Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ted Nugent was pretty awesome in concert. I saw him back in the 70s, before whatshisname came along and ruined the whole thing. Anyway, I found this video and thought it was pretty reasonable.

As a matter of fact, wouldn't it be cool to set up a "pedochat" website, kind of like girlchat and boychat, but the opposite. You know, where we can post about it'd be GREAT fun to kill pedos, but, since society and the law frowns on it, it's not a good idea, because, after all, we have to protect ourselves. SO much fun! :)

The point, however, is that there are not just a few people who are sick of child rapists. Many would like to just blow their heads off, instead of just letting them offend and offend and offend, as we all know they do. This little corner of the internet is not the only place where there are anti-pedophiles. The girlchatters and boychatters would love to believe that Stitches=me=Jacey=everyone else, but the fact is, NO ONE except child molesters is rooting for child molesters. NO ONE will keep tolerating them harming our kids over and over.

This is not a threat. This is how people think about child rapists.

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