A Damn Thing

Friday, June 06, 2008

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things

I cannot change,


to change the things I can,

and the wisdom

to know the difference.

We think of those powerful words as "belonging" to 12-step programs, but those came after this was written, and these words actually speak to everyone, no matter your beliefs or your troubles. Let's see how they apply to us.

We frequently see activists...those out trying to create change of some sort make some very similar statements.

From the pedophile activists....the now infamous Rob
You will never silence Us. We will fight for our Rights and there is Not a damn thing that you can do about It !
Michael Gregg aka Zman - RSO Activist
The laws don't work. When will people ever realize no matter how tough on crime, all the zero tolerance, all the registries in the world will not prevent a murder from murdering, a thief from stealing, a dealer from dealing, a user from using, a rapist from raping....
Bill Evans
They can't change a damn thing. Paedophilia has existed since the beginning of time and will exist until the end of time. It's part of the mechanism for the survival of the species.
jd420 - self-described "infantfucker"
Their 'power' couldn't stop a damn thing... and an entire generation has grown up in a paederotically-integrated (or actually, baby-boy-assfucking) world.
Derek Logue - RSO Activist
When it comes down to it, these invasive gestapo laws won't stop the rapes, the molestations, and so forth, but only serves to embitter a specific populace which can only serves to further promote this cause
These are completely false statements. Yes there have been pedofreaks as far back as we know of, that doesn't mean we should approve of it and accept it. Nor does it mean that we won't find a cure for it. Lots of research is being done in this area, a lot of new discoveries have been made that at first glance may not appear to be significant, yet I believe they will add up to a cure for this horrible affliction and most likely during our lifetime.

So no, in the first instance we cannot do anything about the fact that pedophiles exist, not us, not you and I. But someone can. In the meantime we can have the courage to confront the issue, the pedophile activism currently underway, the active child predators, we can do something about those things. And we have the wisdom to know the difference between those things as well.

Will there always be crime? Of course there will, that is a given. But we don't sit back and say 'oh well' someone will always do it so it's pointless to make something illegal or to insist on consequences. We can have the courage to change their activism, to make it more honest. We can leave them no out. We can have the courage to stand up for children and do the right thing, we also have the wisdom to know the difference between those things.

So when Dylan Thomas, the Webmaster of BoyChat and the author of the No More Victims Act of 2007 says something like this
The fact of the matter is, we hold all the cards. We (speaking on the broad scale) have sex with their children. And when they arrest us and put us in jail, a zillion more of us are still having sex with their children. And when they get us in therapy and "cure" us and teach us how not to "offend," a zillion more of us still slip through the cracks and still have sex with their children.

And there's not a damn thing they can do about it.

For every pedophile they arrest and put in jail, ten more are fucking their children.
Or when WP says
I've said this a million times, Dylan and I always get slammed for it. No one wants to admit the fact that the idea of the "celibate paedophile" is a kite that jut won't fly because it implies we are sexless or without a sex drive something that isn't real. It also tells the world you're a lying idiot if you actually expect them to buy that horse shit, worse still, schizophrenic if you actually believe it yourself.
Or when Jason says
Masturbation has no known harmful effects on an otherwise healthy child. Even if a child were forcibly masturbated against his/her will, any harm would be minimal and quickly overcome if parents and the law took a sensible attitude toward the "assault"
We can only shake our heads in consternation at the sheer lunacy of these people. It's quite silly of them actually as everyone can clearly see that we CAN do something, we WILL do something and we ARE doing something.

Their responses to our critiques thus far have been anything from complete silence, to the standard pedofreak LAME response
I just LOVE children, why I'd never hurt children
to the pathological
"C" downloads child porn and picks up minors on the net please report this dangerous woman who is also aka Stitches
to the bizarre
Jesus was a pedophile although his actions were not illegal at the time. Laws have changed but it is not likely that God has changed what He considers to be a sin. He got it right the first time.
to the grotesque
Jessica was not tortured and her death comes across more as an assisted suicide than a murder.
to the frustrated
If any anti even comes with in spitting distance of me, they will be dead. They will no longer live. I will fucking kill them. So if they want to stay alive they can leave me alone.
The cognitively distorted
I don't advocate wanton violence. I don't believe in collateral damage. But I'm a firm believer in self-defense, and also a firm believer that the best defense against an irrational enemy is to put him down permanently.
The demented
The 'life' of 77Stitches_in_the_cunt. I don't remember where I heard that these females could be healed only with a good, extremely strong kick at the snatch.
And the really, really, really stupid
The reason why AZ and PJ won't post THEIR addresses or show their faces is because they'd have a big-rig through their homes the next day. There are plenty of truckers who'd love to tie those guys on both ends to the DOT bumpers and hit 10th gear. And nobody would ever find them again.
These are all excellent responses. Reactions such as these merely prove they are hysterical nut cases with no clear rebuttal to what we actually said that set them off to begin with. In fact, most times they don't even know or understand what it was we said. They read what they 'think' it says which sometimes leads them to make serious mistakes in their "knee jerk reactions".

When people like this make these outrageous remarks, radical attempts to change society or laws that are absolutely detrimental to children's safety I, for one, will be talking about it. I'll inform everyone I possibly can, I'll shout it from the rooftops if I have to. I WILL be heard, and I'll get others to help spread the message.....far and wide.

And there's not a damn thing they can do about it.
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