Members Raided Around the World

Sunday, November 29, 2009

While the raids were being carried out in Atlanta by ICE Agents, elsewhere in the world other members were getting similar surprises of their own; Like the three men you see to the left (from left to right: Ivo Cespedes Cabrales, Reinoso Manuel Aguilera and Christian Halabi Aguirre), who were arrested in Chile by local authorities along with another man, Gonzalo Hernandez.

The prosecutor working the case of the Chilean's commented:
"The important thing is that this network is disrupted, the page in which they made contact with the network is down, which is a major blow to prevent further linking these subjects, sharing information,"
In our previous post about the raids, the pedos were unsure whether "Lostboy," the founder of, who resides in the Netherlands had been raided. It seems that this question has now also been answered:
"Agents in several other countries raided locations and made arrests Wednesday. The alleged leader of the Web site was arrested in the Netherlands."
And the server? Hopefully in the hands of Law Enforcement who are waiting to pick up their next batch of members. The message is clear: if you have an interest sexually exploiting children, wherever in the world you are, justice will find you too.

Bitter Issues

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sosen is finally admitting they were affiliating with Nambla and yet they still can't even name them. Why is that? Is it because this is merely a desperate attempt to change their bad reputation and they know they must say SOMETHING but can't bring themselves to say that the RSOL - Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign is the modern Nambla and WARN other sex offenders who may be taken in by them?

They seem to have a policy regarding covering up criminal activity and child endangerment. But we'll get to that in a moment.

First, someone - to use the famous words of Mary Duval - finally "educated their ignorance" as to the difference between age-of-consent laws and Romeo and Juliet laws, however when they say "We also oppose the prosecution of juvenile offenders as adults and their placement on the sex offender registry" and group that statement in with their explanation of their position on age of consent and Romeo crimes, I have to ask - is this ALL juvenile offenders or only those who had "consensual" sex with their similar aged girlfriends? Does it include people like David P. Hoffman who molested 46 boys ages 2 to 16, and 10 girls ages 4 to 16 from the time Hoffman was 10 to 18 years old? Does it include people like Anthony Cantu who molested a 7 year old boy when he was 15, treated as a juvenile he went on to molest a 3 year old boy when he was 17. STILL treated as a juvenile he couldn't be held could he? And now at the age of 21 there's a store security video of him trying to lead a 4 year old child out of a store. Does it include the original sex offender activist Joseph Duncan whose first recorded sex crime occurred when he was 15 years old? In that incident he raped a 9-year-old boy at gunpoint. He was sentenced as a juvenile and sent to Dyslin's Boys' ranch in Tacoma, where he told a therapist who was assigned to his case that he had bound and sexually assaulted six boys. He also told the therapist that he estimated that he had raped 13 younger boys by the time he was 16. But of course he had been tried as a juvenile so....there you have it.

Then we have this statement:
We are well aware that over 90% of the time sexual abuse occurs in the home in the form of intrafamilial sexual relationships.
This is absolutely a false and dangerously misleading statement. The pedo groups themselves tell us how they find their victims:
  • My neighbor's kid
  • My co-worker's kid
  • My friend's kid
  • My kid's friend

Very few sex crimes against children are committed by strangers, of the remaining it is almost evenly divided between family and acquaintances. They have taken the statement than 90% of victims know their offender and extrapolated it on out into a blatant LIE. Furthermore the sexual exploitation of children is NOT "sexual relationships". It is abuse. There is an offender and there is a victim. So when they say:
We must educate the parents or those responsible for their care as to the real dangers.
I have to ask the question: Is this how they propose to "educate"? I won't even go into their recidivism tactics. Like Tom Madison said "It's Pillar Number One". They are very aware that the DOJ report they rely on does not give an accurate reflection. They are very aware that sexual recidivism is higher 3.5%. This is just another example of minimization on their part. They cannot be upfront and honest or their "Pillar Number One" would crumble. Their mission is based on lies and misinformation. When they can step up and admit that there are sex offenders who are dangerous, who need to be monitored, who should never be allowed out of prison, that parents deserve to have the knowledge that someone they know has molested children in order to make an informed decision about affiliating with that person - and when they recognize the devastating effect of sexual abuse, then and only then can they in any way be considered legitimate.

Now - it's what comes next that's the real problem:
We must find a balance by which the psychiatric community has a degree of freedom in deciding to bring law enforcement into a matter.
They are trying to (among other things) rename child molesters. Now they are simply "people who need help".
Would you prefer that a child continues to be abused because a person desiring help is too fearful of prosecution to ask for such help?
They don't ask for help. They don't WANT help. Here's the part they don't understand:


They say they need help after they've been caught. I actually saw some weirdo in Prison Talk claiming to be a therapist and saying that according to mandatory reporting laws if the client didn't tell her the victims name then she didn't have to report them. I don't think I need to explain to you why that's incorrect. Furthermore The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers - ATSA has made it clear, Therapists are not investigators. That is not their role nor should they attempt to function as such. It is not up to them to decide who should or should not be prosecuted. Who are they accountable to?

What I would like to know is why Sosen believes that people who commit crimes against children should not be punished. I would like to know why they think the victim shouldn't be recognized and be able to get the help that THEY need as well. Why do child victims not deserve justice?

Now, let's think about this carefully. Sosen, Fred Berlin, Stop It Now! and people like them say that if we abolish mandatory reporting laws people will come forward and "get help" so they don't HAVE to rape babies any more. They also say that if victims know their offender won't be punished that THEY will come forward as well. Now how in the world would something like that work you might ask? Well if their theory was correct you'd have to have broad education wouldn't you? Wouldn't people have to KNOW that they wouldn't be prosecuted? Would it be sort of like giving free reign to child molesters? Would it sound something like this?
Are you molesting your daughter? Are you a Boy Scout leader molesting little boys? Are you preying on your children's friends when they come for sleepovers? Never fear, you can tell us and you will NOT be prosecuted!
I imagine the campaign to "educate" would look something like this:

Children are NOT going to tell if they know the person raping them - the person in AUTHORITY over them is going to be allowed to stay in their home with them. They don't feel safe to begin with! They have been abused by someone they should be able to trust! They have been manipulated, threatened and deceived. They are CHILDREN. They are not adults in little bodies.

And again:
We must find a balance by which the psychiatric community has a degree of freedom in deciding to bring law enforcement into a matter.
Would that be someone like the guy whose letter was posted on RSOL?
Letter to the Editor of the RSOL Digest (March 2009)

I want to commend Kelly Piercy for pointing out the importance of words and expressing oneself clearly.

I must however take issue with some points in the discussion of

Piercy also makes good points in distinguishing clinical pedophilia,
i.e, the sexual attraction to prepubescent children, from violent
predatory non-consensual sexual activity, and advocating for treatment. He then undoes a lot of that good by placing in the middle of his essay
"Pedophile = active dangerous person."
Someone who just skims the article is going to remember that. I think you could see what I mean if I were to write, apart from everything else:
¨Sex offender (registrant) = violent dangerous predator.¨
While a small few are dangerous, we all know that the great majority are not.

Furthermore, Piercy neglects to give the origin of the word "pedophilia" which comes from the Greek "paidos" = "love" and "philia" = "children," just about the farthest thing form an "active dangerous person" there can be.

