So Many GirlMoment Situations

Friday, January 29, 2010

GirlChat member, Blue_horiz can't seem to make up his mind about pedophiles grooming kids. Let's travel back in time to 2005 for a moment and Blue_horiz is posting in a thread about grooming:

"I always assumed grooming to be something that was wrong - by my definition grooming was to gain a childs trust in order to 'abuse' that trust into having sex with her when it may not be something that the child would willingly get involved in.

however, there is chatting them up or seducing/flirting them which I think is okay as a method of starting up a sexual relationship with anybody that you are attracted to."
No sexual contact with children is ever okay or "consensual" and kids don't "flirt" either, this doesn't stop pedophiles from misinterpreting a child's behavior as flirtatious or as consent to be molested.
"Grooming on the otherhand would be to force a girl to do stuff with you that she would find unconfortable but as you go on and on about it it eventually wears her down into submitting."
These days you can find Blue_horiz tuning in to perv on unsuspecting children goofing off on their internet webcameras:

"I was wondering whether anyone here visits webcam sites at all? I'm not gonna name any as I don't want to overstep my welcome here but if its okay I will reply with a couple that I know of.

I'm also not suggesting anything illegal like grooming etc but I wondered if anyone goes to these sites - do you just watch or take part - do you chat to these girls and if so do they know your sexual preference at all and are they generally okay about this?"
Not suggesting grooming? Now, why would he need to say that on GirlChat?

We all know why and they do too. He continues...
"I've had so many kinda gm situations on one of them I go on to - I don't chat to any of them as I fear that I might be accused of grooming but as the cams are public and the girls are aware that everyone can see them I don't feel bad watching."
This is why parents shouldn't put photos of their children on the internet or allow their children to use their webcamera to broadcast publicly, pedophiles will always find a way to make something sick of it.

She's a Tease

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When Anthony W. Corish posted on GirlChat, he would talk about how his "LGFriend" (Little-Girl-Friend) would "tease" him:

"I think you're right about her being a tease... mine likes to tease too. I think they all do at that age, but sometimes I wonder if they realize how much it affects us, and how! hehe, but it sounds like you had a good time, overall Thanks again for sharing!"

Now, is anyone really surprised to hear that the same Anthony Corish (who used to post under the screen name "Inygmuh" on GirlChat) was recently arrested?

"Corish faces 920 counts each of possession of child pornography and criminal use of a communication facility and 14 counts of dissemination of child pornography, police said.

Police said he faces additional charges in Highspire, where he is accused of repeatedly molesting a young girl over a period of three years. He was free on unsecured bail on that set of charges.

Corish is now in the Cumberland County Prison on $300,000 bail.

"One of the considerations of bail is the protection of society and obviously that amount of bail will keep him behind bars where he can't do anymore harm," Freed said.

Investigators said they do not suspect the images were homemade, although Freed said that doesn't make the charges any less serious.

"The victims are the children who are exploited and exploited and exploited again by anybody who views these images," Freed said."
But what do GirlChat "child lovers" care about kids who are sexually exploited?
- When they're the perpetrators.

And what's to bet that the girl that he's been accused of repeatedly molesting over a period of three years was the same "LGFriend" he boasted about on GirlChat.

"No one can touch me"

Friday, January 15, 2010

"No one can touch me", Paul Shanley, a founding member of Nambla (North American Man/Boy Love Association) once said.

But today this fallen priest lost his appeal to the Massachusetts Supreme Court. I imagine his good friend Paul Shannon, Richard Pillard and the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign will go into deep mourning and further lashing out at victims of child sexual abuse.

Regardless of the fact that there were documented accusations of abuse against Shanley in his file going back to 1967, and another documented complaint from as early as 1961 - and the Catholic Church subsequent cover-up at the hands of Bernard Law - the same Cardinal Bernard Law who first referred to the attempt to stop baby-raping pedophile priests as
"This is the closest thing I've seen to a lynch mob since my days in Mississippi."
Of course that was before it was revealed that Law had covered up for those same baby-raping pedophile priests for years and years. And years. Paul Shannon and RSOL/Nambla associates still refer to it as a witch hunt. In denial of things like this:
"The documents released by court order revealed both the horrifying details of abuse and the church's cavalier response to victims and others concerned about the ongoing abuse. The revelations were dramatically at odds with years of protestations by church leaders, including Law, blaming the media for exaggerating the scandal's extent."
Shanley's defense was that the victim should not be believed because of the "junk science'' of "repressed memory".

