Judge Embraces Low Bail:

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

And in the case of a child rape, that remains true to form.
The facts present themselves, from Massachusetts:

PLYMOUTH - A man arraigned yesterday on charges that he sexually assaulted a 3-year-old girl in Kingston on Friday had been charged this summer with raping another child but was free on bail.

Joseph H. Gardner, 26, of Kingston, pleaded not guilty yesterday in Plymouth District Court to a charge that he raped the daughter of a woman he was dating.

In the earlier alleged rape, the self-described construction worker was freed on $10,000 cash bail - far less than Plymouth prosecutors sought - on Sept. 15. He had been charged with breaking into the Kingston house of a distant relative and raping a 6-year-old girl.

I can only hope that both Judges -- first, Plymouth District Court Judge Thomas F. Brownell -- who set the original bail at $10,000 instead of the $200,000 prosecutors originally sought -- and then Superior Court Judge Joseph M. Walker III, who kept bail at $10,000 (where prosecutors again requested high bail - $150,000) might find their families hamstrung by another court's judges in a similar fashion where allegations were made of their very own children or relatives.


As we all know.

When your children are anally attacked, vaginally attacked, it really doesn't mean much.

After all, they're just statistics. Right?

These statistics, however, only mean something when The Privileged Classes are targeted.

Otherwise: another day (ho-hum).

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