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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Andrew Spedden, Lancaster, PA
April 21, 2007

Arrested in 2003 and convicted in 2005 of "having one of the largest child pornography collections in county history will remain in prison for at least another three months"

Having served only 5 months of his sentence before being released on parole Andy had to attend sex offender counseling. And yet a little over a year later he's back before the court. The judge told him "You represent a very high risk of re-offending"

While in therapy Andy admitted having sex with at least 10 children between the ages of 2 and 15 while on parole, although the crimes went unreported to police. He also told a counselor that he approached children for sex at Lancaster Counter Library and that he viewed pornography on library computers. His therapist also learned that Andy used a computer at the First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster to view pornography and solicit sex using Internet chat rooms. I wonder if he told them he was a member of SOSEN?

Andy said:
Shirley, Thank you for your sharp-edged words; they need to be heard!
I'd like to clarify "paedophilia."
There were a few people who thought it best to designate me as a paedophile and/or a hebophile. However, from a licensed psychologist, who performed an independent psychological evaluation of me, and from the first RSO therapist I worked with, the diagnosis was neither paedophilia nor hebophilia. Given the fact that I was going to adult-stores and using adult-pornography as much as I was using underage-pornography, my problem was sex/love addiction, which is what I'm recovering from.
Shirley Lowery says
"Child porn is a puzzler, Sending people to prison for something they see in their own home seems un-American"
"I don't have a huge issue with child porn unless it is linked to another crime. Most of that stuff is 30 years old or older and kids who were victimized are no longer kids"
"Pedophiles love children and enjoy being around them. The majority of pedophiles never act on their fantasies so they are never exposed"
"We must watch over our children and teach them that a penis is a part of a man s anatomy and the sight of one is not an earth-shattering event"
"Kids do not always tell the truth. They are not the rulers of our nation. Adults must live in this world too. It is time that our kids are taught to co-exist with adults although many find the idea sickening"
"Can I say that I am owner and chairman of SOSEN, a support group that deals with former members all across the US and that new legislation has been introduced which interfers with our program where we have a zero recidivism rate?"
What can you possibly say to this? The woman is clearly deranged, but are all her friends and family also? Why do they not insist she gets the help she so desperately needs? I think that's a question that needs answering. When Shirley Lowery takes up the cause of one of the worst pedophile activists on the internet today why are they following her instructions and posting Dylan's No More Victims Act 2007 all over the place? Are they that distorted?

Personally I'm sick to death of reading this bitch. My jaw has dropped so many times it's now sitting on the floor and I'm in fear of a permanent disconnection from my face. If I ran across too many people like her I believe I'd start advocating for a return to lobotomies and massive shock therapy. Although in this case I doubt it could help her.

I'm going to leave you with some Shirleyisms. Have a barf bag ready.....or a straight jacket on standby just in case you run across her. I'm sure there's probably a reward for this animal somewhere.
You are the only attorney I have. I hope you will teach us how to put this nation in a choke hold.
I don't care how many of these things we must file across the nation of we can afford to do it. We can't afford to fight them but we could cause so much disruption and delay and maybe these issues would get tabled for now. How do we tie up the whole ball of wax?
Just for an example let's look at residency restrictions. Many of the area that have passed them only because nobody has challenged them. Many of these small towns don't have the money to fight to keep them. We don't have $ either but I do beleive that we could file pro se and pay only filing fees that that would cause a panic in poorer areas.

I don't know if 10 people could file 1 small claims suite with each of those individuals asking for the max allowed in that particular court or if everyone would
have to spend the $50 to ask for the maximum of $5000.

During the 60 days or so, between the time it is filed and the time of the hearing,some really creative thinking may be taking place. A loss for you means $50. A loss for them could cost $5000 for each person filing. In either case you have cost them time, money and worry
ask that it be turned into a class action and delay the hell out of it for a very long time? We can't afford to fight court battles but maybe we can afford to get states tied up in legal red tape

So many teen disappearances are internet related and the responsibility lies with parents
The way to get pedophiles out of chatrooms is to remove teens who are searching the net for sex
We have underage kids surfing the net for sex. Why aren't we seeing how many of them we can catch and jerk out of these chat rooms? Picking up some trash along the highway might teach them something about personal responsibility
The problem starts with whom we label as a sex offender. A single, non-violent incident can be a mistake, a misjudgment or a set of circumstances. There is no pattern of behavior and no life is forever altered. It would be wise to save that label for a second offense
If the public wants solutions the very best tool available is the sex offender. Who can better provide answers? It takes very little time to determine that a sex offense is a symptom and it is the symptom that gets punished.
A fifty-cent plastic whistle around a kid's neck would work wonders. Teaching them that 3 short blasts is a distress call could save lives. Getting kids off the Internet and providing all kids with a whistle are simple things that any parent can do. I guarantee that it would do far more toward prevention than anything that the government has provided us with. There are many commonsense solutions. Getting society to listen is a whole different story
Jessica (Lunsford) was not tortured and her death comes across more as an assisted suicide than a murder. It looks as if she stepped into the bags of her own accord, squatted down and waited for death.

Those Pesky Armies!

Dylan Thomas, webmaster of BoyChat, calls Shirley Lowery
"the feisty woman who has been writing so vehemently about the excesses of sex offender legislation? She's gotten some cheers on our board; she's someone we can call an ally, isn't she?"
But what Dylan and the blame gamers don't seem to understand is that there's a difference between feisty and psychotic. But that's another story.

Today we're going to talk about how to get the most from free email services, acts of civil disobedience, building armies and disguising yourself for 20 bucks or less.

