"No one can touch me"

Friday, January 15, 2010

"No one can touch me", Paul Shanley, a founding member of Nambla (North American Man/Boy Love Association) once said.

But today this fallen priest lost his appeal to the Massachusetts Supreme Court. I imagine his good friend Paul Shannon, Richard Pillard and the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign will go into deep mourning and further lashing out at victims of child sexual abuse.

Regardless of the fact that there were documented accusations of abuse against Shanley in his file going back to 1967, and another documented complaint from as early as 1961 - and the Catholic Church subsequent cover-up at the hands of Bernard Law - the same Cardinal Bernard Law who first referred to the attempt to stop baby-raping pedophile priests as
"This is the closest thing I've seen to a lynch mob since my days in Mississippi."
Of course that was before it was revealed that Law had covered up for those same baby-raping pedophile priests for years and years. And years. Paul Shannon and RSOL/Nambla associates still refer to it as a witch hunt. In denial of things like this:
"The documents released by court order revealed both the horrifying details of abuse and the church's cavalier response to victims and others concerned about the ongoing abuse. The revelations were dramatically at odds with years of protestations by church leaders, including Law, blaming the media for exaggerating the scandal's extent."
Shanley's defense was that the victim should not be believed because of the "junk science'' of "repressed memory".

The prosecution maintained that "the emotional trauma [the victim] suffered created a 'disassociative amnesia,' which is recognized by the mental health profession as a legitimate psychiatric disorder."

Paul Shanley's own 'expert' witness whose purpose was to prove that Shanley's victim could not have repressed a memory of abuse and later remembered it (Abuse that occured over a 7 year period) also admitted during testimony:
"Oh yeah, people can forget traumatic experiences that happened to them, and they can later remember them."

"And if something happens to you over and over again, you remember it even better."
Especially interesting to me that Shanley would have the nerve to appeal his sentence when you consider the notes of his own psychiatrist in which Shanley admitted to molesting children.....TEN years before he ever made it into a courtroom. Raped and molested children that Paul Shannon of the RSOL refers to as "LIARS".

Paul Shanley was just one of the reasons for the existence of the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign as we've discussed before. But let us keep a few comments in mind as the discussion of Paul Shanley, Paul Shannon, Nambla, RSOL and other pedophile supporters continue:

Dr. Richard Pillard: Organizer - Reform Sex Offender Law Campaign and Nambla said at the founding meeting of Nambla
"Men and boys who love each other are engaging in a social experiment."
Paul Shanley: Defrocked priest and convicted child molester:
"People shouldn't put such hope in a mere man, any man. It's almost sacrilegious. If they knew the madness in me, festering below the surface, they would join the ranks of my accusers."
Paul Shannon - Organizer - Reform Sex Offender Law Campaign
"All I know is that Paul Shanley did not rape these four boys"
I'm guessing that Shanley forgot to tell his good friend about his confessions.....and the TWENTY SIX known victims.

Paul Shanley:
"We have our convictions upside down if we are truly concerned with boys...the 'cure' does far more damage."
Dr. Richard Pillard and Tom Reeves - Nambla Steering Committee member, were both original founding members of Nambla along with Father Paul Shanley. Years later when Shanley was under investigation for multiple child rapes, the RSOL was formed by Dr. Richard Pillard and Tom Reeves. Along with other Nambla members like Bill Andriette. Recently when sex offender activists have questioned the RSOL about their affiliation with Nambla "Alex Marbury" stated that they should not let "Petty Differences" interfere with their attempt to abolish sex offender laws. In other words - their drive to make the world a safer place for predators.

The good news is however, that today the world is a safer place from THAT child predator: Paul Shanley. May he serve every second of his sentence and die of old age in prison.
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