Watch them squirm, and slowly die

Saturday, June 28, 2008

From Wikisposure:

”Lyrical Cancer” is the screen name of Jennifer “Jack” Jay Kaiser, a 23 year old pedophile originally from Sacramento, California who after taking testosterone to become a man, began posing on pedophile forum boards as a 13 year old boy a year ago.

<<<<<< Jack with his Spider Man Underwear

He not only continued to pose as a young boy, we discovered he was grooming an actual minor on the Global-Unity website where he acted as a moderator and one of the owners. 16 year old Allaloneboy was coaxed by “Jack” into undressing on webcam in a chat room full of pedophiles. We contacted police again after this sickening incident. Lyrical Cancer and his lover NZ shut down Global-Unity after this second visit by police and he disappeared from the pedophile activist scene briefly.

He has reappeared in the last few months, very active, and again engaging in conversations with minors on pedophile forums and posting comments on several forum boards in support of pedophiles. Recently he claimed to have moved to Kansas City, Kansas where he lives with two “boylovers”. He also posted comments on a video defending the recent confession of arrested pedophile Jizzony, even claiming he knew two of the victims ages 13 and 15 and that when Jizzony raped them it was “consensual”.

What makes the pedophile “Jack” particularly sinister and disturbing is his continued persistence to lure underage boys into a world of dangerous Sex Offenders, Child Pornographers and Pedophile activists with the ruse of being “Lyrical Cancer” (a 14 year old boy), despite continued warnings he has received from the police.

Beautiful from head to toe

Disappeared; they'll never show

So innocent, they follow me Their little minds just cannot see

Ahead of them lies a surprise The fall-out of my plan devised

I have enough to fill my need It's time to watch their lives recede

One by one I hang them high Watch them squirm, and slowly die

Never have I felt so good And finally, I understood

To achieve eternal happiness I cannot let this lust suppress

My newfound form of beauty; of art Is making a child's soul depart

Visit Wikisposure and read about Jack aka Lyrical Cancer.

Watch this 23 year old pretending to be a child.

"uh dude. I like adults. I'm 14. I'm not into boys younger then me. i prefer them older. But right you won't wanna open your mind to the idea of kids loving and wanting a sexual relationship with adults"

Watch his comments as he defends Jizzony.....after he confessed to molesting 4 boys.

"I know 2 of the boys. the 15 yr old and the 13 yr old. dude. it was consensual. maybe ya should stop making the media think for you stitches. ya know it is possible kids wanna have sex. i'm 14, id have sex with an adult if i wanted to."

"I'm gonna rip them apart"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What the hell is going on in Massachusetts?

Representative James Fagan that's what. He opposes Jessica's Law.

This is what he said:

"I'm gonna rip them apart," Fagan said of young victims during his testimony on the bill. "I'm going to make sure that the rest of their life is ruined, that when they’re 8 years old, they throw up; when they’re 12 years old, they won’t sleep; when they’re 19 years old, they’ll have nightmares and they’ll never have a relationship with anybody.”

Fagan said as a defense attorney it would be his duty to do that in order to keep his clients free from a "mandatory sentence of those draconian proportions."

He would say that to someone who looks like this

And he would say THAT in defense of THIS

My question now is, how long the people of Massachusetts are going to allow that FREAK to represent them. Does he? Is he representing the wishes of his constituency?

Time will tell. Most people do not take lightly to behavior such as that. And most people will never forget it come voting season.

Chalk One Up For The Pedos

Pedos 1, The Rest of Humanity 0.

According to SCOTUS.

Your SCOTUS has shown its complete and willful disregard for your rights as a parent, the rights of your child, and has provided each and every degenerate piece of fecal matter posting comments here and abroad hope for not only the future but their own current cases in court.

It's no secret that I was a Detective for and am currently employed by a major west coast law enforcement agency and was assigned at one time to not only Robbery, Warrants, Theft, but Child Abuse and Homicide as well. I know whereof I, therefore, write.

In a strict Liberal Bent, 5-to-4, with Roberts, Thomas, Scalia and Alito dissenting, SCOTUS ruled on Wednesday that executions are too severe a punishment for raping children, despite the "years of long anguish" for victims, in a ruling that restricts the death penalty to murder and crimes against the state. So: I suppose the children themselves are evil, and their assailants should be preserved?

This sets precedent where precedent did not exist prior:

But Kennedy said the absence of any recent executions for rape and the small number of states that allow it demonstrate "there is a national consensus against capital punishment for the crime of child rape."

That is to say, "national consensus" now equates to and in fact trumps and exceeds Constitutional and lawful precedence.

That in and of itself is unprecedented.

This is a decision best left up to the states and the will of the electorate themselves.

Sorry Justice Kennedy, but rape, especially the rape of a child, IS comparable to murder.