First we have Shirley who told her SOSEN people
"We know that the liklihood [sic] of an SO being tracked down and murdered is very small"
and encourages them to think "outside the box....think unpredictable" for ways to get what they want. And sure enough they do. rainbows4evr2002 comes up with a plan to make it seem as though they are concerned for the safety of the sex offenders family.....
"I think a twist on this would be horrendous to deal with, but is different from the normal paranoid idiots thought. And it would be a place to start"
Ah, those good ol' brainstorming sessions. You just never know what will pop up next. Why just take a look at this one:
shirleyceo wrote: To: nationalsosen@yahoogroups.com
From: "shirleyceo"
Sun, 31 Dec 2006 23:26:04 -0000
Subject: [nationalsosen] Re: ...........................We are going to build an army........................

Please work with me, people. I need every member to have a minimum of 5 email identities. When those are established come back and join with all of them. Keep using your regular identity for posting and set the remaining 4, 40 or 400 on no e-mail. On the sign-in page just put the word "duplicate" so we will know. We don't have a lot of clout so we will build some. We can build as much as we want and we will use it to win battles. 2007 is going to be a different kind of year.

This is the first step in a bigger plan where each of us will have many voices. Public forums are not the place to lay out the details of a game plan. We have learned from professionals that there are benefits to padding a registry. It inflates a problem to gigantic proportions. Why not inflate the opposition to useless laws?


Next on the email campaign we have none other than Jan Kruska. How can she possibly top that you might wonder
If you're State (like Arizona or New Jersey) is trying to pass legislation where you need to register all of your present and future online identifiers THAT YOU may USE (OR NOT :-), bring them BOX FULLS and or E-MAIL THEM DAILY with several new ones. iF E-MAILING THEM BE SURE TO DO SO IN PDF FORMAT SO THAT THE INFO CANNOT BE COPIED AND PASTED. THIS WILL FORCE AUTHORITIES TO HAND ENTER EACH ENTRY. Make up as many as you can, it doesn't matter whether you will ever use them or not, The point is inundate the heck out of them so that they realize the ridiculousness, futility, and colossal waste of resources of such ill thought out legislation.
That's how. Even Jan herself admits that there are some pretty dangerous people out there. Even Jan herself admits that children need to be protected from them. But in Jan's twisted, selfish little bimbohead those children don't matter. They aren't as important as Jan's wishes. She advocates wasting taxpayer dollars, overburdening the system and outright preventing it from being effective against anyone, even those that she herself admits are dangerous. It makes me wonder just what it is she's up to besides being an anti-child activist.

Last year she created a MySpace account listing her age as 16. No one can do that for you. No, you have to confirm the account FROM the email you registered. Perhaps like her best friend 45 year old Rhonda Lee. She's made her a MySpace too. Only Rhonda claims to be a 16 year old male. See?
Before you ask, that's not just any Rhonda Lee, that's Rhonda4Hope, RhondaLee60, Rhonda6513, the Rhonda Lee sex offender activist, SOSEN Legal Director and Moderator of SOSEN Arizona.

And what have we here? So far it seems they've built an army where there was none, they've created havoc, undermined the system, and ripped off taxpayers. What more could there possibly be? How far would someone go? I'm especially curious considering that MySpace thing. From Jan Kruska's website
One of Big Brothers growing technology is facial recognition.

Readers are urged to do more research on this growing evasive [sic] system of technology and it's uses. Basically a camera, like the one that takes your photograph at the motor vehicle department (usually provided by Viisage) when you get your driver's license or security cameras placed at various locations. The photo is then run through a software program that takes very precise measurements of your facial features, down to micrometers.

There is a very simple, easy to use and cost effective way to combat and confuse this system. Check out theatrical liquid latex. Available online and of course, on ebay.com . Applying a small amount to your nose forehead and chin for example should do the trick. Blends well and comes off easily. It is even available in different colors such as black if you really want to get serious about changing your image. >>>Average cost is between $5-$20 USD
And just in time for Halloween too!
"I am on the registry and have been for almost 15 years and I have never missed a Halloween yet. I do it for my kids so that they can maintain some sort of normalcy in this crazy world and I will continue to do so, being civilly disobedient whenever possible"
Meet Latex Jan AKA Nigel Kruska

Graphics Courtesy Jacey

December 1st, Columbus, Ohio - Rally Against Child Abusers!

Monday, October 29, 2007

UPDATE 12/15/07:

As Lilo mentioned here, Pro-Sex Offender Activists are planning to rally in Columbus Ohio, in an attempt to attack a bill being proposed to further protect children from sexual abuse.

Pro-Sex Offender Organizations planning to attend the rally include:

SO Clear - Headed up by Tom Madison
SOSEN - Headed up by Shirley Lowery
Roar4Freedom - Headed up by Betty Price

The membership of these groups consists of cognitively distorted individuals and Sexual Offenders in denial, pushing for change in legislation so that Child Molesters can choose their own punishments and children are made responsible for being abused. These organizations are openly supported and considered by pedophiles to be a "more socially acceptable" front for their pro-pedophilia agenda:

Dylan Thomas (BoyChat Webmaster)

What about SO-Clear, the civil-rights organization pushing for saner sex offender laws? They're the group responsible for the Miami protest next month. This certainly seems like an effort we can get behind, right?

What about Shirley Lowery, the feisty woman who has been writing so vehemently about the excesses of sex offender legislation? She's gotten some cheers on our board; she's someone we can call an ally, isn't she?

Is Tom Madison someone we as boylovers (many of us also registered sex offenders) can look to for leadership in fighting an immensely unjust situation?

I wrote Tom explaining to him that I was the webmaster of BoyChat, and since we have many registered sex offenders and interested supporters among our posters, we could possibly spread the word about his protest. We're a communication board, after all.

Now, moving on to the question of Shirley Lowery. This woman has been writing things that have really made us feel good, hasn't she? It's very rare that you see a columnist in a news outlet speaking common sense about pedophiles and registered sex offenders.

Lowery herself links us to S.O.S.E.N., the Sex Offender Support and Education Network, which, in addition to supporting a complete restructuring of sex offender law to base it upon a restorative model, also supports such sex-offender-friendly reforms like mandatory life sentences for repeat offenders and civil commitments.