The prosecution maintained that "the emotional trauma [the victim] suffered created a 'disassociative amnesia,' which is recognized by the mental health profession as a legitimate psychiatric disorder."

Paul Shanley's own 'expert' witness whose purpose was to prove that Shanley's victim could not have repressed a memory of abuse and later remembered it (Abuse that occured over a 7 year period) also admitted during testimony:
"Oh yeah, people can forget traumatic experiences that happened to them, and they can later remember them."

"And if something happens to you over and over again, you remember it even better."
Especially interesting to me that Shanley would have the nerve to appeal his sentence when you consider the notes of his own psychiatrist in which Shanley admitted to molesting children.....TEN years before he ever made it into a courtroom. Raped and molested children that Paul Shannon of the RSOL refers to as "LIARS".

Paul Shanley was just one of the reasons for the existence of the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign as we've discussed before. But let us keep a few comments in mind as the discussion of Paul Shanley, Paul Shannon, Nambla, RSOL and other pedophile supporters continue:

Dr. Richard Pillard: Organizer - Reform Sex Offender Law Campaign and Nambla said at the founding meeting of Nambla
"Men and boys who love each other are engaging in a social experiment."
Paul Shanley: Defrocked priest and convicted child molester:
"People shouldn't put such hope in a mere man, any man. It's almost sacrilegious. If they knew the madness in me, festering below the surface, they would join the ranks of my accusers."
Paul Shannon - Organizer - Reform Sex Offender Law Campaign
"All I know is that Paul Shanley did not rape these four boys"
I'm guessing that Shanley forgot to tell his good friend about his confessions.....and the TWENTY SIX known victims.

Paul Shanley:
"We have our convictions upside down if we are truly concerned with boys...the 'cure' does far more damage."
Dr. Richard Pillard and Tom Reeves - Nambla Steering Committee member, were both original founding members of Nambla along with Father Paul Shanley. Years later when Shanley was under investigation for multiple child rapes, the RSOL was formed by Dr. Richard Pillard and Tom Reeves. Along with other Nambla members like Bill Andriette. Recently when sex offender activists have questioned the RSOL about their affiliation with Nambla "Alex Marbury" stated that they should not let "Petty Differences" interfere with their attempt to abolish sex offender laws. In other words - their drive to make the world a safer place for predators.

The good news is however, that today the world is a safer place from THAT child predator: Paul Shanley. May he serve every second of his sentence and die of old age in prison.

Operation Restore Hope

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In a combined effort of 29 law enforcement agencies, earlier this week 44 people from the state of Georgia have been arrested in connection with sharing child pornography over "Peer to Peer" networks.

The crack-down called "Operation Restore Hope," is intended to make a dent in the amount of child pornography being exchanged.

To give you some idea about the types of people being arrested:
"Whitaker said one of the more disturbing cases was in DeKalb County, where authorities found a child who said she had been sexually abused for the last eight years."

"For example, there are some in which infants are being molested and one in which “the images involve the rape of a 4-year-old male child," the director said.

“[In] previous experiences, some of the offenders have children in the home and they have been manufacturing their own child pornography,” Keenan said. “The child pornography that they are pursuing is known child pornography -- certain files or certain images.”

In another case, Keenan said agents entered a house to find that the same child seen in the pornographic images was actually in the home."

I'm watching to see who'll be missing from BoyChat and GirlChat - these people are dirt with absolutely no regard for children.

My GL Life

Sunday, January 10, 2010

...This is how Derek Pridemore A.K.A. Sweetguy201 describes his pedophilia. Pridemore used to be a member of the now defunct "Butterfly Kisses" forum, which was created to cater to female pedophiles with a sexual attraction to young girls (a female equivalent of "BoyChat"). Dr. Judith Reisman had this to say about about Butterfly Kisses:

""It's very dangerous when you begin to see women organize in the same way you have seen men organized to rape children," said noted researcher Judith Reisman, who referred to the people behind the website as the "Women's Auxiliary of NAMBLA," the North American Man-Boy Love Association."

Although the forum was originally created with female pedophiles in mind, a large number of the posters were men like Pridemore (shown above, if you can guess which one he is):
"As for my GL life, I have had encounters with a few younger girls and have been very lucky to do so. I will be happy to share these stories with you."
Be sure to check our Derek Pridemores article on Wikisposure.