Today's Supreme Court opinion, in another 5-4 decision, in Kennedy v. Louisiana demonstrates the fragility of the balance on the Court as we approach this year's election, meaning our choice matters. The five justice majority ruled it was unconstitutional to apply the death penalty to a child rapist.
Justice Alito in dissent wrote:
The Court today holds that the Eighth Amendment categorically prohibits the imposition of the death penalty for the crime of raping a child. This is so, according to the Court, no matter how young the child, no matter how many times the child is raped, no matter how many children the perpetrator rapes, no matter how sadistic the crime, no matter how much physical or psychological trauma is inflicted, and no matter how heinous the perpetrator’s prior criminal record may be. The Court provides two reasons for this sweeping conclusion: First, the Court claims to have identified "a national consensus" that the death penalty is never acceptable for the rape of a child; second, the Court concludes, based on its "independent judgment," that imposing the death penalty for child rape is inconsistent with "‘the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.’" Ante, at 8, 15, 16 (citation omitted). Because neither of these justifications is sound, I respectfully dissent."

Question: you think most PedoFreaks will be voting for Barack Hussein Obama this November?

You do the math. You'd best get involved in politics my pro-AZ readers, because the Night of the Long Knives seems to be approaching.


Wikisposure Identified Jon Savarino Schillaci

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here's the face that the FBI chose to make the poster boy for its efforts to crack down on child molesters

Back in 1989, Schillaci was a 17-year-old sometime-transvestite who haunted Montrose and was just getting into a world that would land him among the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.

After serving ten years in prison for molesting two 11 year old boys, recording it, then trying to sell it, he groomed a family into trusting him, that he was reformed, that he wanted another chance at life. They took him in and in less than two months he had molested their 5 year old son multiple times. Dylan Thomas, the webmaster of BoyChat.

By accident, the Wikisposure Project came across Jon Schillaci aka Dylan Thomas hiding in Mexico

It wasn't federal agents or police, but an Internet watchdog group that apparently uncovered the vital link in catching a convicted pedophile who was hiding in Mexico, but got his start in Houston.

Authorities were looking for Jon Schillaci, who was on the FBI's list of the 10 most-wanted fugitives, but a break came when the Wikisposure Project discovered his identity and Internet-connection address while researching a mysterious Webmaster for a site catering to pedophiles.

"We go after the leaders, we go after everybody," said Xavier Von Erck, director of operations for the project.

Wikisposure, which is not affiliated with the Wikipedia online encyclopedia, builds databases on pedophile activists.

The group accidentally came across Schillaci as it sought to uncover the identity of someone using the name Dylan Thomas to operate a pedophile Web site and radio show.

"When we started out, we had no intention of catching an FBI Top Ten Most Wanted guy," Erck said, noting Dylan Thomas seemed too brazen, arrogant and careless to be in hiding.

He said he could hardly believe no one knew Dylan Thomas and Schillaci were the same person.

And what about the boys he originally went to prison for? What do they think about this? Dylan wrote many times about it. I wonder if their story matches his..........

Jon Savarino Schillaci's victims here included twin brothers who were sexually assaulted, videotaped, humiliated and threatened.

"I think about it every day, and I won't lie about it, he took advantage of 11-year-old boys," said one of the men, now a father. "I'd tell him to his face: Jon, you are wrong for what you did. I hope you burn in hell."

Nah, I didn't think so.

Visit Wikisposure for the full story of Dylan Thomas, the webmaster who went into that good night. In an orange jumpsuit no less.

Filthy Pedophile Confesses

Watch this filthy whining pedophile Johnathon Johnson AKA Jizzony who is soooo soooo sorry he got caught, and NOW he knows it was wrong what he did........but he still doesn't know why. Sound familiar?

Bond was set at $1 million on Tuesday for a man who admitted to sexual relations with boys.Johnathon Johnson, 32, told KETV he is responsible for the crimes. Omaha police said Johnson is charged with first-degree sexual assault involving four children and he may face more charges."I do love these kids. And I know for a fact, they love me," Johnson said. Court records show he has been charged with felonies three times before

Johnson admits to three of the charges. "I had sex with a child and it's wrong."

Is it wrong because there's paperwork that says it is?

"No, it's wrong because of what's happening to all of our lives now.”

It’s an answer that makes it difficult to understand whether Johnson truly grasps the seriousness of his crimes. "I don't know right now why it's wrong, that's what's wrong with me. I thought everybody loved me.”

Johnson admits the sexual acts happened on six occasions over the course of a year in a south Omaha neighborhood. He claims it was the children who initiated all of the encounters. "One came on to me and I'm sure the others just did it because they're curious.”

Johnson cried throughout the interview. There was one question he had the most difficulty dealing with. Three different times we asked him, do you see yourself as a pedophile?

“I don't fantasize about children, but I had sex with them. Right now, I can't honestly mentally say yes. By definition yes, I had sex with children and that's what a pedophile is.”

"I really wish that somewhere in my future, someday I'll be able to wake up and I'll be as disgusted as everyone else is by the thought of having sex with a child," Johnson said.