If some are uncomfortable getting into the "age of consent" debate, take heart from Piercy's point about dialog. The reasons they are a bad idea can be explained to anyone willing to listen with an open mind, but more importantly, as Piercy points out, we just need to keep talking to each other, especially when we disagree.

Dr. Rick DeMasi
That's the Dr. DeMasi - in case you're wondering - who was a child psychiatrist and confessed to HIS psychiatrist
Dr. DeMasi was precise about his desires. He was a pedophile, he told Dr. Ingram, and made no apologies for it.
Dr. Ingram told no one. Dr. DeMasi went on to molest his own 10 year old patient and Dr. Ingram? Well, he got sued. And lost.
At that point, Dr. Ingram said, he stopped psychoanalyzing Dr. DeMasi -- and Dr. DeMasi ceased to be in psychoanalytic training -- because psychoanalysis and unrepentant pedophilia are incompatible. Dr. Ingram said that by mutual agreement, their sessions continued only as generalized therapy, and his goal was to challenge Dr. DeMasi's thinking, manage his stress and thus try to make sure he did not act on his desires.

But Dr. DeMasi continued to defend them, presenting Dr. Ingram with a dubious study that children were not badly hurt by sex with adults and with historical anecdotes about sex between men and boys in ancient Greece. Dr. Ingram seemed to consider this progress.

''I was pleased to see that he gradually became interested in research into the area of adults loving children from an academic perspective, that is, he was beginning to explore the literature of pedophilia in order to bolster his arguments with me, and, in so doing, was engaged in a legitimate academic pursuit,'' Dr. Ingram said in his deposition.
"adults loving children"???? I hate to break it to him but that's not "love". It's true "hate crimes".
Dr. DeMasi was stripped of his medical license, served five years in prison and was released in 1992. His history since then seems to illustrate the deeply ingrained nature of pedophilia, which many experts describe as a sexual orientation.

In 1994, as Dr. DeMasi fought a return to prison for violating his probation, The Daily News received complaints from residents in Bayside, Queens, that Dr. DeMasi was cruising the neighborhood in a van and introducing himself to boys as a child psychiatrist. The newspaper reported that Dr. DeMasi told acquaintances that he planned to go to another country, perhaps Thailand, that was less actively hostile to sex between adults and children. In August 1994, he disappeared.

Law enforcement officials located him in Mexico in 1995 and extradited him to Connecticut, where he completed his sentence and was released from prison, without any probation conditions, on April 3.

John R. Williams, one of Dr. DeMasi's former lawyers, said he no longer knows where Dr. DeMasi is, but hinted that Dr. DeMasi might leave the country again.
Yes, he did indeed leave the country. I know where he is if anyone needs him. In fact, now he's carrying out his garbage online - still saying the same things he said over 20 years ago.

But what about his then 10 year old victim?

He resists therapy because he cannot overcome his suspicion of doctors. In fact, distrust colors many of his interactions.

''For you people,'' he said, ''this is just another day at work. For me, it's another day in hell.''

The ultimate betrayals. A parent who abuses or fails to act on knowledge of abuse, pedophile priests and pedophile doctors - including doctors who fail to act on knowledge of abuse: ie Fred Berlin. Oh but we should grant the psychiatric community the ability to decide for themselves shouldn't we?

Sosen says:
NAMBLA members have also turned up in other legitimate SOL reform groups which causes confusion and outright disgust to many in the public forum.
But the truth is that Nambla CREATED one of the biggest sex offender groups there is on the internet. The RSOL. Say it. Just say it.

Sosen says:
Many groups spend all of their time focusing on former offenders, people who have admittedly made wrong decisions and broken laws.
I don't know what "group" that would be, we don't focus on offenders past crimes, we focus on offenders and enablers who are endangering children with pedospeak.
It is evident that the quest NAMBLA champions is one far removed from that of SOSEN.
That's not evident at all. What IS evident is that everything Tikibug - the COO - has said has been repetitious recitations of pedophile propaganda. You can't take bullshit and put frosting on it and make people believe it's cake. Well you can try, but you'll never even get someone to nibble on it when the smell knocks them down from 2500 feet away.

BoyZoom and - Raided!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



This is Tabris, a Member Support Admin on

As it stands, the board is closed indefinately. It has been confirmed that several admins have been arrested. At this time I can't confirm whether or not LostBoy is among those who has been raided.

I will update this thread as soon as I know more. I just thought you all should know. You're my family and I love each and every one of you, be safe and don't panic.

- Tabris"

Photo (from left to right and then below): Dale Hodges, Loren Robb, Joseph Gittings

Boyzoom Members, some very sad news.

A short while ago one of our Directors, Loren, was raided by the police at his home.

At this point we do not know the focus of this action against him.

We do know his computer equipment has been seized and we are awaiting further news.

At present there is no indication that this is related or linked to the Boyzoom website or indeed any of it’s members.

As a direct result of this the Boyzoom server was shut down whilst Loren’s account and access privileges were removed to ensure the sites security, this was done within minutes of the raid.

This is understandably very upsetting for all of the staff and members and anyone wishing support with these issues raised by this event should contact the member support team in the first instance.

We will update you as appropriate as we know more.
Here's a video about it:

Federal agents said Wednesday that they broke up an international child pornography ring and a large part of it was being run out of Metro Atlanta. Two men were placed in federal custody and two more were faced with local charges.

Two men went before a federal magistrate judge Wednesday on a variety of child pornography charges.

Court documents state the men helped to send graphic images of young boys all over the world.

There's another interesting story and video here:

Wednesday morning, the agents from Immigration Customs Enforcement were still at the home carrying out computer hard drives and boxes of other evidence.

Court records showed Joseph Gittings was the number two leader in a worldwide network operation a Web site called Thousands of pedophiles shared obscene pictures of children, and according to the Web site, members must post their own content in order to stay registered.

Agents also seized their computers and they could also face additional charges based on the evidence.Agents in several other countries raided locations and made arrests Wednesday. The alleged leader of the Web site was arrested in the Netherlands.
It looks like the filth are under attack from all sides, I can't think of anything better than the thought of justice catching up to more pedophile activists!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ted Nugent was pretty awesome in concert. I saw him back in the 70s, before whatshisname came along and ruined the whole thing. Anyway, I found this video and thought it was pretty reasonable.

As a matter of fact, wouldn't it be cool to set up a "pedochat" website, kind of like girlchat and boychat, but the opposite. You know, where we can post about it'd be GREAT fun to kill pedos, but, since society and the law frowns on it, it's not a good idea, because, after all, we have to protect ourselves. SO much fun! :)

The point, however, is that there are not just a few people who are sick of child rapists. Many would like to just blow their heads off, instead of just letting them offend and offend and offend, as we all know they do. This little corner of the internet is not the only place where there are anti-pedophiles. The girlchatters and boychatters would love to believe that Stitches=me=Jacey=everyone else, but the fact is, NO ONE except child molesters is rooting for child molesters. NO ONE will keep tolerating them harming our kids over and over.

This is not a threat. This is how people think about child rapists.

