The NAMBLA Connection

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two months ago it was uncovered that Tom Reeves, a man which had been pivotal in the formation of NAMBLA, was also the founder and wire-puller behind the ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org campaign.

For years we've discussed the ties between the RSOL and NAMBLA; from the involvement of NAMBLA members in the creation of the ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org campaign to NAMBLAs appearance at the supposedly 'secret Coalinga rally' organized by the RSOL (which was never publicly announced anywhere).

Even now when the connection is undeniable, the RSOL still can't muster the integrity to be honest and publicly admit their organization was operated by the original pedophile activist himself.

...This is completely unacceptable to us here at Absolute Zero United, so the RSOL leaves us no option except to 'educate their ignorance:'

Watch in full-screen for optimal clarity:

Fun fact: Did you know that Tom Reeves AKA Alex Marbury was the person who came up with the name 'North American Man/Boy Love Association' (NAMBLA)?

David Thorstad:

About thirty of us met and formed a group we called (initially) Man/Boy Lovers of North America. A few days later, Tom called me to say he thought a better name would be North American Man/Boy Love Association, mainly because it would result in a pronounceable acronym: NAMBLA.