She's a Tease

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When Anthony W. Corish posted on GirlChat, he would talk about how his "LGFriend" (Little-Girl-Friend) would "tease" him:

"I think you're right about her being a tease... mine likes to tease too. I think they all do at that age, but sometimes I wonder if they realize how much it affects us, and how! hehe, but it sounds like you had a good time, overall Thanks again for sharing!"

Now, is anyone really surprised to hear that the same Anthony Corish (who used to post under the screen name "Inygmuh" on GirlChat) was recently arrested?

"Corish faces 920 counts each of possession of child pornography and criminal use of a communication facility and 14 counts of dissemination of child pornography, police said.

Police said he faces additional charges in Highspire, where he is accused of repeatedly molesting a young girl over a period of three years. He was free on unsecured bail on that set of charges.

Corish is now in the Cumberland County Prison on $300,000 bail.

"One of the considerations of bail is the protection of society and obviously that amount of bail will keep him behind bars where he can't do anymore harm," Freed said.

Investigators said they do not suspect the images were homemade, although Freed said that doesn't make the charges any less serious.

"The victims are the children who are exploited and exploited and exploited again by anybody who views these images," Freed said."
But what do GirlChat "child lovers" care about kids who are sexually exploited?
- When they're the perpetrators.

And what's to bet that the girl that he's been accused of repeatedly molesting over a period of three years was the same "LGFriend" he boasted about on GirlChat.
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