BEWARE of disturbing content and visit Wikisposure for the full story of Jizzony

International Boylove Day - 2007

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Re-posted from last years International Boylove Day:

For more information on the people featured in this video see Wikisposure.

Boymoments Jizzony Arrested!

A big HT goes out to Perverted-Justice Wikisposure team, coincidentally Jizzony's arrest comes just one day before the anniversary of (Happy Anniversary Wikisposure!):

Jizzony is the screen name of Jonathan Johnson, a 31 year old bi-sexual pedophile from Nebraska, and a regular poster on the very graphic pedophile forum, BoyMoment. He is a very dangerous pedophile because not only has he worked as a DJ at a Skating Rink where he had access to young children daily, he also has many young boys who stay overnight and sleep in the same bed with him on a regular basis. He admits to showing his "Young Friends" the pedophile posts on the BoyMoment forums, which include graphic discussions such as "Little Boys Cum", "Little Boys Butts", "When is the last time you saw a Boy naked?", along with graphic photographs of young boys in various stages of undress.

In Response to the question "has anyone ever had an orgasm while a toddler was wiggling around on your lap?"
Hmmm maybe a lot of pre-cum once or twice, one YF felt me get hard, knew what it was and wiggled even more.

God I love it when they know what's going on, they know they cuased it and they tease you even more.

To read more visit Wikisposure

In Support of Childrens Innocence

Every year on the 21st of June, pedophiles which prefer male victims celebrate "International BoyLove Day" a day on which they claim to celebrate "consensual sexually expressed boyhood relationships with older males."

As part of their celebrations pedophiles often light blue candles, some pedophiles come up with other ridiculous ideas to promote pedophilia:


"I was thinking that this year in celebration of IBLD I would like to obtain some BL logo stickers to place around my town (and in the outskirts of town as well) in some strategic locations."

So, in protest against their celebration of child sexual abuse, we light white candles supporting children's rights to live free from abuse.

To protest International BoyLove Day, show your support for children's innocence by lighting a white candle and/or placing this banner on your website/blog:

Protest International Boylove Day

This Saturday, June 21, 2008 - Stand up against International Boylove Day!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
By Leo Lewis

TOKYO — Japan’s most reviled serial killer – a “cannibal nerd” who preyed on primary-school girls and drank their blood – has been executed in Tokyo.
The hanging of 45-year old Tsutomu Miyazaki brings to 13 the number of death-row inmates who have faced the gallows since last August: a pace that has provoked rising criticism of Japan’s new justice minister, Kunio Hatoyama.
But even amid growing public discomfort in Japan over the continued use of the death penalty, the hanging of Miyazaki raised very little in the way of condemnation.
His crimes may have taken place two decades ago, but the mere mention of Miyazaki’s name remains sickening for many Japanese. Unrepentant throughout his long run of trials and appeals, Miyazaki entered Japan’s public consciousness as one of the worst monsters the country had produced.
A voracious sexual predator, he kidnapped girls aged between four and seven years old, molested and murdered them. In some cases he ate parts of their bodies, in others he slept next to their corpses…”

“…During his trial, Miyazaki sketched cartoons and often talked nonsensically…”

“…His extraordinary appetites for pornography and manga comics gave the Japanese media its first example of a “killer geek”…”

Well, this is something we don’t see every day. It is nice to know Japan is stepping up and killing the bad guys. And people argue that p0rn is safe...

If At First You Don't Succeed..........

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ignatio Vargas
made history when he received the longest sentence in Merced County CA history for the repeat rape of an 8 year old girl which continued for 2 years. Vargas was sentenced to 588 years in prison. The District Attorney said this about the sentence:

"The punishment is proportional to what the people of California said they want for raping a victim. The other thing about getting a really high sentence like this, it guarantees he'll never get out."

Vargas has again made the headlines by attempting suicide by slashing his throat. His attempt proved unsuccessful as prison guards found him and he was rushed to the hospital. He is now described as being in "a stable condition."

Once Vargas has recovered, he will be returned to the prison and placed on suicide watch. But hey, we'd like to remind Vargas of that old saying

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

The Renaissance Man

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NAMBLA Activist "Will Robinson" has insinuated that Jon Schillaci aka Dylan Thomas was a Renaissance Man.

"Maybe the spirit of Leonardo
was in our midst"

Is BoyChat -- with their leader now fallen -- going to idolize him? Make him bigger than life? The God of perversions?

Of course some of them will, others will merely defend him and/or mourn the loss to their community. While others - still feeling the sting of his sometimes vicious words themselves - are turning on him. Some because they viewed him as a "grandiose-megalomaniac" and still others because they fear for their own safety and the possible repercussions to the pedophile community in general. Let's look of some of the reactions.

I see no contradiction whatsoever between having genius and being without conscience. Why is that so hard to imagine? One can be born a sociopath, or one can become a sociopath by having empathy strangled out of your soul.

DT's story and predicament just reaffirms my belief that humans, including extraordinarily talented ones, cannot escape their own programming and predispositions. We are what we are.