Simon Jasper McCarty:

. . . will likely rot in Hell. But not, first, without assistance on his side by US federal Judge J. Michael Seabright. I suspect, however, that it will all "even out" in the end.

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Nov 20, 2009

A federal judge has thrown out evidence from a baggage search at the Hilo Airport last year that discovered photographs of naked children.

U.S. District Judge J. Michael Seabright ruled Tuesday that the search by federal Transportation Security Administration officers went beyond the scope of their duties to find weapons and explosives.

He also concluded that a TSA officer's recollections of the August 2008 search were vague and contradictory.

The searched bag belonged to Simon Jasper McCarty, who lives in the United Kingdom. He was in Hawaii to give a seminar on drum circles. He has been in custody since his arrest at the airport.

Prosecutors did not comment on the ruling on Tuesday.

A security officer blog (the Private Officer News Network) proclaims:

HONOLULU HI Nov 19 2009 – A federal judge in Hawaii on Tuesday threw out all the evidence against a man caught with child pornography at Hilo Airport.

The judge ruled that screeners went too far in searching the man’s luggage.

In a ruling that could affect the way the Transportation Security Administration screens luggage. The evidence thrown out on Tuesday included video of the suspect having sex with at least three young boys, prosecutors said.

"You have to let that person off because his rights were violated,” defense attorney William Harrison said.

Harrison represented Simon Jasper McCarty, 37, whom prosecutors said had hundreds of child porn items in his luggage, including videos of his encounters with boys.

Judge J. Michael Seabright ruled that the airport screening that caught McCarty was improper.While going through McCarty’s luggage the screener said some suspicious photos fell out on the table. She then called over another screener, who happened to be her daughter. The judge said that was wrong. To make it worse, the screener could not remember later what they would seen in the first place to make them suspicious.

The law does allow screeners to report illegal contraband, but only if it is in plain sight while they look for weapons or bombs.

The judge wrote, “that the screeners did not confine their search as required and instead began their own criminal investigation into the nature of the photographs.”

"Once she had determined there was no safety factors in the items in the luggage she had no right to go beyond that and violate my client’s right to privacy,” Harrison said.

Motion to suppress is here. YouTube video here; I would present the embed but it is -- shockingly -- prohibited. Comments have also been disabled. What might you conclude is the source of that? YouTube condoning pederasts?

Federal Judge John Michael Seabright was confirmed in 2005. Cases filed before Judge Seabright can be accessed here. One of his Leftist rulings can be found here. Other Seabright rulings here.

To be taken from this ruling?

TSA employees are not considered quantifiable federal Peace Officers. And from this, they proceeded logically as might you or me, in consideration of the material at hand. Not being truly sworn federal Peace Officers, their discovery was ruled inadmissable.

However, please let this be known: Mr McCarty will face charges filed but upon his home country. Where he will return shortly.

As you and I well know: a pederast is a pederast is a pederast.

Justice here. And here. A wonderful movie here. Which I reviewed on Absolute Zero here.

I might suggest this: what goes around comes around.

How unfair is that?

I laugh at you assholes. You deign to hide your base fantasies behind multisyllabic words and dianoses. But you're still detritus. You'll all be swept aside. iPods have more attraction than do you.


But where did the money go?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three years on from the Lindsay Ashford/Todd Nickerson "Save the Children" Fiasco of 2006 and Todd Nickerson is still feeling the burn.

For those who weren't around back then, basically Todd Nickerson and Lindsay Ashford asked GirlChat to donate money which they would then donate to the organization "Save the Children" as a publicity stunt to promote pedophilia. Nickersons role in the project was as the donation collector who was going to pass on all the donations to Save the Children. All in all, the perverts were able to pull together about $1,000.00 - everything was going smoothly - they'd made the donation and they even received a letter back thanking them for it.

At that time Save the Children weren't aware that it had been donated as a publicity stunt for pedophiles, that is until Lindsay Ashford posted a press release about it on his website:
"We are glad that Save the Children, despite the prevailing antipathy against girllovers, has seen fit to accept our gifts and in so doing recognized our commitment to aiding the empoverished children of the world and enabled us to do so."
Save the Children returned the money to Nickerson in the form of a check and he also received a letter from the State of Connecticut Attorney General’s Office threatening legal action if he didn't take the statement on Ashfords website down. Nickerson claims that he cashed the check and donated the money to another charity which he refused to name (even to those which had sent in donations):

Todd - Wednesday, August 2 2006
"Secondly, I decided to make the donation an anonymous one because I do NOT care to go through any of this crap again. I made a choice that I felt was in the best interests of myself, the community AND the children."
Later that month Nickerson complained that his computers monitor was playing up:

Todd - Sunday, August 27 2006
"I can get the background to appear pink, but everything else has a pinkish tint as well. I'm beginning to suspect the monitor is a piece of crap."
A couple of days later Nickerson's in GirlChat's chatroom boasting about his new computer monitor and other GirlChatters start to get suspicious about where he got the money for it:

Breedr - Saturday, September 9 2006
"I was there in chat when Todd talked about his new monitor. I wish I could find the most current fancy monitor out of a garbage. Oh wait a minute here, he had a pile of money kicking around."
Nickerson's refusal to name where the Save the Children donation money had went caused an uproar at GirlChat, who were demanding some answers.

Then most recently - three years after the fiasco - Nickerson posted his side of the story in a desperate plea to regain access to GirlChat's chatroom:
"I got a call from someone claiming to be FBI who demanded that I hand over money that was entrusted to me by GC or else he would frame me with child porn. I was terrified, and I felt I could not tell anyone because I was told he was a well-known poster a GC and so I couldn't trust anyone. It was my worst nightmare come true."
Kero Chan (a moderator at GirlChat) responded criticizing Nickerson's past attempt to reject his pedophilia and asking that he pay back the donation money before being given access to GirlChat's chatroom again:
"As for chat, you should try to set up a payment plan with us via email. Paying a small amount each month would go a long way in showing everyone you're serious about paying back the money you took from GC."
Nickerson responds claiming that he's already made payments, but lacks the income to pay back more:
"I did pay over half of it back ($700), so I still owe $600, hardly over $1000, but I guess it's enough. The fact is, I simply cannot pay it back. I can't make payments because I don't make enough money even to pay rent."
This begs the question: If Todd Nickerson "anonymously donated the money to charity," why would he be paying any of it back?

Anyway, he finishes up his post...
"Well, at the very least can you give me a temporary reprieve, just for tonight? I really need to talk to someone."
Nickersons biggest mistake of his life was ever embracing his pedophilia and going to GirlChat to begin with, his second biggest mistake was not going all the way when he wanted to reject it, cutting the GirlChatters out of his life for good and getting some proper counseling or psychological support before it's too late. Now look where he is, and all the GirlChatters have to offer is more of the same lies and rationalizations.

"The Rape of Her Daughters"

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pedophile activists will often try to claim that they don't support raping children. Take for example, Dissident of GirlChat in his most recent post about Absolute Zero:

"No MAA that I have EVER known has supported the use of force or coercion to achieve sexual activity with a younger person, and THAT is what the TRUE definition of "rape" is."

Some pretty bold words coming from someone who posts on a messageboard for perverts.