Judge Embraces Low Bail:

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

And in the case of a child rape, that remains true to form.
The facts present themselves, from Massachusetts:

PLYMOUTH - A man arraigned yesterday on charges that he sexually assaulted a 3-year-old girl in Kingston on Friday had been charged this summer with raping another child but was free on bail.

Joseph H. Gardner, 26, of Kingston, pleaded not guilty yesterday in Plymouth District Court to a charge that he raped the daughter of a woman he was dating.

In the earlier alleged rape, the self-described construction worker was freed on $10,000 cash bail - far less than Plymouth prosecutors sought - on Sept. 15. He had been charged with breaking into the Kingston house of a distant relative and raping a 6-year-old girl.

I can only hope that both Judges -- first, Plymouth District Court Judge Thomas F. Brownell -- who set the original bail at $10,000 instead of the $200,000 prosecutors originally sought -- and then Superior Court Judge Joseph M. Walker III, who kept bail at $10,000 (where prosecutors again requested high bail - $150,000) might find their families hamstrung by another court's judges in a similar fashion where allegations were made of their very own children or relatives.


As we all know.

When your children are anally attacked, vaginally attacked, it really doesn't mean much.

After all, they're just statistics. Right?

These statistics, however, only mean something when The Privileged Classes are targeted.

Otherwise: another day (ho-hum).


Whose Line is it Anyway?

Monday, January 04, 2010

Todays 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' is:
By the way, there is something both sad and sick about someone who uses a screen name like Logue Hater. Imagine, your whole identity based upon hating someone.

Who made this comment?

UPDATE: The answer to this Whose Line is it Anyway is:

Warped Ohio aka Derek Logue aka Fallenone

Using the screen name 'Warped Ohio' which he adopted in order to mock and belittle a victim of rape Derek left the above comment.

Child Abuser Aztram Pleads Guilty

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Longtime BoyChat poster, Aztram A.K.A. Harold Spurling pleads guilty:

"With little fanfare, Harold Spurling, 40, ended a nearly two-year prosecution of one of the largest child pornography cases in the state by pleading guilty to four counts of first-degree sexual assault and two counts of risk of injury to a minor.

Spurling is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 28.

He faced dozens of sexual assault charges along with his roommate Jeffrey Brisson, 32, after investigators uncovered dozens of videos of their sexual exploits with children on their home computers.

“The agreement is that we are asking for 40 years to serve with a total 60 years including special parole,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Paul Rotiroti who prosecuted the cases against both men. “He has a right to argue for 25 years, but the remainder of the 60 years will be on special parole.”"

For those of you who aren't familiar with Aztram: he and his roommate, The Night Ravem AKA Jeffrey Brisson were members of BoyChat and GirlChat:

Spurling and Brisson were arrested in January 2008 after officers serving warrants for their longtime molestation of a teenage boy uncovered a child pornography stash that included videos of nearly a dozen area children.

The pair was found in their apartment with a 3-month-old girl who had been sexually assaulted by Brisson. Police also found a computer encrypting a video tape of Brisson molesting the child.
Brisson admitted during his sentencing in May he was a pedophile with a compulsion that can’t be stopped. He also likened society’s fear of pedophiles to long ago fears of African Americans or gays and lesbians and said all adults have thoughts of having sex with children.

Spurling stood quietly before New Britain Superior Court Judge Hillary Strackbein Friday in orange prison overalls and only spoke when asked a question. Spurling turned down a plea deal offered earlier in the case and was scheduled to go to trial.

Strackbein explained that he could have faced a maximum of 140 years in prison on just the handful of charges he pleaded guilty to Friday. “If you add up the maximum, it’s 140 years on these charges alone, and 30 of those years are mandatory due to the age of the victims,” Strackbein said. “The age of the victims became important when calculating the mandatory minimum. And it’s not a defense that they consented due to their age.”

The charges that Spurling admitted Friday involved videotaped sex acts with boys as young as 6 and 10, Rotiroti explained to the court as he read the allegations. Many of the parents of the children molested by the pair were friendly with Brisson and Spurling who offered free baby-sitting in their Washington Street apartment.

Like Brisson, the conditions of Spurling’s special parole will include lifetime registration on the state’s Sex Offender Registry and tight monitoring including stipulations on where he can live and work and random searches, Strackbein said.
With long prison sentences, we're hopeful that they will never walk free in society again.