Shirley's even been helping promote Dylan Thomas' fake "No More Victims Act of 2007," mocking sexual abuse victims, and promoting pedophilia.

Speaks for itself doesn't it? With friends like Nigel Oldfield and Dylan Thomas, and repeat child sex offenders in their ranks, I wonder whose interests organizations like SO Clear and SOSEN really have at heart.

What you can do help:

Woman Against Sexual Predators (WASP) and several other Anti-Pedophile Organizations are taking the fight right back to SO Clear and SOSEN, they're Counter-Rallying in Ohio. You can find out more about them and how you can join them in Ohio to show your support here:

Women Against Sexual Predators
Contact info: waspohio@waspohio.org or http://waspohio.org

Fathers-4- Justice
Call 419-435-5166 or www.F4J.US

Bikers Against Child Abuse
Call 614-271-7478 or www.bacausa.com

Another thing you can do, is, as Tom would say "raise the level of awareness"

Show your support for children's rights, by placing the banner below on your blog/myspace/website:

Larger version (as pictured at the top of this post):

This December the 1st, Rally in Columbus Ohio Against Child Abusers!
(More to come)

"Defenseless Child Predators"

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yes that's according to
Michael Gregg

Michael has a lot to say about victims of sexual abuse. None of it very helpful. His 'blog' is nothing more than a gathering spot for his copy and paste news stories, and his short jabs at victims.

It seems that he has a lot of anger towards people who have been abused. It's easy to spot. No, you don't have to read all his copied news stories to catch it, he's very helpful that way. He always adds a couple of one liners - in RED - no less, so you'll know just exactly how he feels about the issue.

Let there be no mistake here. According to Michael, child predators are the true victims. Child Predators are defenseless creatures fallen prey to child sexual abuse survivors who are ignorant, uneducated and filled with rage at the entire world.

Never mind that Michael himself was molested as a child by his very own brother. Never mind that at one time he wanted to kill his brother because of it. No, Michael grew up to be a sex offender himself and now everything has changed. Well, about who he identifies with anyway.

"Everyone in this world is a pervert. Have you ever looked at a woman and lusted after her, or looked at a man and lusted after him? If so, you need to be on the sex offender registry, you pervert! Have you ever had sex before marriage? Pervert! have you ever checked out pornography? Pervert! have you ever watched pornography? Pervert! Everyone is a pervert, they just haven't been caught yet!


Yeah, I know, Michael, Jan Kruska, Shirley Lowery they all have that bad habit of screaming at us. Can't you just hear them now? How do you respond to someone who compares molesting children to adult activities? Answer is that there is no response. There's nothing you can say because they are so cognitively distorted that they can't grasp such a simple concept.

A concept as simple as not understanding how a 13 year old can be charged as an adult for a sexually violent crime when we don't allow 40 year old men to have sex with 13 year olds. It's way over his head. Take the case of this 19 year old woman who was attacked and sexually assaulted by a 13 year old. She said, "I don't think anyone will ever understand how much this has affected me personally, and will continue to affect me for the rest of my life"
"You are 19, he is 13, why couldn't you kick his butt? It will affect you the rest of your life, if you let it. Pick yourself up and become a survivor!!!

How in Gods name, if you are not considered an adult until you are 18, can a 13/14 year old be designated an adult and charged as an adult? Either you are an adult or you aren't. This has to stop!"
Michael doesn't understand the difference. But then most child molesters don't. Just as they all deny the very real, long lasting effects of being sexually violated......even if they were themselves violated as children.

"I am so sick of hearing "If it saves one child it's worth it!"

FU*k YOU!!!"

Yes, Michael Gregg believes that people who speak out against those who exploit children should be made to pay for their actions....while defending those who do the exploiting by claiming "it was one incident, why should they have to pay the rest of their lives!!!" I mean after all he did say
"I admitted everything I did was wrong and went through victim awareness and other issues. So don't put words into my mouth lady. I've been through hell and back.....

You are a hate filled, VICTIM, who wants to always be a victim and not become a survivor and do something good to help stop sexual abuse."

19 year old Alicia Kozakiewicz testified before a House committee about her experience. At the age of 13 she was befriended by an online predator who subsequently kidnapped her, kept her locked in a cage, tortured and raped her then shared the images of her torture online. Alicia stated "I cry inside. I mourn for that child that was me. The child that was stolen from me....is still chained in that room, still suffering"

Alicia is trying to make a difference. She doesn't want this to happen to another child. Can you imagine the bravery it took on her part to testify before Congress about what happened to her?? This is how Michael Gregg sees it.
"Why doesn't she stop seeing herself as a victim, pick her ass up, and move on?"
Ah yes, empathy and understanding just ooze from the Zman every time he opens his mouth. I seriously doubt I would rely on his judgment concerning what children need or don't need.
"Most of these vigilantes are rape or sexual abuse victims who have not dealt with their pain/issues and wish to use the backs of sex offenders as their "couch" for therapy."
I believe I'll stop there, you get the picture. Let's now compare Zman's attitude towards CSA survivors with the mockery bestowed upon them by the likes of

Shirley Lowery

"I was sexually abused as a child and am thankful there was nobody around to convince me I was a victim.

Everyday I work with citizens, former sex offenders and their loved ones.

The real crime here is how these highly intelligent, compassionate people are shunned and shut out of communities when they have so much to offer."

Jan Kruska

"While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life"

Betty Price

"I was molested as a child on two seperate occassions. But, I refuse to become a victim as you have. God gave me the heart and the insight to forgive. It is hard to do, but it is possible. Also, I was molested by two people, I was not molested by the 550,000 registered former sex offenders"

"I get so fucking tired of seeing these ugly-ass child abuse women shouting death and destruction to all pedophiles just because some pervert cockroach did you-know-what to them when they were little girls

The stupid bitches hate men for "raping" their childhood and then turning them into 800 lb fatsos, or filthy skanks slinging ass for white rocks.