While any clear thinking person can tell you that any sexual contact with a child is exploitative; Dissident's whole rationalization of pedophilia being acceptable hangs by a thread on the belief that it isn't so (but that's a whole other blog post).

The man pictured above is another one of those "MAA's," you know, the ones which wouldn't dream of raping a child? His name is Michael Herbert and he was a member of under the name Abear. Herbert fancies himself as an author, and he writes stories for demented minds like those that post at GirlChat.
"This is my collection of stories, a compilation of experiences, imagination, fantasies and suggestions."
"We were sharing fantasies and story ideas through email, and she told me how she got off on stories of her daughters being raped and all, so I put a story together called "The Rape of Her Daughters." She helped me with the story, giving ideas and suggestions, and it came out pretty good.

I guess this could be looked at as a self-promotion, but I did enjoy the story. The premise is that a guy breaks into their house, ties up the mom and makes her watch him rape her two daugters."

But remember: "Pedophiles just love children, no "MAA" would ever think of raping a child..."

Herbert also shares his views on the virginity of children:
"There is a special place there where the kids can have sex with an adult, and the adults are people from Heaven, who have lived a good life and are given the gift of taking the virginity of the kids as their reward. "
There's a "special place" called prison where all child rapists will eventually find themselves - hopefully serving life sentences.

Another Threat

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"I think there are plenty of non-skinny non-slimy non-introverted non-creepy pedos out there. But people just like to picture the worst. Heck, if most pedo's were muscular, we might, by now, have cops wearing robocop-like suits in everyday patrolling."

What does that mean to you? Pedophiles are always whining that they feel threatened. You know, by people who have children they're trying to get close to.

Is Stahntii saying that, if pedos were all "built" and whatever, that cops would have to worry about being attacked by them? That's what it looks like to me.

But, what do I know? :)

The RSOL Re-Writes History! ...or tries to

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Recently 'Alex Marbury' published an article on the History of the RSOL, from 1998-2009.

Unfortunately, his article is not complete... he seems to have missed a few of the important parts; but don't worry - we're nice people here at Absolute Zero and we thought for a change we'd help 'Alex' and the other RSOLer's out by filling in a few of the blanks and by bringing a bit of clarity to some of the 'fuzzy' parts in their version of the 'History of the RSOL.'

Let's start where the RSOL comes in:

Marbury claims that the RSOL was formed in 1998 out of fear of repressive laws against mainly homosexual people:
This was a perfect environment to foster paranoia and to single out convenient and exaggerated scapegoats - like queers who spread AIDS, or sexual predators who prey on children.

It was amid this growing repression of sexual freedom that the original signatories of RSOL's predecessor, "The Call to Safeguard Our Children and Our Liberties," (The Call) came together in Boston in 1998.
"Homosexual" is not the word for it though. Check out the original 1998 post on BoyChat, which tells a slightly different story to Marburys version of events:
Last year, the brutal rape and murder of a young boy in Cambridge triggered a wave of indignation which targeted all 'pedophiles.' Supporters of the death penalty in Massachusetts used this case and almost prevailed. A national group called the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) was especially assailed, with calls in public meetings to find and kill local members, even though NAMBLA was not implicated in the crime. [Roman Catholic] Cardinal Bernard Law was quoted a saying, "This is the closest thing I've seen to a lynch mob since my days in Mississippi."
In other words, the RSOL was formed in response to the public's outrage when two men sexually assaulted and murdered a child after reading NAMBLA material.

Next, Marbury mentions how the original statement was first drafted.
Meeting both at the American Friends Service Committee in Cambridge and at Roxbury Community College in Boston, community activists who had worked together in peace and civil rights movements, and most recently in solidarity groups to support democracy in Haiti, began to draft their original statement.
Ahhh Roxbury Community College... isn't that where NAMBLA Activist and RSOL signatory Tom Reeves was a professor? Anyway, Marbury describes the founding members of the RSOL as "community activists who had worked together in peace and civil rights movements" I guess you could call them that, or you could say...
Participants included women who are incest and sex abuse survivors, NAMBLA members, anti-censorship and civil liberties activists, feminists, gay and lesbian people, health-care workers, church activists, peace and social justice activists, academics, and those who work with prisoners."
Or maybe re-phrase that to...
Participants included women who are incest and sex abuse survivors, boy-lovers, anti-censorship and civil liberties activists, feminists, gay and lesbian people, health-care workers, church activists, peace and social justice activists, academics, and those who work with prisoners.
Whichever way you fancy, really.

Further on down the page, Marbury talks about the RSOL's involvement in a rally to release sex offenders refusing treatment at Coalinga State Hospital:
"A public rally by sex offenders was organized in March 2008 by Voices of the Gulag ( to draw attention to non-violent sex offenders committed to the California state civil commitment center at Coalinga, and to a whole series of rights violations against detainees. It was cosponsored by the Friends & Families of Coalinga Detainees and RSOL. Among the speakers was Paul Shannon of RSOL, by phone, and Tom Madison in person."
It's a little known fact, but not a surprising one by now...

Anyone care to guess who also attended?

It really is no surprise:
Click here to read NAMBLA's write-up on the Coalinga rally: "Walking the Line" written by Joe Power (shown above) who has said:
"I will assert that the persecution of man/boy relationships is a symptom of a much deeper societal disease - the artificially manipulated fear of sexual freedom."
Watch the video here as we see Tom Madison standing proudly beside "Starchild" as he demands the legalization of child pornography and the decriminalization of grooming children for sex.

I'm guessing Marbury didn't want people to see the post by Richard Kramer, (which he put up, but shortly afterward took down), criticizing sex offender activists for comments they made drawing distinctions between themselves and pedophiles. Marbury plugs Kramers organization in his article about the history of the RSOL anyway:
"Other groups still exist. B4Uact, a Maryland group whose purpose is to keep pedophiles from acting on their desires, and to help get public support for this hated and scapegoated group. B4Uact's position is that pedophilia is, like homosexuality, an orientation not chosen by individuals, but genetics."
While pedophiles don't get to choose whether or not they're sexually attracted to children, they do get to choose whether or not they seek help and treatment or whether they want to embrace their pedophilia and abuse children. Marbury states that B4U-Act aims to keep pedophiles from acting on their desires; however Michael Melsheimer, B4U-Act's director says otherwise:
Our site changed in December 2008 because of the statement you quoted. Be assured you will find no current reference to prevention of offending. You can take that to the bank.
B4U-Act is the last place pedophiles who don't want to act on their desires should go, next to places like GirlChat of course. But then again, Melsheimer even refers pedophiles he's come into contact with through B4U-Act, to GirlChat where children are openly sexualized and pedophilia is encouraged. How's that for "keeping pedophiles from acting on their desires?"

In closing, Marbury was right about one thing in his article: "Truth and reason can never be silenced."

Dissident, The Eternal Fool

Friday, November 13, 2009

This guy just never gives up. He just CAN NOT see that, well, kids don't want to have sex with him. He tries and tries to want to have youth groups to point to, the ones who say, YES YES CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SEX WITH UGLY OLD FAT MEN PLEASE!