Bill Evans:
What they don't realise is that the more they attack us, the more vigorously we will fight back. They may win a few battles, but we will win the war.

Dylan, as smart as he is, as so close to the renaisance ideal of the cultivated man he is, seems to be closer to a psychopath than any of us
That was pretty fucking cold......I mean what Dylan did to that family. The strength and faith they put into that man to allow him into their home and to give him a second chance to start over. How could he betray them like that? Yeah, a real fucking Da Vinci!
Bill Evans:
I don't know just what degree, if any, of sexual contact was involved in the charges he is now due to answer, but I seriously doubt it involved anything more than some genital rubbing, or that the boy objected. More likely he told his mother about it in the hopes she and his father would do likewise.

Yes, we are fighting a war, but it's not a war to be fought with guns and the like. This war's battlefield is the press and the hearts and minds of thinking people. Lucid and erudite people are precisely what we need to win this war, as we eventually must.
Just like the New Hampshire family who believed him when he said he was reformed? Is THAT the sort of "thinking people" you want to convince? That couple who were so touched by his words, that they gave him the opportunity of a lifetime....for a convicted pedophile anyway. He could continue his education, he could live in comfort...all he had to do was have respect for other people. So while some of you freaks over at BoyChat are saying......well, he'd been in prison for ten years! Well, uh, that's exactly the point! He didn't learn anything from it did he? Let this serve as an example for all future "thinking people", when a pedophile tries to manipulate you, deceive you, groom you and convince you they're reformed........Remember Dylan Thomas!

So, no, you aren't fighting a war with the hearts and minds of 'thinking' people. You see Bill Evans, we're ALL thinking people. And just like Dylan are not special. You don't have some profound knowledge about children or the ways of the world that makes you unique and the rest of the world 'ignorant' 'bigoted' 'unenlightened' or any other word you choose to use. You Bill Evans aren't special. But just like your fallen hero you think you are. And that is where you've made your first mistake.
I have seen him say things to people who turn to this board looking for help and in a state of emotional crisis only to face his unsympathetic and conceited "holier than thou" face.

Dylan Thomas is a sociopath who is genuinely incapable of giving a fuck about ANYBODY but himself. He can rot in fucking hell for all I care.
Perhaps he was enough of a smooth talker to gain the respect of posters like yourself. I could see through him, but I really didn't give a shit. People like him dig their own graves, and I don't find it sad that he was caught.
So with all due respect for his erudition and skill at doing the webmaster's job, I can't say that I've been impressed by what I've heard of his real life.....the impression I've had for quite a long time now is that he's someone best known at a long arm's length.
This is the second time we have as Webmaster somebody with a dangerous reality and pervasive mental problems. We had a murderer once, and we just had this grandiose-megalomaniac recently. The next Webmaster needs to be bullet proof. The damage this arrest will do to the public image of "the cause" is way deeper than Santi's rants
Bill Evans:
Whoever puts their hand up to take over from him needs to be aware that they are painting a very large and bright target on their back. If he has been publicly outed, all the more so.
Identifying with Dylan will not help us, man.....What we need is to find, in our kind, somebody that can be emulated. He doesn't need to be a saint and not a peace promoter. He needs to love and understood war.
I suppose you'll have to have a new Webmaster won't you? Let us for a moment remember what Damien Cole once said:
I've had people on the show who have criminal backgrounds. Big fucking deal. I know they're good people and could give a shit about what the state claims is criminal. Yes, they've had sex with minors and/or were accused of solicitation. They've done time for it. They're on their corresponding Sex Offender Registries. They're LIVING the life that we fear. They're a living testiment to what we as a community are attempting to steer away from. They have lived the life they wanted, suffered for it, and are now here to preach out. Why on earth would we want to bar them from doing so?

There ain't no way we can (or should) wash our hands of "these people". These people are ourselves.
Indeed. Let's see what The Renaissance Man would recommend.
If you cannot take responsibility for the results your actions bring about in your own community, then you certainly have no business taking responsibility for encouraging "public accountability" for people outside that community.

The fundamental difference between us is this: I do take responsibility for my influence on this community and you dismiss the potential of that influence as invalid and irrelevant. I'll make you a deal. I won't be upset if one day you get to come back to me and say, "I told you so."
On Remorse
As far as responsibility... well, I feel responsibility for the things which are properly my responsibility. I don't take responsibility for the actions of others; that's a level of hubris I don't possess. As arrogant as I am, I'm not near arrogant enough to believe that I'm the only one whose decisions matter. As far as remorse, absolutely not. Let the Crossroads trolls take clear and precise notes here:
I am utterly without remorse.
On being a criminal
The fact is, it doesn't matter a bit if our spokespeople are squeaky clean. since we don't want our spokesmen being arrested for things they will do, better that those bonafides come from something that he's already done, and already paid the price for.

