Watch them squirm, and slowly die

Saturday, June 28, 2008

From Wikisposure:

”Lyrical Cancer” is the screen name of Jennifer “Jack” Jay Kaiser, a 23 year old pedophile originally from Sacramento, California who after taking testosterone to become a man, began posing on pedophile forum boards as a 13 year old boy a year ago.

<<<<<< Jack with his Spider Man Underwear

He not only continued to pose as a young boy, we discovered he was grooming an actual minor on the Global-Unity website where he acted as a moderator and one of the owners. 16 year old Allaloneboy was coaxed by “Jack” into undressing on webcam in a chat room full of pedophiles. We contacted police again after this sickening incident. Lyrical Cancer and his lover NZ shut down Global-Unity after this second visit by police and he disappeared from the pedophile activist scene briefly.

He has reappeared in the last few months, very active, and again engaging in conversations with minors on pedophile forums and posting comments on several forum boards in support of pedophiles. Recently he claimed to have moved to Kansas City, Kansas where he lives with two “boylovers”. He also posted comments on a video defending the recent confession of arrested pedophile Jizzony, even claiming he knew two of the victims ages 13 and 15 and that when Jizzony raped them it was “consensual”.

What makes the pedophile “Jack” particularly sinister and disturbing is his continued persistence to lure underage boys into a world of dangerous Sex Offenders, Child Pornographers and Pedophile activists with the ruse of being “Lyrical Cancer” (a 14 year old boy), despite continued warnings he has received from the police.

Beautiful from head to toe

Disappeared; they'll never show

So innocent, they follow me Their little minds just cannot see

Ahead of them lies a surprise The fall-out of my plan devised

I have enough to fill my need It's time to watch their lives recede

One by one I hang them high Watch them squirm, and slowly die

Never have I felt so good And finally, I understood

To achieve eternal happiness I cannot let this lust suppress

My newfound form of beauty; of art Is making a child's soul depart

Visit Wikisposure and read about Jack aka Lyrical Cancer.

Watch this 23 year old pretending to be a child.

"uh dude. I like adults. I'm 14. I'm not into boys younger then me. i prefer them older. But right you won't wanna open your mind to the idea of kids loving and wanting a sexual relationship with adults"

Watch his comments as he defends Jizzony.....after he confessed to molesting 4 boys.

"I know 2 of the boys. the 15 yr old and the 13 yr old. dude. it was consensual. maybe ya should stop making the media think for you stitches. ya know it is possible kids wanna have sex. i'm 14, id have sex with an adult if i wanted to."
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