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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sosen is finally admitting they were affiliating with Nambla and yet they still can't even name them. Why is that? Is it because this is merely a desperate attempt to change their bad reputation and they know they must say SOMETHING but can't bring themselves to say that the RSOL - Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign is the modern Nambla and WARN other sex offenders who may be taken in by them?

They seem to have a policy regarding covering up criminal activity and child endangerment. But we'll get to that in a moment.

First, someone - to use the famous words of Mary Duval - finally "educated their ignorance" as to the difference between age-of-consent laws and Romeo and Juliet laws, however when they say "We also oppose the prosecution of juvenile offenders as adults and their placement on the sex offender registry" and group that statement in with their explanation of their position on age of consent and Romeo crimes, I have to ask - is this ALL juvenile offenders or only those who had "consensual" sex with their similar aged girlfriends? Does it include people like David P. Hoffman who molested 46 boys ages 2 to 16, and 10 girls ages 4 to 16 from the time Hoffman was 10 to 18 years old? Does it include people like Anthony Cantu who molested a 7 year old boy when he was 15, treated as a juvenile he went on to molest a 3 year old boy when he was 17. STILL treated as a juvenile he couldn't be held could he? And now at the age of 21 there's a store security video of him trying to lead a 4 year old child out of a store. Does it include the original sex offender activist Joseph Duncan whose first recorded sex crime occurred when he was 15 years old? In that incident he raped a 9-year-old boy at gunpoint. He was sentenced as a juvenile and sent to Dyslin's Boys' ranch in Tacoma, where he told a therapist who was assigned to his case that he had bound and sexually assaulted six boys. He also told the therapist that he estimated that he had raped 13 younger boys by the time he was 16. But of course he had been tried as a juvenile so....there you have it.

Then we have this statement:
We are well aware that over 90% of the time sexual abuse occurs in the home in the form of intrafamilial sexual relationships.
This is absolutely a false and dangerously misleading statement. The pedo groups themselves tell us how they find their victims:
  • My neighbor's kid
  • My co-worker's kid
  • My friend's kid
  • My kid's friend

Very few sex crimes against children are committed by strangers, of the remaining it is almost evenly divided between family and acquaintances. They have taken the statement than 90% of victims know their offender and extrapolated it on out into a blatant LIE. Furthermore the sexual exploitation of children is NOT "sexual relationships". It is abuse. There is an offender and there is a victim. So when they say:
We must educate the parents or those responsible for their care as to the real dangers.
I have to ask the question: Is this how they propose to "educate"? I won't even go into their recidivism tactics. Like Tom Madison said "It's Pillar Number One". They are very aware that the DOJ report they rely on does not give an accurate reflection. They are very aware that sexual recidivism is higher 3.5%. This is just another example of minimization on their part. They cannot be upfront and honest or their "Pillar Number One" would crumble. Their mission is based on lies and misinformation. When they can step up and admit that there are sex offenders who are dangerous, who need to be monitored, who should never be allowed out of prison, that parents deserve to have the knowledge that someone they know has molested children in order to make an informed decision about affiliating with that person - and when they recognize the devastating effect of sexual abuse, then and only then can they in any way be considered legitimate.

Now - it's what comes next that's the real problem:
We must find a balance by which the psychiatric community has a degree of freedom in deciding to bring law enforcement into a matter.
They are trying to (among other things) rename child molesters. Now they are simply "people who need help".
Would you prefer that a child continues to be abused because a person desiring help is too fearful of prosecution to ask for such help?
They don't ask for help. They don't WANT help. Here's the part they don't understand:


They say they need help after they've been caught. I actually saw some weirdo in Prison Talk claiming to be a therapist and saying that according to mandatory reporting laws if the client didn't tell her the victims name then she didn't have to report them. I don't think I need to explain to you why that's incorrect. Furthermore The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers - ATSA has made it clear, Therapists are not investigators. That is not their role nor should they attempt to function as such. It is not up to them to decide who should or should not be prosecuted. Who are they accountable to?

What I would like to know is why Sosen believes that people who commit crimes against children should not be punished. I would like to know why they think the victim shouldn't be recognized and be able to get the help that THEY need as well. Why do child victims not deserve justice?

Now, let's think about this carefully. Sosen, Fred Berlin, Stop It Now! and people like them say that if we abolish mandatory reporting laws people will come forward and "get help" so they don't HAVE to rape babies any more. They also say that if victims know their offender won't be punished that THEY will come forward as well. Now how in the world would something like that work you might ask? Well if their theory was correct you'd have to have broad education wouldn't you? Wouldn't people have to KNOW that they wouldn't be prosecuted? Would it be sort of like giving free reign to child molesters? Would it sound something like this?
Are you molesting your daughter? Are you a Boy Scout leader molesting little boys? Are you preying on your children's friends when they come for sleepovers? Never fear, you can tell us and you will NOT be prosecuted!
I imagine the campaign to "educate" would look something like this:

Children are NOT going to tell if they know the person raping them - the person in AUTHORITY over them is going to be allowed to stay in their home with them. They don't feel safe to begin with! They have been abused by someone they should be able to trust! They have been manipulated, threatened and deceived. They are CHILDREN. They are not adults in little bodies.