They "help" victims of sexual abuse by deciding everything for them because the abuse made them unable to decide for themselves. Is it any wonder why abuse victims put a gun in their mouth - they're made to feel even shittier than they already do!

I send a clear message to these stupid assclowns: It ain't the awful memories or humiliation that fucked you up; it's pure lack of self-support. You ain't dead, you ain't a paraplegic, and you're still alive"

"there is ALOT more wrong with our nation than just child molesters. when ones life ends up shity(mostly due to neglect and poor decision making skills)its always easier to find a scapegoat than it is to take responsibility for your own fuckups. that has a lot to do with the popularity of the "victim mentality" nation we live in right now

women are jealous of younger females. period.
men are jealous of other men who have the balls to do what they want,and get
by with it. period

most CSA cases were not real abuse at all until some bored/lonely/jealous man or woman decided to stick their nose in where it didnt belong

The mind boggles

Graphics courtesy Jacey

Hope you don't mind...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

But I've started something new, and wanted to share it with all of you. Given the special topic... I thought you might be interested.

Perverted Primates, because some people are just subhuman.

Feds take over Jimbo's case!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

So according to this article, James Patrick Finn III is going to be formally charged by Federal Prosecutors!

Federal prosecutors have taken over a case involving a Lincoln Park man arrested for possessing hundreds of images of child pornography.

James Patrick Finn III, 42, is facing federal charges of possession of child pornography and receipt of child pornography. He faces the possibility of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Finn had been facing state child pornography charges after being arrested July 17 in his house in the 3300 block of Applewood. That matter, however, was dropped last month.

"In this particular case, we have dismissed our case so the feds can proceed with theirs," said Maria Miller, spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

We have to remember that it was by the actions of members of Perverted Justice that JimF3 (James Patrick Finn III) was brought to the attention of the Detroit Police Department, and eventually caught by them in the act of downloading child porn!

Great work Perverted Justice!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And speaking of all those disgruntled sex offenders who want to be able to choose what happens to them when they molest children.....This is a common thing they all complain about: "oh the poor teenagers doing teenager things getting caught up in the middle of this"

Well, I took a hint from the Zman, you know Michael Gregg, convicted child molester. He decided he was going to FIND some of those 5 year olds they are always claiming are on sex offender registries so he downloaded the Georgia Sex Offender Registry. Did you know you could do that? Guess what? There were no 5 year olds. So I thought I'd just find out for myself what the ages actually are. It's quite interesting, let's take a look.

Georgia has 14,407 registered sex offenders

  • 80 years old and up = 61 offenders
  • 70-79 = 255 offenders
  • 60-69 = 818 offenders
  • 50-59 = 2119 offenders
  • 40-49 = 4054 offenders
  • 30-39 = 3846
  • 20-29 = 3184
  • 14-19 = 70

Of the 14-19 year olds:
  • 3 were 14
  • 1 was 15
  • 1 was 16
  • 11 were 17
  • 14 were 18
  • 40 were 19

For a grand total of 70. Leaving another 14,337 that weren't teenagers. And 11,153 that were 30 years old or older.

On to the statutory rape statistics, which they claim the majority of sex crimes really are. Out of 14,407 registered sex offenders it appears that only 785 were convicted of statutory rape. Hardly the "staggering" numbers they claim. Well, take a look.

Oh, 'scuse me. That was 1.51% after all.

Senate Bill 10, and them RSO's

I first posted this at my place, and while I know it's been talked about here, I wanted to post it anyway- just to show my support, and hopefully convince more people to take interest in a very important form of activism:

The following is an invitation to a rally. The following links will take you to a website that is holding a counter rally, for those who support SB 10.
www.waspohio.org www.myspace.com/waspnest
The rally is being formed in order to counter a rally being held by sexual offenders in Ohio who are fighting against Ohio Bill 10, which will make significant changes to the SOR laws,

For a shortened list of the changes, please see this page - http://www.lbo.state.oh.us/fiscal/fiscalnotes/127ga/SB0010HR.htm

As mentioned this rally is being held to counter a rally by sexual offenders which is being planned to demonstrate against Senate Bill 10. And, as those who know me know- I personally believe that due to their crimes- they are entitled to lose a bit of their freedoms, in order to ensure that our families and friends aren't losing theirs. It is important that if you are able to attend, you plan on doing so. If you are not, please consider sharing this with your family, friends and co workers. It's time that those of us in the position to, take a stand for victims, and demand that our leaders not only follow through on this, but continue to make improvements in the future.

The "Silent No More" rally information included in the following email is being sent all over the US, and posted on many websites, in hopes that sexual offenders, and their families will rally against the Bill- making a strong enough impact to prevent these measures from going through. This would be the rally that we hope to counter with our own supporters of the Bill.

If you are not able to attend, but would like further information or would like to contact your representatives to show your support for this Bill, please feel free to contact me, and I'll answer any questions you might have.

SILENT NO MORE - OHIO In response to the passage of Senate Bill 10 in Ohio, Soclear Media Productions proudly presents an educational forum on December 1, 2007 at the Statehouse in Columbus, beginning at 11:00 a.m."
Guest Speakers:Tom Madison, CEO of SO Clear Media Productions, INC.