So I wouldn't support a "no convicts" clause on any activist organization's charter for the simple reasons that my own analysis indicates that first, it would not be an effective tactic in any event, and second, that it would be an unjust act of discrimation within our own community.
On adoration
I gave up on the popularity game a long time ago. I've already proven to my own satisfaction that I can be universally adored if I want to. I've been there and done that. The price is too high. What people primarily love is themselves, and so to be loved, I must become more like them. I won't. I will be me, and I'm loved by the people that matter to me; everyone else is noise
On Being Special
We build our own little walls not to keep us in, but rather, to keep those fears of our own horribleness out. I suppose if you build a cage high enough, you can convince yourself it’s a pedastle.

I live my life, as I see fit. If my decisions are to the liking of the codifying crowd, more power to ’em. If not, tough. I’m an individual, and so are all the boys I love, and we’ll deal with each other on those terms

And so once again, I’m special because I have boys in my life. And once again, I resist being special
On supporting criminals
As far as I'm concerned, if you go to prison for something involving a boy (or a photo of a boy, or a movie of a boy, or whatever), you're not a "fallen boylover." You are a hero boylover. You did it. You've been there, you've done that
On Doom
These words--"I'm not doing anything illegal"--are portents of doom. When I hear a boylover say it, I almost immediately begin to make plans for his eventual disappearance. This wins my award for the Number One Deadliest Boylover Belief. Let's just say that if you think you're safe because you're not breaking the law, you are absolutely, completely, unequivocally the worst kind of wrong
On Destiny
Destiny? I had my destiny. I had my whole life wrapped up
in my destiny. My reason for existing. But, I suppose,
it wasn't mine. I blew it. And it's over.

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

You know, he never did say what to do once the light was gone
On Escape
I left everything. My house, my job, my furniture, my friends, my bank account... everything. No forwarding address. No one knows where I am. Once I left, there was no way for anyone to trace me. I have ceased to exist. Maybe I didn't die, but I am no more.

Visit WIKISPOSURE for more details about Jon Savarino Schillaci

Happy Anniversary Absolute Zero United!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Absolute Zero United is celebrating our anniversary so to start things off I would like to extend a round of applause for each other and our dedication for this cause. Congratulations Absolute Zero United the world has changed for the better because of you!

We have stuck it out together and for that I am proud. What we read and do everyday is not a walk in the park. It is highly stressful to read pedophile/sex offender propaganda and it's highly emotive.

But we share it with each other and help each other through the bands of idiots.. like we see here on the comments and in many other places. Pedophiles and their activists are out there running their propaganda- and then after they get caught- and released- some RSO rodents are wandering the internet looking for acceptance and trying to change important sex offender laws.

Pedophiles label themselves to innocent sounding titles to portray themselves to the outside world as harmless-- odd how so many child lovers have been arrested lately. It seems some one is on our side out there. I am thankful for that. I never want another child to go through what I went through as a child!

As I think back about how I became involved in this battle on line, I realize how much I have grown over the years. And how very much I have learned. I have learned more than I ever thought I would want to learn. The vast majority of the worlds population doesn't know what we know now, and that sickens me.

I want the whole world to fight with us against these child offenders. I want the whole world to know that they are out there.. marrying your daughters, working with you, and in your schools, churches, clubs, gyms, and recreational places.

I want to say to the parents who may read this for the very first time do not be afraid.
Just learn, get angry and then be active in the battle against pedophiles and their propaganda.
Knowledge is power... use it!

AZU is a one stop learning center for all who care about the future of our Children and I am proud to be a part of it!

We will happily show you the truth and if you don't like it file here:

Again extending a warm and gracious thanks to all involved in Absolute Zero United and us Thrivers for having the stamina to keep fighting and telling the truth to the world!

TY Jacey for the graphic!

'I Have a Secret'

Friday, June 06, 2008

Jon Savarino Schillaci was arrested yesterday in San Jose De Gracia, Mexico.

Jon Schillaci was released from prison in Sugarland, Texas in the summer of 1999. He had served his full sentence of ten years for molesting a young boy and established a pen-pal relationship with a family in Deerfield, New Hampshire. He wrote letters back and forth with an editor of a student literary magazine at the University of New Hampshire. The charming and heartfelt letters struck a cord with the young woman; she was convinced that he had become a better person. Schillaci convinced her through his manipulative writings and poetry that he was a changed man and asked if he could stay with her, her husband and 5-year-old son when he got out of prison. The family happily agreed.

49 days after he moved in, the 5-year-old told his mom, "I have a secret to tell you."

In October of 1999, cops say Schillaci was seen boarding a Greyhound bus and heading South. The last confirmed sighting of Schillaci was in 2000 in a small town in Mexico. Unfortunately before U.S. Marshals could arrive, Schillaci was gone again, leaving behind allegations of improper sexual relationships with children in that town.

Schillaci was placed on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list on September 7, 2007.

