he would still stand by that comment today, when the lie he and Paul Shannon had worked so hard to keep for years, is finally revealed for the world to see.