The Renaissance Man

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NAMBLA Activist "Will Robinson" has insinuated that Jon Schillaci aka Dylan Thomas was a Renaissance Man.

"Maybe the spirit of Leonardo
was in our midst"

Is BoyChat -- with their leader now fallen -- going to idolize him? Make him bigger than life? The God of perversions?

Of course some of them will, others will merely defend him and/or mourn the loss to their community. While others - still feeling the sting of his sometimes vicious words themselves - are turning on him. Some because they viewed him as a "grandiose-megalomaniac" and still others because they fear for their own safety and the possible repercussions to the pedophile community in general. Let's look of some of the reactions.

I see no contradiction whatsoever between having genius and being without conscience. Why is that so hard to imagine? One can be born a sociopath, or one can become a sociopath by having empathy strangled out of your soul.

DT's story and predicament just reaffirms my belief that humans, including extraordinarily talented ones, cannot escape their own programming and predispositions. We are what we are.

Bill Evans:
What they don't realise is that the more they attack us, the more vigorously we will fight back. They may win a few battles, but we will win the war.

Dylan, as smart as he is, as so close to the renaisance ideal of the cultivated man he is, seems to be closer to a psychopath than any of us
That was pretty fucking cold......I mean what Dylan did to that family. The strength and faith they put into that man to allow him into their home and to give him a second chance to start over. How could he betray them like that? Yeah, a real fucking Da Vinci!
Bill Evans:
I don't know just what degree, if any, of sexual contact was involved in the charges he is now due to answer, but I seriously doubt it involved anything more than some genital rubbing, or that the boy objected. More likely he told his mother about it in the hopes she and his father would do likewise.

Yes, we are fighting a war, but it's not a war to be fought with guns and the like. This war's battlefield is the press and the hearts and minds of thinking people. Lucid and erudite people are precisely what we need to win this war, as we eventually must.
Just like the New Hampshire family who believed him when he said he was reformed? Is THAT the sort of "thinking people" you want to convince? That couple who were so touched by his words, that they gave him the opportunity of a lifetime....for a convicted pedophile anyway. He could continue his education, he could live in comfort...all he had to do was have respect for other people. So while some of you freaks over at BoyChat are saying......well, he'd been in prison for ten years! Well, uh, that's exactly the point! He didn't learn anything from it did he? Let this serve as an example for all future "thinking people", when a pedophile tries to manipulate you, deceive you, groom you and convince you they're reformed........Remember Dylan Thomas!

So, no, you aren't fighting a war with the hearts and minds of 'thinking' people. You see Bill Evans, we're ALL thinking people. And just like Dylan are not special. You don't have some profound knowledge about children or the ways of the world that makes you unique and the rest of the world 'ignorant' 'bigoted' 'unenlightened' or any other word you choose to use. You Bill Evans aren't special. But just like your fallen hero you think you are. And that is where you've made your first mistake.
I have seen him say things to people who turn to this board looking for help and in a state of emotional crisis only to face his unsympathetic and conceited "holier than thou" face.

Dylan Thomas is a sociopath who is genuinely incapable of giving a fuck about ANYBODY but himself. He can rot in fucking hell for all I care.
Perhaps he was enough of a smooth talker to gain the respect of posters like yourself. I could see through him, but I really didn't give a shit. People like him dig their own graves, and I don't find it sad that he was caught.
So with all due respect for his erudition and skill at doing the webmaster's job, I can't say that I've been impressed by what I've heard of his real life.....the impression I've had for quite a long time now is that he's someone best known at a long arm's length.
This is the second time we have as Webmaster somebody with a dangerous reality and pervasive mental problems. We had a murderer once, and we just had this grandiose-megalomaniac recently. The next Webmaster needs to be bullet proof. The damage this arrest will do to the public image of "the cause" is way deeper than Santi's rants
Bill Evans:
Whoever puts their hand up to take over from him needs to be aware that they are painting a very large and bright target on their back. If he has been publicly outed, all the more so.
Identifying with Dylan will not help us, man.....What we need is to find, in our kind, somebody that can be emulated. He doesn't need to be a saint and not a peace promoter. He needs to love and understood war.
I suppose you'll have to have a new Webmaster won't you? Let us for a moment remember what Damien Cole once said:
I've had people on the show who have criminal backgrounds. Big fucking deal. I know they're good people and could give a shit about what the state claims is criminal. Yes, they've had sex with minors and/or were accused of solicitation. They've done time for it. They're on their corresponding Sex Offender Registries. They're LIVING the life that we fear. They're a living testiment to what we as a community are attempting to steer away from. They have lived the life they wanted, suffered for it, and are now here to preach out. Why on earth would we want to bar them from doing so?