Linda Pherson, President of SOSEN Margie Slagle, Activist, Ohio Justice and Policy Center

Tamara Jackson, Counselor for Sex Offender Treatment Cheryl Griffiths, R.N., Chief Operations Officer of SOSEN

Everyone is welcome to attend For more information, please contact Jackie Sparling at jackie.sparling@gmail.com or phone 740-354-7919

My fellow American Citizens:

Over the past few years, Registered Sex Offenders (RSOs) have had more and more of their basic human rights and freedoms taken from them. It doesn't appear that this process will stop any time soon. Recently, Ohio passed Senate Bill 10. If you haven't yet received your notification from Attorney General Mark Dann's office indicating your "tier" level, it's on its way. If you are at present classified as a low-level sex offender in Ohio, your new level under Senate Bill 10 could put you at a higher risk level, up to and including "Predator" or Level 3. This bill is going to seriously and negatively affect many Registered Sex Offenders and their families. Some RSOs, including people with a year or less left on their sentences, will have their registration requirements extended by this bill. For others, lifetime registration will become a reality. On December 1, 2007, Soclear Media Productions will sponsor an educational forum at the Statehouse in Columbus, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Registered Sex Offenders and their families are urged to attend this peaceful assembly. We want to show our legislators that we strongly support the rehabilitation of RSOs, and their reintegration into society as law-abiding, contributing members. Plan to attend and spend the day with us, as we endeavor to educate the public by replacing myth and gossip with truth and fact. This is our opportunity to show legislators and the public-at-large that constitutional protections and laws must apply equally to everyone. Fair and just legislation will do far more to ensure the safety of our country's children than this overly broad and repressive law. For more information about the rally, please contact:
Jackie Sparling,
Chief Operations Officer
Email: jackie.sparling@gmail.com
Phone: 740-354-7919
If you are on Probation or Parole now, and will be on the date of this event, please speak with your PO and get WRITTEN permission, SIGNED by them, for you to attend. If they will not grant permission, PLEASE send someone in your place. We want to have a strong showing.

And, by all means feel free to contact those listed directly above, and explain your feelings on their rally against SB 10.


Now now little perv offenders, don't get all angry and start passing messages between each other using the sexual offender forums... I can't be blamed that you can't keep your nasty thoughts/hands/bodies to yourselves.

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Child Sexual Predator Sting A Success

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

From: http://www.wkyt.com/home/headlines/10716121.html

13 percent of children will be sexually solicited online.

It's a startling statistic, and local law enforcement agencies are working to rid our area of this problem.

Several Kentucky Law Enforcement agencies teamed up with the Watchdog Group Perverted Justice for a child sexual predators sting, and it was a major success.

From Thursday to Sunday of this week, a room at the Bowling Green Police Department was transformed into a command center.

Throughout the sting, a house in Warren County was monitored for child predators, who were lured in by an officer posing as a 13-year-old girl.

The message police are hoping to spread, is that no matter where you live, children are in danger of online predators.

Seven people were arrested in the sting.

Five were from Tennessee, one from Indiana, and another from Marshall County Kentucky.

Attorney General Greg Stumbo made the announcement this morning at a news conference in Bowling Green.

Law agencies, including the Warren County Sheriff's Office and the Warren County Commonwealth Attorney's office, teamed up with Perverted Justice for the sting.

The Nature of the Beast

Monday, October 22, 2007

When Dylan Thomas convinced the Blame Gamer Shirley Lowery to promote and spread his "No-More-Victims- *everyone's a Pedophile - so child sex abuse laws are stupid* - Act" she claimed
This is the solution that has been so evasive. Now we have it clutched tightly in our fists and the time of grasping for straws is in the past. We have captured the beast
We saw Jan Kruska and Michael Gregg take up the cause and start spreading it around.....sometimes in other people's names. But what about poor Johnny? Did anyone wonder what he might think?

Back in 1993 Johnny was a young husband, father, Sunday School teacher and youth director.

When he was charged with 15 counts of child sexual assault, he pleaded guilty to two of the lesser charges in exchange for the dismissal of 13 counts and 10 years in prison to be followed by 10 years probation and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Yes, Johnny got off easy considering what he had done.

Upon his release from prison Johnny returned to his native North Carolina and began the slow process of rebuilding his life. It wasn't easy. Having to pay for registration in 2 states was a sticking point. Child support payments cut into his cash flow. His computer based braille service job was slow to pay and eventually closed altogether. His home was burglarized and his sister was dying of AIDS. But Johnny tried to make the best of things.

He joined a church and started a prison ministry focusing on penpals for other boyrapers. He created alternate identities and became known as Nate, NCHomeBoy, JFlea86 and BillieJosDad. He opened a MySpace account, a Yahoo 360 and a LiveSpace which he quickly began to fill with images of pretty young boys. (Matt was his favorite by far -- "You're # 1, Matt!!!")

Johnny said he was diagnosed with pedophilia and wasn't quite sure how that really worked since he was involved with a woman at the time and is now involved with his niece's boyfriend (above 18 even!). Yet his "age of attraction" is 11-14 years old. Johnny said when he tried chemical castration it didn't work and declares physical castration to be pointless -- after all, one of his friends tried it and it didn't stop him. No, Johnny said, you'd have to also "cut off their hands and cut out their tongues"

But, "Johnny's a good person with no intention of reoffending", said his good friend Betty Price of ROAR4Freedom. In fact Johnny became an activist for sex offenders, going out into the land of blogs and forums and telling people how ignorant they were. Seems like he fit right in.

He became the moderator of the GayOffenders Yahoo group, A group that "promotes the restoration of civil rights to individuals who have been convicted or accused of a sex offense and since then have paid their debt to society". Johnny also became the moderator/director of the North Carolina AND Wisconsin branch of SOSEN Yahoo groups. Johnny was so good at what he did that he quickly moved up through the ranks topping out as Media Director for SOSEN and Public Relations Director at ROAR4Freedom.

Yes, things were really starting to look up for Johnny. He got a job as a cook at Ruby Tuesday's, he received a regular paycheck and only rarely did he have to wonder out from the kitchen where he may be tempted by young boys.

What happened next was just a devastating blow for sex offenders everywhere. Betty Price believes it was only because he wanted to go on Montel Williams and "they" knew he only had a few more months to go on parole before starting his probation. But, perhaps it was merely the Nature of the Beast?

Personally, I have no idea how all that child pornography got on Johnny Ray Lee's computer, but he's sitting in the Franklin County Jail right now and he sure would love a pen pal. Money, cards and letters are always welcomed.