Thing is, that ain't happnin. But not too many of these guys can accept this. One day, in a Kingdom, far, far away, there will be a place where young children will want to have sex with ugly old men and women! Imagine! Mushrooms and ferns and sunlight through the trees! It'll be MAGICAL, it'll be AWESOME, and we JUST. CAN'.T WAIT.


So. Here's Dissident again. I figured, since he was so polite as to reply to us, I figured we'd reply to him(well, we as in i lol).

First of all, if this is so hard for you to decipher, well, I just don't know what to say:

"all those with the need to hate something"

Something. Some ephemeral something that we just hate out loud and just blame it on you. So sad. It couldn't POSSIBLY be because we were fucked in the head by people JUST LIKE YOU. No way. Anyway.

"They refuse to acknowledge a difference between sexual activity achieved through force and coercion and that which is mutually desired by two human beings simply because some of those people are beneath a certain age."

No, see, we do. You don't. That's the problem.

"The belief is that giving them a response inadvertantly empowers them and gives them more control over our lives than they deserve."

They are right. You are wrong. However, because you insist that you're right, we win. Good fucking deal.

Because Dissident is so long winded, and because I choose to sleep, because, we'll get him soon, I'll cut this short. Please feel free to take other parts of his "infinite wisdom" apart.

"My response to AZ's backlash re: B4U-Act
Posted by Dissident on Friday, November 13 2009 at 01:29:57am
As we all expected, the last successful workshop of B4U-Act that I attended and wrote a review about on GC has resulted in a predictable and thoroughly amusing backlash from AZ, who can't stand the fact that MAA's are refusing to remain the punching bag of all those with the need to hate something, and who currently rationalize their outlet for hatred under the guise of "protecting children." The idea that we will one day live in a world where MAA's and youth sexuality are no longer hated and feared, and where the right to sexual expression isn't limited to those aged 18 or over, and where the words "abuse" and "rape" aren't distorted beyond all meaning by those who believe that only people above a certain Magic Age should be allowed to express their sexuality is abohrrent to the mindset of the modern anti. They refuse to acknowledge a difference between sexual activity achieved through force and coercion and that which is mutually desired by two human beings simply because some of those people are beneath a certain age. They insist on believing that an adult having a mere stray thought of someone under 18 being sexy and attractive is an act of pure evil that needs to be contained and denied any form of expression (and if you think I am exaggerating here, just wait until you check out some of Stiches' comments down below). I think the person from VoA who e-mailed me these quotes so that I wouldn't have to visit that website and become ill.

Okay, I am aware that some people here believe that the best type of response to the ignorant, hate-filled nonsense regularly spewed by the likes of AZ is NO RESPONSE. The belief is that giving them a response inadvertantly empowers them and gives them more control over our lives than they deserve. But I think the fact that MHP's are currently reaching out to us, recognizing our humanity, and realizing that adult attraction to those we today label minors is not some horrifically repulsive abnormality but something that deserves objective study regardless of how badly groups like AZ attempt to demonize them for doing so is a sign of progess. Those like AZ who want society to remain forever in the Dark Ages concerning youth sexuality and to continuously believe that every adult who is attracted to minors is an abominable monster who needs to be put either in jail or in an asylum for "treatment" (depending on which way the political pendulum happens to swing at any given time) is slowly but surely overreaching themselves with their attacks on free speech and on anyone who doesn't hold a viewpoint towards us and youth sexuality similar to their own. As a result of listening to some of the people in the community who believe we should give NO response to AZ over what they say about us, I avoided composing a response to them in regards to their recent maltreatment of Poisontears. However, THIS time it's a bit more personal. I think sometimes it's useful and even necessary to respond to the antis, NOT because I think that they have more power than they actually do, but because I think clearing up the record and letting the public hear our side of the story is VERY important. So this time I decided to give a response. In fact, the great success of the past few workshops of B4U-Act and the fact that more of us in the MAA community are starting to show their faces in public and the fact that more MHP's are starting to recognize our humanity and refusing to judge us as human beings simply due to our attraction base is a sign that the likes of PJ and AZ are starting to LOSE power and influence. Progress cannot be stifled, and it's been a rule of history that all minority groups eventually achieve acceptance, understanding, and emancipation despite the large number of people in society who are against change. AZ knows this at some level, and this greatly angers them. Their attempts to boycott every single company that may publish a "pro-pedophile" book or view (i.e., makes statements that do not totally demonize us or see us as something less than human or possibly even a non-politically correct view of youth sexuality) has proven mostly unsuccessful, which makes it clear that their attempts to combat the First Ammendment when it comes to those expressing views that they find offensive is also doomed to failure in the end. Pedophiles and hebephiles will NOT be legislated out of existence, no amount of demands on making an exception to the First Ammendment to censor every non-negative view ever expressed about our attraction base and/or youth sexuality will ultimately prove successful, and no attempts to ban or delegitimize art for daring to feature something as "obscene" as a nude child or teen will continue to be acceptable. A brighter and more free future for everyone is at hand, and this is something that the supporters of the current Dark Age of understanding regarding youth sexuality and adult attraction to minors sense and are growing increasingly fearful of. They live in mortal fear and anxiety over a future society where their current warped definitions of "abuse" and "rape" are no longer defined as such, and where young people are allowed to be sexual beings and adults are allowed to recognize them as such without being considered "sick" or pathological.

Now, onto my response to Stiches' comments regarding the most recent B4U-Act workshop:

1. There were no cops there yay!

Is Stiches hereby implying that there should have been cops present at a mere public discussion about pedophilia and hebephilia simply because the non-MAA's there were present to try and understand us rather than demonize us? The First Ammendment really sucks, doesn't it, Stiches? It's not enough that MAA's (and other curious folk) are currently arrested simply for looking at pictures of naked young want the cops involved even for the mere discussion of the subject. Maybe that is one of the reason the antis are becoming less popular and less able to stifle progress and understanding these days...their desire for the police state mentality in controlling thought and discussion is proving to be incompatible with a society that purports to be based on principles of democracy.

2. There is a good reason not to trust counselors, if you are a pedophile. I mean, yeah, considering that they are compelled to report child abuse. The pedophiles all agree about this.

Um, the mistrust that many MAA's have towards counselors goes WELL beyond this, and if you read our posts less selectively you would understand that. What many of us are afraid of in regards to mentioning our attraction base to MHP's we may be seeing is based on our fear of being demonized by them and seen as something less than human, or for them reporting us to the police even if we are NOT involved in any illegal activity simply due to the popular prejudices against us and the constant assumption that we are inevitably going to "abuse" a minor. No one at the workshop ever suggested that the MHP's shouldn't report illegal activity, but the meeting was simply a call for MHP's who are more sensitive to the needs of MAA's who are having a difficult time living in this society due to all the hatred against us, the problems we may have with keeping a job or being on good terms with our families, having to deal with the constant stream of lies emanating from the mouths of the antis in the media telling us that we are incapable of being anything other than a bunch of child molesting monsters who ruin the lives of other people, etc. And you think it's WRONG for some MHP's to simply see us as human beings who are capable of being productive members of society? The truth is, MANY MAA's are productive members of society and live an entirely law-abiding existence despite having more and more expressions of our attraction base being criminalized by the government every single year. I'm sorry that these particular MHP's who desire understanding over hatred, knowledge over misconceptions, and who put science before popular politics are not to your liking, but a backlash like this is the case whenever those who live on mindless hatred see the objects of their scorn treated as human beings. The depictions of the Japanese people during World War 2 comes to mind here (if AZ existed back then, in the days before the term "pedophile" became widely known, I'm sure you would have spent all your free time demonizing anyone who dared suggest that any Japanese citizen of the U.S. should be released from those detention centers; the temptation to see the "enemy" as something less than human is quite strong, as all of the antis prove).

