Gangs of Thugs

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Absolute Zero has been focusing heavily on RSO activists for the past 9 months. And while I think it's obvious to everyone here just exactly how devious and heartless those people are, there may be a question as to just what exactly that may have to do with an anti-pedophile blog.

Is there a difference?

In RSO activism and pedophile activism?

If there is, I've yet to find it. Their rhetoric is the same as the pedophile activists - the only difference is that the RSOs try to put disclaimers on theirs by stating "We don't support pedophiles!" while supporting pedophiles.

As if no one would notice.

The CEO of Sosen for example signed that pro-pedophile petition which called for the abolishment of virtually all restrictions and punishments regarding sex offenders AND calls for the abolishment of age of consent laws for prepubescent children. When confronted with this Sosen claimed ignorance and the woefully stupid statement that "there are no pedophiles in our group". Apparently they believe that because they can't see them they don't exist -- And yet, they can't see ME -- does that mean I also don't exist?

What it all boils down to is this... those people will say ANYthing whether or not it's true, whether or not they believe it. They will stab their own supporters in the back to get what they want. When all is said and done they have a "ME ME ME" mentality. So while they do understand that they need each other they would be more than willing to throw their brother under the train if it suited their purpose at the time. They react thoughtlessly, and impulsively and if they are ever sorry for one second for something they've done, they would never admit it, they would never express remorse. Jan Kruska is a fine example of this one. She's done more to hurt sex offender groups than any other single person or group of persons combined.

There are approximately 600,000 registered sex offenders in this country. Of those there are only a handful that are activists. Of the activists there are only a handful that are sex offenders. Why is that? Because they have their enablers doing the dirty work for them. These co-dependent mousy women whose lives depend on 'standing by their men' whether it's their spouse or their child, they will rationalize for them. Minimize their crime. Blame the victim. Bash the victim. Mock the victim. They'll lie, they'll cheat, they'll even steal. They'll try to find ways to rip off the system, and the taxpayers. They'll call you ugly names and accuse you of being ignorant and uneducated. They'll say you're a professional victim. Or in the case of Cheryl Griffiths, she'll just call you "disgusting" "scum sucking idiot" etc etc etc

So, no, not all activists are RSO's. Some are family members and some are in it for seemingly altruistic motives. Think Margie Slagle, Sarah Tofte, Niki Delson. Their thinking is just as distorted but without the same motivations present. It's no less dangerous, it's no less outrageous, and it's no less supportive of pedophile causes.

Sometimes these activists say things like "these sex offender laws should only apply to the ONE PERCENT of RSO's who are truly dangerous" The question that begs to be answered then is "who do they consider dangerous"? Obviously not those repeat offenders deemed at high risk of re-offense at Coalinga Hospital. After all, they rallied to get them released.....against the advice of experts. And where do they get that one percent figure? Well, they SAY that the majority of registered sex offenders were convicted for consensual sex, or for drunken mooning or for peeing behind a bush. Well that may or may not be true, but if it is, I've yet to see someone charged for peeing behind a bush and put on a sex offender registry. And if it HAS indeed happened, it's not one of THESE people we're discussing. No, their offenses are far worse than that.

This is what I think. I think they need to stop blaming society, the government, parents, and the victims for what they think is unfair and look to themselves and try to find what's missing.

Perhaps instead of blaming, minimizing, rationalizing, bashing, mocking, lying, cheating and deceiving they should tell Lee Lee to take care of her other children before they turn out the same way. Perhaps they should tell Linda that it's not appropriate for her to ask for donations considering her welfare fraud conviction. Perhaps they should tell Tikibug to stop posting on pedophile websites. Perhaps they should look long and hard at exactly who they are involved with and the projects they're undertaking on their behalf. Perhaps. And yet, perhaps is a word too big for these people. Perhaps has possibility. These gangs of thugs have none.

HT to Jacey
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