Graphics Courtesy: Jacey

The Blame Gamers are Back

Friday, October 19, 2007

This time Tom and Jan are wapping it out together in their latest hit album - "Punish You," blaming society and practically everyone else on the planet for their actions.

01. Punish You
Tom Madison, President AND CEO of his D.I.Y-styled "Media Corporation," raps out threats next to ILGO, to punish anti-child abuse websites for blogging in opposition to Jan Kruska's Pro-Sex Offender advocacy.

02. The Logical Thing to Do
Jan Kruska tries to clarify the lies and distortions shes been spreading by telling us that she doesn't think the victims of sexual abuse should suffer in silence, but instead that the abuser shouldn't be punished at all.

03. Deeply Disturbed
Jan comes to the realization that she's deeply disturbed; While rapping about how her website is based upon facts, official studies, and pedo-logic.


True Colors

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tom Madison of SoClear wants to impress people with his professional demeanor. But I think we need to see the other side. The true colors of Tom. Do you wonder what he's really like? That he would address a Senator this way?

Or a blogger?

Important Parallel Organizations

We're all familiar with GirlChat poster and child pornographer Nigel Oldfield AKA Critest, Agony Uncle; A pedophile activist who refuses to accept that his viewing photos of kids being sexually exploited was harmful at all.

"I was found to have a seriously substantial number of indecent pornographic images, including the majority forms of pornography (i.e. bestiality, heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, cross-dressing, torture, masturbation, all ages of children and fantasy situations)."

Nigel is a pedophile in denial, who refuses to take responsibility for his actions and who in his distorted pedo-brain even refuses to acknowledge that child pornography is a child abuse.

It's not surprising that Tom Madisons SO-Clear Media Corporation, proudly flys twisted pervert, Nigel Oldfields Critical Estoppel banner , under the title "Other Important Parallel Organizations":

Just as we proved Shirley Lowery is supporting and spreading the plots, mockery and wickedness of Dylan Thomas of BoyChat, Jan Kruska supports GirlChat, and Tom Madison supports a child pornographer who is not sorry for his actions.

Nigel can never understand that kids don't want to be used and exploited for his sexual pleasure. Jan, Shirley and Tom can't understand people being outraged by their complete disregard for the victims of sexual abuse when they write articles like "Murdered Childrens Parents Profiled."

Nigel said
I will only obey laws that I feel are just

I think Nigel is just another sociopath wanting people to believe he isn't dangerous, involved with a bunch of people who want to try and convince everyone that child molesters aren't dangerous.

Flawless Reasoning ~ No More Victims Act 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Once upon a time, I*Love*Green*Olives, ILGO, in his typical melodramatic voice asked a question
Does anybody else know what's going on?
Well, that's what we're here for. You know....to set the record straight. To make sure that everybody else knows what's going on.

Let's start HERE

Back on August 2, 2006 the Webmaster of BoyChat revealed his plan. In response to Jessica's Law, Dylan Thomas believes that punishing baby rapers is an act of
"using children as bait in an effort to catch pedophiles"
I know it's hard to believe but I assure you that I'm not making this up. Dylan, like all pedophiles, believes that all men are sexually attracted to children, so he devised a plan to HELP pedophiles.
you should be focusing your efforts on the early detection of individuals who are likely to abuse children in the future, not merely avenging children who have already been abused. To this end, I would recommend you investigate a bill to implement the following:
Mandatory penile plethysmograph tests for all males upon reaching sexual maturity. Since all reasonable people are opposed to sex with children, the only people who would be oppsed to such a measure, as intrusive as it may be, would be those with something to hide: those people who know they have inappropriate desires and wish to conceal them.
Those are the very people we are trying to catch
Any male who is determined to be sexually stimulated by children then can immediately be removed from the population and segregated into rehabilitation camps
In this way, you will be eliminating the sex offenders before they can offend. A measure like that would be truly protecting children instead of just using them as bait.
That's pretty strange talk coming from a pedophile don't you think? Dylan would know that he would be one of the first to go, of course. But the pedophiles talk about it anyway:

French Toast tells Dylan to drop the sarcasm.

Daneel believes that it is a "jaw-droppingly brilliant idea!" He believes that a large percentage of the population is sexually attracted to children and once everyone saw that everyone would be effected by this.....well, we'd change our laws to make baby raping legal.
Dylan replies:

"I'm afraid you misunderstand. There's not a bit of sarcasm in that post"

"Sane California lawmakers should be able to see that my reasoning is flawless"

French Toast continues: "Studies of male attraction to children has already been done. (is it about 23% of college age males admitting attraction to underage?) However, the results are not well known, and but for a few California congressmen having private knowledge, they are not part of the legislative process.

Boychatters can write up storm here, but until such studies and data get into the legislative record formally, nothing will change for the better.

Dylan's logic is more flawless than most, but until what he writes is put into a form digestable and usable in a committee or perhaps the persion in change of analysis of ballot initiatives, it is a talent reaching only a fraction of its possible influence"

Moving along to May 23, 2007, once again Dylan Thomas, Webmaster of BoyChat wants to make a connection with the multiple groups out there who are fighting for the rights of the rapists. He says
The thing is, we are not alone. Besides the boylovers themselves, we've got the girllovers, the childlovers, the furry cublovers, the youth-rights activists (these aren't mutually exclusive categories), the civil-rights activists, parents of boylovers, ex-loved boys, enlightened hippies, not-so-enlightened hippies, box-of-rocks-stupid ex-hippies, pop stars and mentally suggestible in-love-with-a-boylover girls and gay guys who will wave a flag in the hopes of getting laid.
He talks of reaching out to Tom Madison of SoClear and Shirley Lowery of SOSEN
whatever support we give should be given eyes wide open. Knowing who we're dealing with and paying attention to how they're dealing with us. Riding along for the events and protests that we genuinely support, but making sure we know that it's a temporary ride and being prepared to jump off the bandwagon at the first wrong turn.
But Bill Evans believes there's an alternate answer
I believe it most likely will take the rebel yells and random gunfire to make the sheeple sit up and take notice... those left alive, that is...
Returning to Dylan for a moment
When someone is actually willing to work with us in exposing media dishonesty, legislative showboating, organizational strategies based more on job security than actual results, and finally and foremost, to the safety and well-being of children and the right of the child to his own voice, we'll know it
Yes, yes I believe he would. And yes I believe he found his someone/s

First up we have Shirley Lowery

She tells us
"Even if you don't understand the politics behind this please
put it in as many places as possible"
And of course she does. First up American Chronicle, like Dylan so helpfully pointed out will publish anyone that can put two words together. So here we have Shirley Lowery promoting Dylan's plan with a twist. Instead of rehabilitation camps, Shirley merely wants people put on registry lists after taking a plethysmograhic test.

