Malice Day 2013 - In Review

Friday, April 26, 2013

Yesterday was April the 25th, the pedophile day of celebration, known as "Alice Day." This year to mark the occasion, members of the hacktivist group Anonymous took it upon themselves to carry out attacks against pedophiles and their websites alike in a variety of different fashions. Under the banners of "OpScarecrow," "OpPedoChat," "OpAlice" and "OpRiptide" the pedophiles came under fire once again on one of the biggest days on the pedo calendar.

Leading up to then 25th, Anonymous released the following video, using the day as a means to raise public awareness about the threats pedophiles and sexual abuse pose to children:

This isn't the first time the pedophiles have had their pride holiday hijacked and used against them, historically Evil-Unveiled (formerly known as the Wikisposure project), has used the day to expose pedophiles posting on websites such as GirlChat and Visions of Alice.

This year Anonymous launched a new project titled "Operation Riptide," designed at targeting individuals who solicit minors for sex in chat rooms.

"Operation Scarecrow" utilized Facebook to spread the message about pedophiles on the internet, re-naming Alice Day as Malice Day and encouraging others to get involved:

"Operation Alice" targeted a variety of pedophile websites with Denial of Service attacks, keeping some websites offline for the duration of the day, including the website of the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

Another happy Alice Day!