And again:
We must find a balance by which the psychiatric community has a degree of freedom in deciding to bring law enforcement into a matter.
Would that be someone like the guy whose letter was posted on RSOL?
Letter to the Editor of the RSOL Digest (March 2009)

I want to commend Kelly Piercy for pointing out the importance of words and expressing oneself clearly.

I must however take issue with some points in the discussion of

Piercy also makes good points in distinguishing clinical pedophilia,
i.e, the sexual attraction to prepubescent children, from violent
predatory non-consensual sexual activity, and advocating for treatment. He then undoes a lot of that good by placing in the middle of his essay
"Pedophile = active dangerous person."
Someone who just skims the article is going to remember that. I think you could see what I mean if I were to write, apart from everything else:
¨Sex offender (registrant) = violent dangerous predator.¨
While a small few are dangerous, we all know that the great majority are not.

Furthermore, Piercy neglects to give the origin of the word "pedophilia" which comes from the Greek "paidos" = "love" and "philia" = "children," just about the farthest thing form an "active dangerous person" there can be.

If some are uncomfortable getting into the "age of consent" debate, take heart from Piercy's point about dialog. The reasons they are a bad idea can be explained to anyone willing to listen with an open mind, but more importantly, as Piercy points out, we just need to keep talking to each other, especially when we disagree.

Dr. Rick DeMasi
That's the Dr. DeMasi - in case you're wondering - who was a child psychiatrist and confessed to HIS psychiatrist
Dr. DeMasi was precise about his desires. He was a pedophile, he told Dr. Ingram, and made no apologies for it.
Dr. Ingram told no one. Dr. DeMasi went on to molest his own 10 year old patient and Dr. Ingram? Well, he got sued. And lost.
At that point, Dr. Ingram said, he stopped psychoanalyzing Dr. DeMasi -- and Dr. DeMasi ceased to be in psychoanalytic training -- because psychoanalysis and unrepentant pedophilia are incompatible. Dr. Ingram said that by mutual agreement, their sessions continued only as generalized therapy, and his goal was to challenge Dr. DeMasi's thinking, manage his stress and thus try to make sure he did not act on his desires.

But Dr. DeMasi continued to defend them, presenting Dr. Ingram with a dubious study that children were not badly hurt by sex with adults and with historical anecdotes about sex between men and boys in ancient Greece. Dr. Ingram seemed to consider this progress.

''I was pleased to see that he gradually became interested in research into the area of adults loving children from an academic perspective, that is, he was beginning to explore the literature of pedophilia in order to bolster his arguments with me, and, in so doing, was engaged in a legitimate academic pursuit,'' Dr. Ingram said in his deposition.
"adults loving children"???? I hate to break it to him but that's not "love". It's true "hate crimes".
Dr. DeMasi was stripped of his medical license, served five years in prison and was released in 1992. His history since then seems to illustrate the deeply ingrained nature of pedophilia, which many experts describe as a sexual orientation.

In 1994, as Dr. DeMasi fought a return to prison for violating his probation, The Daily News received complaints from residents in Bayside, Queens, that Dr. DeMasi was cruising the neighborhood in a van and introducing himself to boys as a child psychiatrist. The newspaper reported that Dr. DeMasi told acquaintances that he planned to go to another country, perhaps Thailand, that was less actively hostile to sex between adults and children. In August 1994, he disappeared.

Law enforcement officials located him in Mexico in 1995 and extradited him to Connecticut, where he completed his sentence and was released from prison, without any probation conditions, on April 3.

John R. Williams, one of Dr. DeMasi's former lawyers, said he no longer knows where Dr. DeMasi is, but hinted that Dr. DeMasi might leave the country again.
Yes, he did indeed leave the country. I know where he is if anyone needs him. In fact, now he's carrying out his garbage online - still saying the same things he said over 20 years ago.

But what about his then 10 year old victim?

He resists therapy because he cannot overcome his suspicion of doctors. In fact, distrust colors many of his interactions.

''For you people,'' he said, ''this is just another day at work. For me, it's another day in hell.''

The ultimate betrayals. A parent who abuses or fails to act on knowledge of abuse, pedophile priests and pedophile doctors - including doctors who fail to act on knowledge of abuse: ie Fred Berlin. Oh but we should grant the psychiatric community the ability to decide for themselves shouldn't we?

Sosen says:
NAMBLA members have also turned up in other legitimate SOL reform groups which causes confusion and outright disgust to many in the public forum.
But the truth is that Nambla CREATED one of the biggest sex offender groups there is on the internet. The RSOL. Say it. Just say it.

Sosen says:
Many groups spend all of their time focusing on former offenders, people who have admittedly made wrong decisions and broken laws.
I don't know what "group" that would be, we don't focus on offenders past crimes, we focus on offenders and enablers who are endangering children with pedospeak.
It is evident that the quest NAMBLA champions is one far removed from that of SOSEN.
That's not evident at all. What IS evident is that everything Tikibug - the COO - has said has been repetitious recitations of pedophile propaganda. You can't take bullshit and put frosting on it and make people believe it's cake. Well you can try, but you'll never even get someone to nibble on it when the smell knocks them down from 2500 feet away.

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