"A bit humiliated and ashamed"

Thursday, June 05, 2008

That's what Alan Melchert said.

Melchert, a senior Western Australia sports administrator caught up with 89 other Australians in a recent child pornography bust dubbed Operation Centurion.

"I basically am a bit
humiliated and ashamed
that I've even looked
at images like this"

It is said that the images were not passive images, but rather children who were actively being abused.

Who were the men trading them? They ranged in age from 19 to 81 and included teachers, youth workers, a Federal Police officer and several men with previous sex crimes convictions.

The six-month joint operation by the Australian Federal Police and state police forces uncovered several cases of child molestation and highlighted the astonishing way in which pedophiles form secret communities in cyberspace and use the global reach of the internet to trade child exploitation images.

To date, 70 arrests have been made across Australia. A further 20 people have been issued with summonses to appear in court where they will be charged with possessing child exploitation material. More arrests are expected in coming weeks and months.

Dubbed Operation Centurion, the investigation was triggered after a hacker infiltrated a respectable European website and inserted 99 degrading and explicit images of young girls from eastern Europe, the US and Paraguay.

The site - which cannot be named for legal reasons - was besieged by an incredible 12 million hits in just 76 hours after word got around online pedophile networks that the images were available and the website's address was circulated.

Almost 150,000 different computer users from 170 countries accessed the otherwise obscure website, including Australians using 2883 computer IP addresses. Of those, 1513 had downloaded one or more images in the 76-hour period.

The Federal Police alone has assigned 300 officers who have devoted 13,000 hours to the case, and revealed that a total of 1 million images had been seized from computers, disks and memory sticks.

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A BIT humiliated and ashamed? A bit?
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