Dylan said: Since all reasonable people are opposed to sex with children, the only people who would be oppsed to such a measure, as intrusive as it may be, would be those with something to hide


Dylan says: you should be focusing your efforts on the early detection of individuals who are likely to abuse children in the future, not merely avenging children who have already been abused

Shirley says: We have registration for after…. the fact. It continues to grow at an alarming rate…..after the fact. After the fact is not good enough. After the fact is too late. Prevention deals with before the fact and isn’t that what we want?

Of course let us not forget Jan Kruska, she posts this fake act also. Not only on her own website but on a blog she made hijacking the name of Petra Luna It's just another of her acts of civil disobedience. But, we'll come back to that another day. Instead I'd like to point out that Jan, directly under her posting of Dylan Thomas's plan for baby raping, has posted JD420's version of Dr. Hall's study on arousability. Well she doesn't call him Dr. Hall, she left off his last name, know why? She doesn't know what the study says, you think? She knows what that pedophile website SAYS it says. Does she honestly believe that a legitimate researcher would write something like this in his analysis?
The results of surveys like this smash any theories that pedophiles are but a small minority. Combine this with what we know about internet habits and other factors and you no longer have a minority, like the gay community, you have a huge silent majority. Surveys like this suggest that something like 8 or 9 out of ten men are sexually attracted to young girls as well as women. Shocking? Not really. Women have known that instinctively for years. Women would pay a fortune for the skin, sparkling eyes and body of a 10-year-old. This is not an effort to undermine women - shapely women will always be attractive to men. It is those with slim girl-like figures however, that receive many times more attention.
We first wrote about her belief in this here, and she quickly removed that one link to the pedo website. LOL She missed the other one however. Or the fact that what she's posted is not what is in the report.

I just have to ask myself. Did the pedofreaks dupe Jan? Or is Jan just trying to dupe everyone else. You know.....like she does Big Brother?

Interesting that she would choose their Silent Majority article to illustrate the importance of preventing child sexual abuse.

When you see the term No More Victims Act 2007, now you'll know where it came from. I firmly believe we should keep this sort of deception and manipulation in mind every single time one of them opens their mouths.

Exactly who are they representing, these Jan Kruska's and Shirley Lowery's? Is it YOUR children? Or are they taking care of the Dylan Thomas's and the Jan Kruska's and the Shirley Lowery's of the world? My bet is, it's not our kids. After all, according to them "While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life"

Kamikaze Jan

Monday, October 08, 2007

Jan Kruska says
"hate doesn’t solve anything, neither does revenge. Hate and vengeance is for the simple minded and it is a cop out. It is taking the easy way out. It is also the fast track to the inevitable next future disaster"
So what's so wrong about that statement? Jan only applies it to people who have sexually offended against others. That's what.
Jan believes:
"While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life"
"those on the sex offender registry have suffered great losses.......the right to live where you want and feel safe in your person and in your home"
"The scarlett [sic] letter is real and is about to be placed squarely on the foreheads of those responsible for this American travesty that is the sex offender registry"
Jan also believes that children don't report when they are abused for fear that their abuser will be removed from the home.

It reminded me so much of someone else. The wacked out mother who showed up on GirlChat recently explaining that her boyfriend got together with her because he was a pedophile and wanted her daughter. He had done it to another woman and her daughter before her. And now after molesting the 10 year old, Frianne is trying to figure out how to hold on to him when he gets out of jail. OMG They all seem to be the same! Look at this grandma, she's upset that her son is in jail. she admits that he did it but says "it was a psychological error on his part" She goes on to say that
"I know he is sorry and will never do it again....He should not have to pay so dearly, he did'nt kill ...and it was the result of the two girls(his) constantly sexually active since 11, and flaunting it in his face, when his wife did'nt like sex, he was in need"
She just fit right into that den at SOSEN didn't she? Even Shirley Lowery agrees as a matter of fact
"I grew up in an abusive home and I kept my mouth shut. Now that I am older and wiser I know without a doubt that I did the right thing then and would do the same again. Virtue has little meaning to a child who likes a roof over their head and food to put in their belly"
But then what can you expect, as she also said:

Poor Pathetic Ignorant Americans

John Walsh has single-handedly destroyed more US children than any other individual in history

Americans can be incredibly stupid.

The Miami police department has set the stage. No action was required but their reaction equaled that of a national crisis. The public has a right to know

John Walsh is not the only person to lose a child under tragic circumstances. He has been in a rage for a quarter of a century. Now we are being asked to pick up an astronomical tab to immortalize his son. I wouldn't give a dime. I learned what manure is a long time ago so I walk around it rather than stepping in it.

Each of us has the capability of being an abuser and many thousands of you are active abusers. How dare you sit back and point your finger and judge yourself as being a better person. You aren’t.

Home of the brave? No, a nation of whimps whose answer to everything is placing the blame elsewhere.

All that talk about blaming and finger pointing led me back a ways. I thought about Jan's religious intolerance. And I thought about her dishonesty and her belief that parents of murdered children are the ones who should be blamed rather than the person who commits the act.
"The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles....."