Schillaci was living in Guadalajara, Mexico from approximately February 2003 until September 2006 under the alias, Dylan Natchitoches Pierce, aka Dylan N. Pierce. He also operated under the alias Dylan Thomas as a "DJ" for the boychat-associated web-based radio show, "The Dylan Thomas Show". Investigation also determined that Schillaci was the current Webmaster of pedophile website

To read more visit Wikisposure

A Damn Thing

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things

I cannot change,


to change the things I can,

and the wisdom

to know the difference.

We think of those powerful words as "belonging" to 12-step programs, but those came after this was written, and these words actually speak to everyone, no matter your beliefs or your troubles. Let's see how they apply to us.

We frequently see activists...those out trying to create change of some sort make some very similar statements.

From the pedophile activists....the now infamous Rob
You will never silence Us. We will fight for our Rights and there is Not a damn thing that you can do about It !
Michael Gregg aka Zman - RSO Activist
The laws don't work. When will people ever realize no matter how tough on crime, all the zero tolerance, all the registries in the world will not prevent a murder from murdering, a thief from stealing, a dealer from dealing, a user from using, a rapist from raping....
Bill Evans
They can't change a damn thing. Paedophilia has existed since the beginning of time and will exist until the end of time. It's part of the mechanism for the survival of the species.
jd420 - self-described "infantfucker"
Their 'power' couldn't stop a damn thing... and an entire generation has grown up in a paederotically-integrated (or actually, baby-boy-assfucking) world.
Derek Logue - RSO Activist
When it comes down to it, these invasive gestapo laws won't stop the rapes, the molestations, and so forth, but only serves to embitter a specific populace which can only serves to further promote this cause
These are completely false statements. Yes there have been pedofreaks as far back as we know of, that doesn't mean we should approve of it and accept it. Nor does it mean that we won't find a cure for it. Lots of research is being done in this area, a lot of new discoveries have been made that at first glance may not appear to be significant, yet I believe they will add up to a cure for this horrible affliction and most likely during our lifetime.

So no, in the first instance we cannot do anything about the fact that pedophiles exist, not us, not you and I. But someone can. In the meantime we can have the courage to confront the issue, the pedophile activism currently underway, the active child predators, we can do something about those things. And we have the wisdom to know the difference between those things as well.

Will there always be crime? Of course there will, that is a given. But we don't sit back and say 'oh well' someone will always do it so it's pointless to make something illegal or to insist on consequences. We can have the courage to change their activism, to make it more honest. We can leave them no out. We can have the courage to stand up for children and do the right thing, we also have the wisdom to know the difference between those things.

So when Dylan Thomas, the Webmaster of BoyChat and the author of the No More Victims Act of 2007 says something like this
The fact of the matter is, we hold all the cards. We (speaking on the broad scale) have sex with their children. And when they arrest us and put us in jail, a zillion more of us are still having sex with their children. And when they get us in therapy and "cure" us and teach us how not to "offend," a zillion more of us still slip through the cracks and still have sex with their children.

And there's not a damn thing they can do about it.

For every pedophile they arrest and put in jail, ten more are fucking their children.
Or when WP says
I've said this a million times, Dylan and I always get slammed for it. No one wants to admit the fact that the idea of the "celibate paedophile" is a kite that jut won't fly because it implies we are sexless or without a sex drive something that isn't real. It also tells the world you're a lying idiot if you actually expect them to buy that horse shit, worse still, schizophrenic if you actually believe it yourself.
Or when Jason says
Masturbation has no known harmful effects on an otherwise healthy child. Even if a child were forcibly masturbated against his/her will, any harm would be minimal and quickly overcome if parents and the law took a sensible attitude toward the "assault"
We can only shake our heads in consternation at the sheer lunacy of these people. It's quite silly of them actually as everyone can clearly see that we CAN do something, we WILL do something and we ARE doing something.

Their responses to our critiques thus far have been anything from complete silence, to the standard pedofreak LAME response
I just LOVE children, why I'd never hurt children
to the pathological
"C" downloads child porn and picks up minors on the net please report this dangerous woman who is also aka Stitches
to the bizarre
Jesus was a pedophile although his actions were not illegal at the time. Laws have changed but it is not likely that God has changed what He considers to be a sin. He got it right the first time.
to the grotesque
Jessica was not tortured and her death comes across more as an assisted suicide than a murder.
to the frustrated
If any anti even comes with in spitting distance of me, they will be dead. They will no longer live. I will fucking kill them. So if they want to stay alive they can leave me alone.
The cognitively distorted
I don't advocate wanton violence. I don't believe in collateral damage. But I'm a firm believer in self-defense, and also a firm believer that the best defense against an irrational enemy is to put him down permanently.
The demented
The 'life' of 77Stitches_in_the_cunt. I don't remember where I heard that these females could be healed only with a good, extremely strong kick at the snatch.
And the really, really, really stupid
The reason why AZ and PJ won't post THEIR addresses or show their faces is because they'd have a big-rig through their homes the next day. There are plenty of truckers who'd love to tie those guys on both ends to the DOT bumpers and hit 10th gear. And nobody would ever find them again.
These are all excellent responses. Reactions such as these merely prove they are hysterical nut cases with no clear rebuttal to what we actually said that set them off to begin with. In fact, most times they don't even know or understand what it was we said. They read what they 'think' it says which sometimes leads them to make serious mistakes in their "knee jerk reactions".