3. Still, the pedos want to talk to them in order to further their agenda, but they can't present their FULL agenda. Yet. Maybe later, maybe soon. Depends on how cooperative the MHPs are, of course.

Every minority group has to work towards their rights in steps. When the black community were finally freed from chattel slavery, they knew it would be a while before society was ready to accept them taking professional positions such as doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc. There is nothing "abnormal" about any minority group seeking full emancipation and acceptance, and if you ever bothered to study the civil rights movements of various groups in the past you would see astounding parallels between the situations of these past groups and the MAA's and youth of today. Of course, the antis deny and claim to be offended by any such comparison between other minority groups and what they went through in the past and that of MAA's and the youth community today, but the statements you make against us now are remarkably similar to those made against other minority groups in the past. And your utter refusal to accept the fact that young people under the Magic Age can possibly have a sexual side to their nature is remarkably similar to what society used to believe about women in the days prior to their suffrage.

3. Some people are able to be in the same room with pedos and not hurt them yay!

And this is a bad thing? Once again, the antis seem to display extreme opposition towards seeing MAA's as anything other than a group of demonic beings in human form who would deserve any degree of violence that might be directed against them simply for discussing their issues in public. Damn those MHP's for being understanding and civilized instead of initiating hatred and violent acts against us!

4. Counselors are ill-equipped to deal with pedophile activists. Well, yeah.

Implying that anyone who dares to sympathize with our plight in society and who seeks real knowledge rather than the constant spewing of hatred and misinformation against is a bad thing??!! It was inevitable that counselors and other people in society eventually began seeing us as a distinct minority group rather than a group of evil monsters.

5. There is hope for the future (if you want to rape children)

I am not even going to get into it again regarding your warped and utterly retarded definition of the word "rape." No MAA that I have EVER known has supported the use of force or coercion to achieve sexual activity with a younger person, and THAT is what the TRUE definition of "rape" is. None of the MHP's we were talking to even discussed lowering or abolishing the age of consent; we were simply discussing treating MAA's like human beings and offering counseling services for those of us who need to talk to someone regarding the difficulties of living as an MAA in this society. Of course, the antis see sinister implications in absolutely everything that we do, and even the mere attempt by us to be seen as human beings disturbs them. That is what bothers the antis the most about these workshops...the knowledge that not EVERY single non-MAA out there sees us as horrific monsters.

6. Smurf dancer spoke, talking about how, because he is a sex offender, he can't teach pretty little girls to dance. All the pedos frowned about that. Apparently the counselors in this meeting frowned as well.

I see your point. So the mere fact that Paul (you can't even show him the dignity of calling him by his real name) has this attraction base and dared to look at pics of little girls automatically means that he is inherently psychotic and will inevitably rape or molest any girls he happens to be teaching. And you WONDER why we oppose such warped and vicious logic?

7. More hope!

Sorry that this disturbs you, but progress for ALL minority groups has always been the law of history.

8. Dissident spent the night with Sproutinghalo. Ang got to know him very well. -wink-

Hmmm...was this perhaps a display of homophobia by Stiches? Nahhhh...

9. Eggs could be thrown at the counselors who attended the conference AS WELL AS the pedos. Especially the ones who think pedoness is perfectly okay and that children should be hurt as often as the MAAs want.

Never mind the fact that this was NOT what the workshop was about. I guess, as usual, the antis see only what they want to see and make assumptions way out of context regarding any post they see from us. And, of course, you clearly express your fears that one day the terms "harm" and "rape" and "molestation" will NOT be used in such a warped form in the future as they are today and that one day society will accept youth sexuality as much as it currently does for adults (and you can continue to deny the sexual nature of youths as much as you want, because an increasing number of young people are being arrested and put on the sex offender registry for any display of sexual behavior, including that between peers of the same age, and young teen girls are arrested and put on the sex offender registry for sending pics of themselves in their underwear over their cell phones; NOW do you see why the antis are the ones in denial rather than the MAA community?? Heaven forbid should anyone strive to stop this nonsense). And I should mention that ALL the MHP's present were VERY concerned about kids being harmed.

10. Some of the counselors thought it was fascinating.

Heaven forbid that someone should find a man my age being attracted to young teen girls as ANYTHING other than repulsive, horrifying, or pathological. We need to control such thoughts!

11. Dissident has never seen any evidence of child sexual abuse from his pedophile peers. (HHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

I would NEVER associate with anyone who would use force or coercion to gain sexual favors from people of ANY age, and I actively discourage illegal sexual behavior from all of my peers. Sorry, Stiches, but it is possible for MAA's to live inside the law regardless of their opinions of the law. And I'm also sorry to say this, but striving for change within the system is LEGAL.

12. He told these counselors this.


13. They believed him. (HAHAHAHHAHA)

Considering my real life friends have known me for YEARS and YEARS and are well aware of the fact that I DO NOT engage in illegal sexual behavior, and that MAA's are fully capable of living within the law, it shouldn't surprise you that trained counselors can actually see us as something more than a group of deceptive liars. Heaven forbid!

14. They ate food together. And agreed that Oprah is EVIL.

Yup, having lunch together makes it clear that there are people capable of sitting down and breaking bread with us and seeing us as human beings. Heaven forbid! And considering the constant stream of lies that Oprah routinely spreads about us, including the glaring example I provided in my post about that alleged instruction manual for raping kids, is it any wonder that I suggest that maybe MHP's should get to know REAL MAA's and judge them on their own merits rather than listening to everything the antis say about us?

15. The pedos perved over an underaged looking food server.

Omg...heaven forbid that I should look at and admire the beauty of a young woman who was about 19-21 years of age. And heaven forbid could this woman pass for someone under the Magic Age! At my age, I should only be looking at and admiring and fantasizing about women in their 30's and 40's, right? That's all nice and "proper" according to a society with ageist prejudices and anxieties, right? I hate to break this to you, Stiches, and I'm sorry if this offends you considering your age, but many men (and women) find young women to be physically attractive. The fact that you try to demonize and even criminalize such thoughts when they are perfectly normal and natural, and have been so throughout human history, is just plain ridiculous. And you wonder why less and less people are taking you and your crew seriously? I dared to find a young woman attractive so now I'm a "perv." Nice. And btw, I was the one who pointed out to others that this young woman serving us was beautiful, there wasn't a huge "perv" session over her. And I am NOT ashamed of myself for finding young women beautiful, and you are NOT going to make me feel guilty over perfectly natural thoughts (even if said thoughts offend middle-aged women; need I remind you that there are MANY men who are attracted to middle-aged women, including many younger men, so this type of attitude is very much without merit).