There ain't no way we can (or should) wash our hands of "these people". These people are ourselves.
Indeed. Let's see what The Renaissance Man would recommend.
If you cannot take responsibility for the results your actions bring about in your own community, then you certainly have no business taking responsibility for encouraging "public accountability" for people outside that community.

The fundamental difference between us is this: I do take responsibility for my influence on this community and you dismiss the potential of that influence as invalid and irrelevant. I'll make you a deal. I won't be upset if one day you get to come back to me and say, "I told you so."
On Remorse
As far as responsibility... well, I feel responsibility for the things which are properly my responsibility. I don't take responsibility for the actions of others; that's a level of hubris I don't possess. As arrogant as I am, I'm not near arrogant enough to believe that I'm the only one whose decisions matter. As far as remorse, absolutely not. Let the Crossroads trolls take clear and precise notes here:
I am utterly without remorse.
On being a criminal
The fact is, it doesn't matter a bit if our spokespeople are squeaky clean. since we don't want our spokesmen being arrested for things they will do, better that those bonafides come from something that he's already done, and already paid the price for.

So I wouldn't support a "no convicts" clause on any activist organization's charter for the simple reasons that my own analysis indicates that first, it would not be an effective tactic in any event, and second, that it would be an unjust act of discrimation within our own community.
On adoration
I gave up on the popularity game a long time ago. I've already proven to my own satisfaction that I can be universally adored if I want to. I've been there and done that. The price is too high. What people primarily love is themselves, and so to be loved, I must become more like them. I won't. I will be me, and I'm loved by the people that matter to me; everyone else is noise
On Being Special
We build our own little walls not to keep us in, but rather, to keep those fears of our own horribleness out. I suppose if you build a cage high enough, you can convince yourself it’s a pedastle.

I live my life, as I see fit. If my decisions are to the liking of the codifying crowd, more power to ’em. If not, tough. I’m an individual, and so are all the boys I love, and we’ll deal with each other on those terms

And so once again, I’m special because I have boys in my life. And once again, I resist being special
On supporting criminals
As far as I'm concerned, if you go to prison for something involving a boy (or a photo of a boy, or a movie of a boy, or whatever), you're not a "fallen boylover." You are a hero boylover. You did it. You've been there, you've done that
On Doom
These words--"I'm not doing anything illegal"--are portents of doom. When I hear a boylover say it, I almost immediately begin to make plans for his eventual disappearance. This wins my award for the Number One Deadliest Boylover Belief. Let's just say that if you think you're safe because you're not breaking the law, you are absolutely, completely, unequivocally the worst kind of wrong
On Destiny
Destiny? I had my destiny. I had my whole life wrapped up
in my destiny. My reason for existing. But, I suppose,
it wasn't mine. I blew it. And it's over.

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

You know, he never did say what to do once the light was gone
On Escape
I left everything. My house, my job, my furniture, my friends, my bank account... everything. No forwarding address. No one knows where I am. Once I left, there was no way for anyone to trace me. I have ceased to exist. Maybe I didn't die, but I am no more.

Visit WIKISPOSURE for more details about Jon Savarino Schillaci
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