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Monday, October 01, 2007

Cross-Posted from my blog:

Apparently I have drawn the ire of some low life with a novice, at best, skill in photoshop. It would seem that someone at Absolute Zero has outed a pedophile monster who is less than pleased and is retaliating by attacking anyone who is associated with Absolute Zero. It is an attempt to intimidate us all out of existence on the web.

Well, fat chance. I won't be intimidated. I'm fairly confident I know the person behind it, but I am not foolish enough to bandy names around. Particularly when it may jeopardize the Law Enforcement investigation. Although, the fact they sent this picture to someone by email a week before it hit the web always helps, too. Moron.

Oh, and by the way, that picture on the bottom right of the sidebar, the guy with the big glasses is not me. It's some other guy named Chris Brocious who graduated a thousand miles and ten years away from me. The idiot who made this picture found it by doing a name search on me through Google. The rest were stolen from my own website.

Personally, I do so think that the picture of me in the Cowboy hat is much more flattering than the bald one... it really should have been the center piece. I'm disappointed. I mean, when someone goes this far you would think they would go for quality, but what can you expect from the mentally unbalanced.

The website is here. So far this ridiculous thing is the only item on the site. (I removed the link - I am not going to drive any traffic to that site.)

Ah well, enough time wasted on this foolishness. Although, It does make me smile and feel flattered that AZ has touched a nerve so deep on some sick pig that they would go this far to attempt to harass and intimidate people. Must be doin' something right!

I guess it's someone's nightmare come true (that's an inside joke, isn't it you witless moron?).

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