When people like this make these outrageous remarks, radical attempts to change society or laws that are absolutely detrimental to children's safety I, for one, will be talking about it. I'll inform everyone I possibly can, I'll shout it from the rooftops if I have to. I WILL be heard, and I'll get others to help spread the message.....far and wide.

And there's not a damn thing they can do about it.

"A bit humiliated and ashamed"

Thursday, June 05, 2008

That's what Alan Melchert said.

Melchert, a senior Western Australia sports administrator caught up with 89 other Australians in a recent child pornography bust dubbed Operation Centurion.

"I basically am a bit
humiliated and ashamed
that I've even looked
at images like this"

It is said that the images were not passive images, but rather children who were actively being abused.

Who were the men trading them? They ranged in age from 19 to 81 and included teachers, youth workers, a Federal Police officer and several men with previous sex crimes convictions.

The six-month joint operation by the Australian Federal Police and state police forces uncovered several cases of child molestation and highlighted the astonishing way in which pedophiles form secret communities in cyberspace and use the global reach of the internet to trade child exploitation images.

To date, 70 arrests have been made across Australia. A further 20 people have been issued with summonses to appear in court where they will be charged with possessing child exploitation material. More arrests are expected in coming weeks and months.

Dubbed Operation Centurion, the investigation was triggered after a hacker infiltrated a respectable European website and inserted 99 degrading and explicit images of young girls from eastern Europe, the US and Paraguay.

The site - which cannot be named for legal reasons - was besieged by an incredible 12 million hits in just 76 hours after word got around online pedophile networks that the images were available and the website's address was circulated.

Almost 150,000 different computer users from 170 countries accessed the otherwise obscure website, including Australians using 2883 computer IP addresses. Of those, 1513 had downloaded one or more images in the 76-hour period.

The Federal Police alone has assigned 300 officers who have devoted 13,000 hours to the case, and revealed that a total of 1 million images had been seized from computers, disks and memory sticks.

Watch here as a Blame Gamer calls Child pornography a "victimless crime"

Look at this, an unreleased study reveals that "85 percent of the CP offenders said they had committed acts of sexual abuse against minors, from inappropriate touching to rape." and which went undetected.

See how Jim Freeman the co-founder of SOHOPEFUL was busted in the "most sophisticated child pornography operation in recent memory" And don't miss Cheryl Griffiths the COO of Sosen trying to cover it up

Read here about The Common Thread between some of these men who do these things and the importance of finding who they are.

Then read the pedophiles opinions of children who are tortured and raped

And don't forget Zman's infamous "Defenseless Child Predators" remark. It's a classic.

A BIT humiliated and ashamed? A bit?

Gangs of Thugs

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Absolute Zero has been focusing heavily on RSO activists for the past 9 months. And while I think it's obvious to everyone here just exactly how devious and heartless those people are, there may be a question as to just what exactly that may have to do with an anti-pedophile blog.

Is there a difference?

In RSO activism and pedophile activism?

If there is, I've yet to find it. Their rhetoric is the same as the pedophile activists - the only difference is that the RSOs try to put disclaimers on theirs by stating "We don't support pedophiles!" while supporting pedophiles.

As if no one would notice.

The CEO of Sosen for example signed that pro-pedophile petition which called for the abolishment of virtually all restrictions and punishments regarding sex offenders AND calls for the abolishment of age of consent laws for prepubescent children. When confronted with this Sosen claimed ignorance and the woefully stupid statement that "there are no pedophiles in our group". Apparently they believe that because they can't see them they don't exist -- And yet, they can't see ME -- does that mean I also don't exist?

What it all boils down to is this... those people will say ANYthing whether or not it's true, whether or not they believe it. They will stab their own supporters in the back to get what they want. When all is said and done they have a "ME ME ME" mentality. So while they do understand that they need each other they would be more than willing to throw their brother under the train if it suited their purpose at the time. They react thoughtlessly, and impulsively and if they are ever sorry for one second for something they've done, they would never admit it, they would never express remorse. Jan Kruska is a fine example of this one. She's done more to hurt sex offender groups than any other single person or group of persons combined.

There are approximately 600,000 registered sex offenders in this country. Of those there are only a handful that are activists. Of the activists there are only a handful that are sex offenders. Why is that? Because they have their enablers doing the dirty work for them. These co-dependent mousy women whose lives depend on 'standing by their men' whether it's their spouse or their child, they will rationalize for them. Minimize their crime. Blame the victim. Bash the victim. Mock the victim. They'll lie, they'll cheat, they'll even steal. They'll try to find ways to rip off the system, and the taxpayers. They'll call you ugly names and accuse you of being ignorant and uneducated. They'll say you're a professional victim. Or in the case of Cheryl Griffiths, she'll just call you "disgusting" "scum sucking idiot" etc etc etc

So, no, not all activists are RSO's. Some are family members and some are in it for seemingly altruistic motives. Think Margie Slagle, Sarah Tofte, Niki Delson. Their thinking is just as distorted but without the same motivations present. It's no less dangerous, it's no less outrageous, and it's no less supportive of pedophile causes.