Sex offenders aren’t born sex offenders. They are created. They are a bi-product of society and the sooner we ALL start taking responsibility the better chance we all have of protecting our kids and having, NO MORE VICTIMS
I believe that these people, the Shirley Lowery’s and Jan Kruska’s and Tom Madison’s don’t know what responsibility is. Tom as CEO of SoClear believes that randomly attacking uninvolved people and knowingly libeling them, accusing them of things which they did not do, is appropriate behavior. He even goes so far as to demean the serious topic of child sexual abuse by calling Jan’s actions a mere game of "sticks ‘n stones”.

The mainstream perception that these people are indifferent and insensitive to the very real abuse that children have suffered is born out by their own actions, and I believe there could hardly be a more blatant example of their remarkable unwillingness to take responsibility for their own conduct. We have dubbed this ‘blame gaming’ but a more proper term would be sociopathic.

And yet, we aren't the only ones bickering with these guys. We aren't the only ones who think these people are wack jobs. Take the case of Erika

p3rl_script wrote to David Coffman, owner of SOSEN about her concerns regarding CEO Shirley Lowery.

"I have decided to withdraw my membership from SOSEN as a result of Shirley's destructive messages and psychotic leadership skills.

She is hurting people and she will drag you and others down with her if allowed to continue, she is severely unstable mentally and has no understanding just how damaging her behavior is when she is allowed to continue inciting nonsense with no consequences for her asinine actions."

And to Shirley herself she says:

"Your one step away from having the FBI on your tail, with the type of content your allowing to be posted and the type of things you write about.

I cannot and will not be associated with the "Illegal" and "unlawful" type of activity your advocating for by encouraging and promoting it on your Yahoo Group SOSEN.

It is extremely stupid and you are placing any one in connection with you and SOSEN in danger of being arrested for whatever the government can get you for in regards to inciting people and encouraging illegal activity in violation of both state and federal laws.

The kind of behavior you are promoting and allowing to occur is EXTREMELY dangerous and self-defeating and I shall take NO part in it.

You have no idea (seemingly) of the harm and damage your doing to the very people you think you are helping! Your like a predator who preys on peoples fears causing them to react.


Erika promptly formed the Families in Social Crisis Legal Defense group.

But she also formed a yahoo group called jessicamarielunsfordfoundation

Using this name she wrote propaganda

and wild rants to newspaper articles

She told us about her past

And linked us to her MySpace

And her profession

And her hobbies

Her needs

All of us here at AZ and in the entire Anti community each have our own reasons for being here. Some of us were sexually abused as children or know someone who was. Some of us came to this due to attacks by online pedophile terrorists. But the common thread that binds us is the obligation we feel.

When someone like a Margie Slagle, an Ohio Attorney and board member of SoClear, mocks child sexual abuse via harassing emails, or when a Jan Kruska mocks a child sexual abuse survivor, some of us just shake our heads in disbelief as we watch her downward spiral. Others say "this will never do"

Meet Kamikaze Jan

HT Jacey

Outed pedophile leaves Mt. SAC

Wednesday, October 03, 2007



Outed pedophile leaves Mt. SAC
Student hosted talks on `child sexuality'

"WALNUT - A student abruptly left Mt. San Antonio College recently after details of his self-professed pedophilia surfaced, officials said Friday.

Damien Cole, 29, of Pomona was a longtime student and briefly worked on the college's student newspaper, the Mountaineer, officials said.

Cole's identity was originally revealed in 2006 by Perverted Justice, an organization devoted to tracking and busting Internet predators. He reportedly had been using the online moniker "Rookiee" on various pedophilia-oriented Web sites and forums.

Cole did not return three phone calls.

"He is one of the most dangerous pedophiles we've run across and profiled, as we caught him actively `grooming' a young boy and his family in Southern California as a target for molestation," Xavier Von Erck, director of operations for the Perverted Justice Foundation, wrote in an e-mail.

On Perverted Justice's Web page devoted to Cole, he's described as a member of Boychat, an organization and message board for pedophiles sexually attracted to little boys.

Gabriel Mendoza, editor in chief of the Mountaineer, said Cole's identity was made known at the newspaper after boasting about his Internet prowess led another student to google his name. Mendoza and Victor Gastellanose reported the story in Tuesday's Mountaineer.

Cole was the host of the now-defunct podcast "Pedologues," described on its home page as "a podcast which offers a glimpse into the controversial and often taboo subject of child sexuality, the laws and social norms that surround it, and how it affects the lives of those in the adult world throughout society."

Mendoza said the episodes would "talk about a lot of social and political issues that would affect pedophiles."

Through his podcasts, Cole has been associated with various members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA, the Mountaineer reported.

Mendoza said Cole in a podcast connected to the Web site interviewed a woman who said she was a victim of molestation and thought it beneficial to expose her own young daughter to a pedophile.

College officials said Cole voluntarily withdrew from all his classes Sept. 14.

Marketing and Communications Director Clarence Brown said Cole was in good standing grade-wise and was in compliance with the junior college's behavior codes.

Brown said he doesn't believe Cole was "actively promoting" his views in classroom settings.

Local authorities said Cole is not under criminal investigation and is not listed on the Megan's Law Web site as a convicted sex offender.

Perverted Justice's Von Erck said Cole was investigated over a relationship with a 13-year-old Southern California boy that was featured in some of his podcasts, but no charges were filed.

"As far as Damien goes, it's true they did find out this history, but he has a right to attend Mt. SAC," said Toni Albertson, professor of journalism and adviser to the Mountaineer. "His views don't interfere with his being a student."

Students on campus Friday afternoon expressed surprise about Cole.

"There's a daycare here," said Denise Pineda, a West Covina nursing student who had her 10-month-old with her. "I wouldn't want to put her in a daycare here if I knew that."

Chris Suh, 21, of Hacienda Heights said Cole's presence hit close to home.

"I know there are people out there like that," he said. "But being this close to it is kind of surreal."

Isn't it great, every now and then to go back and you know? just listen to the old pedologues?