Those Pesky Armies!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dylan Thomas, webmaster of BoyChat, calls Shirley Lowery
"the feisty woman who has been writing so vehemently about the excesses of sex offender legislation? She's gotten some cheers on our board; she's someone we can call an ally, isn't she?"
But what Dylan and the blame gamers don't seem to understand is that there's a difference between feisty and psychotic. But that's another story.

Today we're going to talk about how to get the most from free email services, acts of civil disobedience, building armies and disguising yourself for 20 bucks or less.

First we have Shirley who told her SOSEN people
"We know that the liklihood [sic] of an SO being tracked down and murdered is very small"
and encourages them to think "outside the box....think unpredictable" for ways to get what they want. And sure enough they do. rainbows4evr2002 comes up with a plan to make it seem as though they are concerned for the safety of the sex offenders family.....
"I think a twist on this would be horrendous to deal with, but is different from the normal paranoid idiots thought. And it would be a place to start"
Ah, those good ol' brainstorming sessions. You just never know what will pop up next. Why just take a look at this one:
shirleyceo wrote: To:
From: "shirleyceo"
Sun, 31 Dec 2006 23:26:04 -0000
Subject: [nationalsosen] Re: ...........................We are going to build an army........................

Please work with me, people. I need every member to have a minimum of 5 email identities. When those are established come back and join with all of them. Keep using your regular identity for posting and set the remaining 4, 40 or 400 on no e-mail. On the sign-in page just put the word "duplicate" so we will know. We don't have a lot of clout so we will build some. We can build as much as we want and we will use it to win battles. 2007 is going to be a different kind of year.

This is the first step in a bigger plan where each of us will have many voices. Public forums are not the place to lay out the details of a game plan. We have learned from professionals that there are benefits to padding a registry. It inflates a problem to gigantic proportions. Why not inflate the opposition to useless laws?


Next on the email campaign we have none other than Jan Kruska. How can she possibly top that you might wonder
If you're State (like Arizona or New Jersey) is trying to pass legislation where you need to register all of your present and future online identifiers THAT YOU may USE (OR NOT :-), bring them BOX FULLS and or E-MAIL THEM DAILY with several new ones. iF E-MAILING THEM BE SURE TO DO SO IN PDF FORMAT SO THAT THE INFO CANNOT BE COPIED AND PASTED. THIS WILL FORCE AUTHORITIES TO HAND ENTER EACH ENTRY. Make up as many as you can, it doesn't matter whether you will ever use them or not, The point is inundate the heck out of them so that they realize the ridiculousness, futility, and colossal waste of resources of such ill thought out legislation.
That's how. Even Jan herself admits that there are some pretty dangerous people out there. Even Jan herself admits that children need to be protected from them. But in Jan's twisted, selfish little bimbohead those children don't matter. They aren't as important as Jan's wishes. She advocates wasting taxpayer dollars, overburdening the system and outright preventing it from being effective against anyone, even those that she herself admits are dangerous. It makes me wonder just what it is she's up to besides being an anti-child activist.

Last year she created a MySpace account listing her age as 16. No one can do that for you. No, you have to confirm the account FROM the email you registered. Perhaps like her best friend 45 year old Rhonda Lee. She's made her a MySpace too. Only Rhonda claims to be a 16 year old male. See?
Before you ask, that's not just any Rhonda Lee, that's Rhonda4Hope, RhondaLee60, Rhonda6513, the Rhonda Lee sex offender activist, SOSEN Legal Director and Moderator of SOSEN Arizona.

And what have we here? So far it seems they've built an army where there was none, they've created havoc, undermined the system, and ripped off taxpayers. What more could there possibly be? How far would someone go? I'm especially curious considering that MySpace thing. From Jan Kruska's website
One of Big Brothers growing technology is facial recognition.

Readers are urged to do more research on this growing evasive [sic] system of technology and it's uses. Basically a camera, like the one that takes your photograph at the motor vehicle department (usually provided by Viisage) when you get your driver's license or security cameras placed at various locations. The photo is then run through a software program that takes very precise measurements of your facial features, down to micrometers.

There is a very simple, easy to use and cost effective way to combat and confuse this system. Check out theatrical liquid latex. Available online and of course, on . Applying a small amount to your nose forehead and chin for example should do the trick. Blends well and comes off easily. It is even available in different colors such as black if you really want to get serious about changing your image. >>>Average cost is between $5-$20 USD
And just in time for Halloween too!
"I am on the registry and have been for almost 15 years and I have never missed a Halloween yet. I do it for my kids so that they can maintain some sort of normalcy in this crazy world and I will continue to do so, being civilly disobedient whenever possible"
Meet Latex Jan AKA Nigel Kruska

Graphics Courtesy Jacey
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