16. Dissident hugged some psych major chick and it probably grossed her out. Big Time.

First of all, she wasn't a young psych major; she was a professional MHP who was in the business for a very long time and was much older than me. Oh yes, the "filthy pedophile" hugged a much older woman and (heaven forbid!) this person actually hugged me back and thought of me as a warm human being who actually had some good qualities to his character and was proud to meet me and spend several hours talking to me. And to think she could have such a warm reaction to a man who is attracted to teen girls! Ugh, the very thought of it! Let's throw eggs at her for that! She hugged a "filthy pedophile"!! She saw his humanity! Curse her in hell for that!!

17. Party party party, go to more of these if you are a pedo or a mental health professional who thinks, hey, Pedophilia is Alright By Me!

Change is also one of the rules of history, Stiches. Sorry that you can't deal with that.

I hope I didn't make this post too long, boring, or near-unreadable for you, Stiches. And I'm sorry that my refusal to be seen by society as nothing more than a child-molesting monster offends you. "

Clearly proof that he needs to be locked up. See you in the morning.

If I was someone who could do evil things...

Monday, November 09, 2009

"Or in the back of my mind I'm going, if I date this woman I'll have free access to 3 little girls. Now I dont want to date just because of the kids, but I dont want to feel guilty that I will be using her to get to her kids."

These are the thoughts going through Severen Shields head when deciding whether or not to date women. Shields is a member of a forum for pedophiles which specializes in "child erotica" stories, known as Mr. Double. Posting under the nickname "Devholyjoke," Shields shared some of his perverted thoughts with other sickos:
"I was in the mall the other day. I had a few girt certifacites to spend, so I was walking down one of the main halls. And in front of me was this cute little 8yo girl. Brown hair pulled into a ponytail, a pink and white sweater and jeans. She was just walking in front of me maybe 3 feet. Besides thinking damn this girl has a cute ass, I also was wondering were this child parents are….So I just admired her daughter's ass as I walked to my car."
Shields seems to always be on the lookout for the parents of children he's perving on, he talks about that more here:
"As I walked past the Wii display I saw a girl about 10-11 playing it. She has blond hair in a ponytail, a pink and white vertical striped sleeveless shirt with titlets poking out and white shorts. As I was taking in her beauty I notice that there wasn't a parent or any sibling hovering around or in the general area.

Now I was thinking, this is sad, if I was someone who could do evil things I could easily grab or coax this girl out of the store and into my car before her parents would even know that she was gone. But of course I just it be my fantasy and quietly walked to the front to check out."

Abducting a child is a "fantasy" to Shields...

B4U-Act Workshop

Sunday, November 08, 2009

So, the pedos had a meeting. And they met with some "open minded" folks down in Maryland. Hey, the pedos have their acronym: MAA, why not give mental health professions their own? MHP. So, there you go, MAAs talking to MHPs. It was GLORIOUS!

Check it out. Here's the basic rundown, according to Dissident:

1. There were no cops there yay!
2. There is a good reason not to trust counselors, if you are a pedophile. I mean, yeah, considering that they are compelled to report child abuse. The pedophiles all agree about this.
3. Still, the pedos want to talk to them in order to further their agenda, but they can't present their FULL agenda. Yet. Maybe later, maybe soon. Depends on how cooperative the MHPs are, of course.
3. Some people are able to be in the same room with pedos and not hurt them yay!
4. Counselors are ill-equipped to deal with pedophile activists. Well, yeah.
5. There is hope for the future (if you want to rape children)
6. Smurf dancer spoke, talking about how, because he is a sex offender, he can't teach pretty little girls to dance. All the pedos frowned about that. Apparently the counselors in this meeting frowned as well.
7. More hope!
8. Dissident spent the night with Sproutinghalo. Ang got to know him very well. -wink-
9. Eggs could be thrown at the counselors who attended the conference AS WELL AS the pedos. Especially the ones who think pedoness is perfectly okay and that children should be hurt as often as the MAAs want.
10. Some of the counselors thought it was fascinating.
11. Dissident has never seen any evidence of child sexual abuse from his pedophile peers. (HHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
12. He told these counselors this.
13. They believed him. (HAHAHAHHAHA)
14. They ate food together. And agreed that Oprah is EVIL.
15. The pedos perved over an underaged looking food server.
16. Dissident hugged some psych major chick and it probably grossed her out. Big Time.
17. Party party party, go to more of these if you are a pedo or a mental health professional who thinks, hey, Pedophilia is Alright By Me!

That's pretty much it. I left out some things you can come to your own conclusions about in the comments sections. Here is the post in full:

"Hey, people. Though I never announced my intentions of doing so over the board over the past few weeks, I did attend the latest B4U-Act workshop. It was an extraordinarily positive experience for me and it went beyond my expectations. It wasn't a sting operation, there were no LEO's there. I understand that many of my friends from the community did not want me to go, as many of them do not like or trust MHP's (Mental Health Professionals)...often for good reason. However, this workshop meeting made it clear that there is every reason to have hope for the future for our community. Some of them are willing to listen to us. Though it's not possible for us to hit them with our full agenda for MAA emancipation and youth liberation at this time, we are at least at the point where some of them are capable and willing to question the prevailing media-inundated dogma about our community. Every single one of the MHP's who attended were courteous and willing to discuss the topic of the workshop: stigma and demonization. I realized during this workshop that the MHP's also have stigma to overcome: the idea that they generally act as cheerleaders and supporters of the prevailing status quo above all else and that they put politics before their desire to help people. Interestingly, two of the MHP's at the workshop conceded that the average MHP is currently ill-equipped to counsel MAA's regarding their problems that stem from living in a society that is so hostile to our attraction base and filled with numerous stereotypes and misinformation about us, and that too many MHP's believe the dogma that the media spews rather than having a real understanding of us as human beings. I was greatly pleased to hear an MHP say this, and for their willingness to reach a greater understanding of us. It made me realize that there is real hope for the future, and though it may take a while for such people to become amenable to ALL of our goals and to fully accept our love as completely valid, we are beginning to make progress and slowly but surely beginning to step out of our seclusion in cyberspace and into the public arena. I am convinced that the B4U-Act workshops are worth attending and that they have the potential to make real progress for our community, one step at a time.

One of the highlights of the workshop was a very poignant and moving presentation from Paul Christiano about his personal situation following his outing by Wikisposure. All of the MHP's there were sympathetic to him, and I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the more conservative MHP's in attendance speak out on how ridiculous it was for the system and the vigilantes to treat Paul in this fashion simply for looking at pictures. This gave me even more hope that the current ignorant attitudes that society and the lawmakers have regarding this can be successfully and powerfully challenged in the future, once we take a few more steps forward. I got to know Paul as a person during the two days I was there and he is truly a warm and terrific human being who has handled great adversity with courage and dignity. In fact, Paul was my roommate in the motel we stayed at during the last night I was there, and we had a long conversation regarding our respective situations and I had a very good time doing so. It was an honor to get to spend this social time with him.

It should be noted that the MHP's who attended took nearly as much risk as the MAA's who were there, because they are risking their careers and professional reputations simply for treating us as human beings and their willingness to say that they do not think pedophilia is a sickness. And yes, many of the MHP's there were critical of the DSM and what it considers to be mental illnesses. So I DO believe that there are at least a handful (and possibly a growing number) of MHP's who are worth our respect and who are willing to engage in respectful conversation with us and to view us as a valid minority group and distinct sexual orientation rather than to see us all as criminals and/or monsters.

