Wikisposure Halloween Outings - Part Two

Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Halloween outings from Wikisposure:

Eric Risch AKA Eric_risch

"I love boys in diapers aged 10 and under"

Michael Guebara

"i have some boy experiances to tell but i don't wwant to post here beause i don't want to get into trouble. i like to tell my experiances to help deal with some guilt i have. most of my experiances have sexual content."

Joe Schramer AKA Joeglass626

"I am debating if I should tell my 21yo nephew that i am a pedo"

Daryl Clark AKA Yogi and 'I Love Boys Undies'

"I love to see boys who have wet their pants or in a nappy and plastic pants, the older te better."

Jon Wesley Elam AKA JonWesley

"Re: Kindergarten Children should be Encouraged to Dance Naked and Masturbate in Pre-Schools

I'm all for advanced methods of teaching, but I'd rather we use these methods on older children 1st."

Happy Halloween!

The Adolf Hitler of Boylovers

He calls himself the 'Adolf Hitler of Boylovers' and he won't take 'No' for an answer, meet Mikeie:
"Little boys want and fucking need sex.Why cant the fucking parent see that. I believe the time is now to rise up and take our rights to hav e sex with any little boy we want. Yea I said any little boy we want. We are men with a sexual desier that needs to be for fulled. Yea I wont take no for an answer."
Yeah, why can't parent's see that!?!?! Men like Mikeie have desires involving their children that need to be fulfilled! What a shining example of humanity as it stands today, here's what else this creature had to say:
"We have to take our rights by force because the fucking dods arnt going to give them to us. Brothers we have as much right to a little boy as his parents have. We have the right to take any boy willing to have sex with us into nour position to live with us we want. As far as I'm concerned boys were made for sex with men and it's our right to have any kind of sex we wish with them"
Thankfully, as far as society's concerned, adult men raping little boys is highly illegal, but Mikeie doesn't stop there:
"Brothers we will take our rights and rule this world. Yea I am the Adolf Hitler of boylovers, and I'm fucking proud of it too. We must stop being cowereds, and christians, and take our place. We must do it now. Are you with me. If it takes blood so be it."
You can read more about this 'wonderful' man on Wikisposure.

Wikisposure Halloween Outings

It looks like the Wikisposure folks are at it again, with fresh new faces of pedophile activists, right in time for Halloween:

Steven Villarreal AKA SKUV

"So even though you say you no longer have a specific AOA, do you have a favorite age? Mine is 8! They are extremely cute at that age, and it's possible that my attraction to them stems from the fact that the first girl I was ever attracted to was 8, when I was in 2nd grade."

Leisa Drafts AKA Leisa34f

"It was almost the same with my little lover she shed a few tears of embarrassment (before I touched her) but afterward we have an ever deeper bond and now she still blushes a little when I ask her to lay across my lap but she doesn’t hesitate now she knows it means I really love her."

John Crowley AKA Buffalo204

"Because Of the nature of thid forum I say I'm a pedo. To say it any place else is like walking around with a chip on my shoulder. Just asking for trouble. I'm not willing to take point in the fight for pedo rights."

Thayne Miller AKA Awiggin

"I have been collecting sets and videos of young models for many years and I have come across some truly great models in that time. Among the greatest are Tori, Lil’ Amber (the original), Elain and a few others but Tessa is definitely in the top five."


"I've played a little bit with a friend's son while I was babysitting, nothing heavy, just playing and sucking his cock. He loved it, giggled all the time"

Willard Dee Burkhamer AKA Movieman

"The boy had a small toy car to play with. He was on his knees, setting back with his legs and feet as a setting place. Then laying on his stomach. Finally he set back on his butt with both knees bent to where they were under his chin. He had on short wide leg trouseres and no shorts. The lighting was bright enough that in the position he was setting did shine down his trousers legs.

The scenery was beautiful, it was about this long laying very contentedly over his little jewel sack. Just for a few seconds then he moved again."

The Wikisposure articles look like they're still being published as you read, which begs the question: Who elses lucky day is it going to be?

We'll keep you updated as the day progresses.