Sometimes these activists say things like "these sex offender laws should only apply to the ONE PERCENT of RSO's who are truly dangerous" The question that begs to be answered then is "who do they consider dangerous"? Obviously not those repeat offenders deemed at high risk of re-offense at Coalinga Hospital. After all, they rallied to get them released.....against the advice of experts. And where do they get that one percent figure? Well, they SAY that the majority of registered sex offenders were convicted for consensual sex, or for drunken mooning or for peeing behind a bush. Well that may or may not be true, but if it is, I've yet to see someone charged for peeing behind a bush and put on a sex offender registry. And if it HAS indeed happened, it's not one of THESE people we're discussing. No, their offenses are far worse than that.

This is what I think. I think they need to stop blaming society, the government, parents, and the victims for what they think is unfair and look to themselves and try to find what's missing.

Perhaps instead of blaming, minimizing, rationalizing, bashing, mocking, lying, cheating and deceiving they should tell Lee Lee to take care of her other children before they turn out the same way. Perhaps they should tell Linda that it's not appropriate for her to ask for donations considering her welfare fraud conviction. Perhaps they should tell Tikibug to stop posting on pedophile websites. Perhaps they should look long and hard at exactly who they are involved with and the projects they're undertaking on their behalf. Perhaps. And yet, perhaps is a word too big for these people. Perhaps has possibility. These gangs of thugs have none.

HT to Jacey

Ulterior Motives

Monday, June 02, 2008

Reposted from July 19, 2007

Perverts have a new plan, yeah. They have a petition they want people to sign. But before we take a look at what's on it, let's see what a pervert is:

Here we have Unico


He tells us clearly what he thinks about little girls, doesn't he?

And here we have Abraxas


He strongly supports this petition.

An Urgent Call to Support the Well-Being of Children and the Rights of Us All

  1. Abolish all provisions of state and Federal sex offender registries that publicly shame offenders. There should be no internet or other public posting of the identity, photograph, address, workplace or personal information of any offender.......
    In cases of genuinely violent sex crimes, especially against young children, and with a specific finding of a likelihood to re-offend, registration may be required, but information will be shared only among police officials.........
    Strong penalties should be levied against police or others privy to the registration information who violate the privacy of the offenders

  2. Abolish all life-time civil commitment for sex offenders who have completed prison sentences and/or parole and probation
    In cases of violent offenses and specific findings of a likelihood to re-offend, carefully constructed court hearings, with medical advice and full due process, should determine if the person may be further incarcerated, and then only for a short time and with regular review

  3. Stop public vilification and demonization of sex offenders. Oppose the use in the media or by public officials of obviously pejorative language with regard to offenders. Use of the term "pedophile" should be extremely limited and accurate. Children should be defined as persons under the age of puberty.

  4. De-criminalize all consensual sexual activities among teenagers. Stop all required sex offender registration for minors

  5. Abolish all laws that provide the death penalty or life in prison without parole for sex offenders.

  6. Support broad sex education for children, and empower them to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights

  7. Provide accurate information and support valid research about sex offender characteristics and recidivism rates

  8. Help sex offenders re-enter society by abolishing measures which make it difficult for them to find a place to live and a decent job. Encourage support groups for sex offenders, including help with finding housing, employment and effective treatment, before their release and afterward

    Yes, Abraxas likes it.......sorta

    " Though this reform does not go far enough--none has yet for me--it is a great beginning toward common sense and justice.


    I wonder what Jessica Lundsford would think of all that?

    Or Dylan Groen?

    Or all the people walking this earth today who are carrying the scars left by men who think of them as throw-away objects.

    Yes, I wonder what they think of this petition.

    But I think we may have an answer from the pen of one of GirlChat's finest. The infamous Turtle explains what they all show us everyday........the scorn they feel for CSA survivors.

    "why do i read posts by angry "christian" women that go on and on about how sick and evil it is and how their lives were ruined?

    are you that weak minded? do you have to find someone else to blame for your own personal failures?

    it was one event,it shouldnt ruin your life. kids in other countries live through much worse. stop whining,and put the blame where it belongs:on your own shoulders. sex is a beautiful thing and only becomes perverted when you decide that it is perverted"

    95% of all child molestations are committed by pedophiles. Pedophiles mock society, they mock children, they mock parents and they mock sex abuse victims. They have nothing to offer this world but misery and heartache. They are all filthy pedophiles. And if they try to pull the number on you...."they just LOVE children, oh no they aren't the child molesters..........they are the true child lovers" well you can rest assured that they are LYING. It's one of the things they do best.