One of the interesting and positive moments of the workshop was when one of the MHP's there made it clear that she was fascinated and genuinely interested (as opposed to reviled) with the idea of a man my age thinking that a 14 year old girl was extremely amazing and someone that I would be interested in dating had the laws allowed it. I told her that I could go on for hours describing all the reasons that I think young teen girls are wonderful if the workshop had that time to spare, and the whole group shared a laugh. I think the fact that an MHP can show a genuine curiosity and fascination with the idea of an adult finding someone so many years younger to be attractive in all ways (not just sexually, but also emotionally, socially, etc.) to be a positive indication that in the future not everyone will see such an attraction as evil or "
sick" but genuinely intriguing.

Another highlight of the workshop was an opportunity for us to dispell some of the hysterial lies and myths spread about our community. One of the MHP's present, who has a strong desire to prevent children from being harmed, told us that she is concerned about the Internet making it easier for real predators to meet and discuss ways of abusing kids, and that as an example she has heard that there are message boards on the Web filled with child molesters who openly (and legally) discuss ways of locating and sexually abusing minors. Where have we heard this before? I told her that there are all sorts of fears expressed as rationalizations for the government curtailing freedom of expression on the Net, and that the media and talk shows spread endless lies about the "sexual predator" hysteria. I assured her that I have never seen such an open and public board of child molesters explicitely discussing places to go where minors can be kidnapped and sexually abused in all the years I have been on the Net, and that the boards I participate in have strong rules against advocating illegal behavior of any kind, and that most of the MAA's I meet there are perfectly ethical human beings who do not support abuse. I also used the example of Oprah Winfrey recently describing an alleged training manual posted online by pedophiles that supposedly instructed MAA's in explicit detail on how to sexually abuse kids as young as infants, including the use of implements such as knives inserted into bodily orifices. I assured her that in my nine years of association with the open and public MAA forums I have NEVER come across anything remotely like that, and I told her that the lies and exaggerations routinely spewed from the likes of Oprah and other influential media moguls are largely responsible for panicking the general public into extreme hatred and fear of MAA's and into supporting all sorts of draconian measures to police society towards the alleged goal of "protecting" kids. I was glad to get the opportunity to directly address the lies routinely expressed about our community by the media, and the MHP who expressed this concern was relieved to hear that the many stories of "Internet predators" was greatly exaggerated. We had a good side conversation about this after the workshop ended, and before we all parted company I shared a hug with this particular MHP. It was a hug that represented hope for the future, that one day society as a whole will embrace us as human beings. I was further convinced by this workshop (though I was always of this opinion) that those of our community with the ideology that things are NEVER going to get any better for MAA's in society are completely wrong, and I am happy to express this opinion.

The time that the MAA's and MHP's in attendance spent socializing and mingling during breaks and when we all had lunch together were wonderful moments, as the MAA's there were all openly MAA's during this socializing with Nons, and it was wonderful to be completely open about this aspect of my life without apology or regret and associating with MHP's as equals (rather than as a patient forced to undergo "treatment" by the law) with MHP's who were willing to listen to us. We all got along very well, and I openly encourage more MAA's to attend these workshops in the future since with my health problems I am not certain how many of them I can attend in the future and thereby officially represent the GL subsection of the overall MAA community (Paul and I were the only two GLer's present there; the other MAA's were BLer's). The fact that one of the young woman serving us during lunch was incredibly hot was another highlight of the experience, and I'm just glad she didn't totally distract me from the business at hand (I was on cloud nine when she smiled and said 'hi' to me).

I should also mention that this was the first time I have met any fellow MAA's in person (Eeyore, take note!). It was a terrific experience, despite the fact that I only knew three of them and I never really spoke to Paul that much on the board. We had a good time socializing and hanging out, we went out to dinner together, and it was wonderful for all of us to be ourselves during this time. I look forward to meeting other MAA's in real life in the future.

I would like to personally thank Mike Melsheimer and Richard Kramer for arranging this workshop, and I was greatly honored to meet them both and for Mike to invite me to the workshop. Considering my many rather radical views, I was honestly surprised to be invited, as I'm sure some people might question my ability to stay on topic during the workshop and not discuss matters that the public is not yet ready to engage in, and I like to think I purported myself well there. These workshops are a wonderful opportunity for all MAA's who are hoping to work towards progress outside of cyberspace (you are all free to use assumed names during the workshops), and thus far B4U-Act is the only opportunity available to us to do so. I understand how wary some of you may be for attending such workshops in the future in these paranoid times, but I would love to see more of us step out of cyberspace and into the public to engage the world at large on our issues.

Thank you again to Mike Melsheimer for inviting me to attend and for him and Richard Kramer giving me this opportunity. "

'I am the funny, cool guy that all the kids love hanging out with'

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Derek Foster (shown to the left) is a Youth Counselor and also a Fireman:

"I have a cool job. A youth Counselor for troubled teens. Males mind you. What a handful they are."

What Foster probably doesn't tell his employers, is that he's also a regular poster on a number of forums for pederasts under the screen name "TheGreatBL." He talks about his job a little more...
"I am always the funny, cool guy that all the kids love hanging out with. So, to me, that is am advantage that i love about being in my early 20's. Its the fact that i can associate with the younger crowd more. "
Fosters posts on pedophile forums range in a variety of pervert-related topics. From how he'd like to suck on a 12-year old child's genitals, through to how pedophile forums helped him come to perceive pedophilia as acceptable:
"I finally was happy with myself that i wasent alone. Being here and having the friends that i do from the board has made me finally happy and at peace with myself. I now feel normal and more at peace now knowing that im not alone. I am happy knowing that there are so many of us. "
...and this is someone who's working as a youth counselor.

An Authentic Sense of Pride

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mark Hunneyman AKA "Snowcat" is proud to be a pervert, he boasts to his fellow pedopals on BoyChat:

"I’m writing this because you guys have helped me take back control of my life one step at a time. I have made some wonderful friends who have given me hope and a real, authentic sense of pride. Shame has no place in my life anymore."

Places like BoyChat encourage pedophiles to embrace their desire to sexually abuse children and be proud of it.

Shame probably doesn't have much of a place in Mark's life... he's too distorted to realize what a perverted freak he is:
"The boy was really amazing. His skin was nice and tanned and he had that beautiful body that only a little boy can have. At one point he was sitting in his chair and he lifted his feet into the air so not only could I see his feet but I could almost catch a glimpse of what was in his shorts"
Pedophiles really have trouble grasping the fact that children aren't interested in being sexually abused by them, here's Mark again:
"20:37 <> just think, there's boys lying in their beds thinking about a man's cock

20:38 <> wishing to feel it, taste it'"

A run-in with the law when he was 19 prevents him from working around children, but Mark says he's holding out till his brother has children...

"I think at this point my only hope is that my brother will have kids someday soon."

Any guesses what he's planning to do?

Halloween of Pedophile Activists Un-Masked

Sunday, November 01, 2009

To commemorate the occasion, we've produced a short video about the outings...