And the Witch Hunt Continues.....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Curtis of BoyChat fame says

"what the witchhunt seeks to prevent is consensual sex and erotic love between a boy and a man"

And Jan Kruska says

"States across the country are now lifting the "staute [sic] of limitations" on sex crimes. I think it is safe to say they [sic] most of us can now start shitting our pants"

I thought that was a pretty interesting statement. She said it in her article titled ...AND THE WITCH HUNT CONTINUES And what do you know? Jan is on a witch hunt herself.

We talked about her attempt to slander Anti's with her fabricated accusations of child pornography. But Jan made other accusations that I'd like to address as well. Specifically her statements revealing her bigotry and religious intolerance.

We all know how those who oppose us consistently state that our mission is based upon Christian Fundamentalism. So I'd like to refer you to a post we did about this very thing way back when. Located HERE we discussed the fact that AZ is not a political group nor a religious group. Our members come from a diverse background with the common thread being the fact that we all oppose pedophiles. We don't talk about religion because it has no bearing on this topic. The hatred and scorn that society feels towards those who prey on children crosses all lines. It's universal.

Jan Kruska in her pathetic attempt to expose anti's made this statement:
"almost without exception: each Perverted Justice member is either an Atheist or a Wiccan/Pagan"
I can't for the life of me figure out where she got that except that the innocent person she attacked, exposed and defamed is Wiccan. This person who is not a member of PeeJ nor a member of AZ. Yet the question begs to be answered, so what if they were? The pedoheads jumped right on it too

"Was enjoying the read until the atheist bit - I'm an atheist, and I wouldn't like to thing [sic] that being one is a term of abuse per se"
"Whats wrong with this? Whats wrong with being an Atheist or a Wiccan/Pagan? They make it seem like a bad thing. Most Witches are very loving and kind people"
"so I am not surprised to find that both PJ and GC have a large number of Atheists and Wiccans. Both groups consist of people who are not exactly in the majority"
"That bit caught me off guard too. Mostly because it's such a bizarrely irrelevant thing to bring up"
"ROFLMGOPMP rollingonfloorlaughingmygutsoutpissingmypants....."
"It would seem to me that bringing up to the religious persuasions (or lack thereof) of PJ members at the end of the article is simply an ad hominem. If the allegation is true, though, it might make those that believe the death of religion will necessarily lead to the liberation of boylovers think twice"
Dylan Thomas
"It's a shame the reporter used a word-choice that makes it sound like the religion itself matters"
"While this particular article is awfully written, I don't think it's doing us any good to try to distance ourselves from such articles - as the saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!". Specifying that they're all wiccans and pagans is, I agree, logically irrelevant to the debate"
"Quite frankly, Ms. Rogers' piece was so rambling and tried to connect so many unrelated things, that it closely resembled the nonsense disseminated by Peej itself"
King of Hearts
"So what you're saying's a witch hunt"
A witch hunt? Oh no, see Jan went back and doctored her article. Now it says
"Other discoveries are that almost without exception: each Perverted Justice member is either an Atheist or a Wiccan/Pagan (giving Wiccans a bad name because theirs is a very peaceful religion)"
*Head Snap*

What was that? It sounds to me as though Jan found out that it wasn't cool to disparage someone's religious beliefs simply because she's prejudiced against it herself. It appears to me that Jan is trying to placate the pedo community while maintaining her position of 'fire into the crowd and perhaps you'll hit the right person' She's saying here that it's wrong for Anti's to be Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Wiccan or any other religion because SHE thinks it would make other Atheists, Christians, Jews or Wiccans look bad to have a common belief. She tried to fix her mistake and made it worse.

And she DARES to claim others are ignorant, hypocritical, and bigoted?
"Native Americans, Salem “Witches”, African Americans, Homosexuals, and now Sex Offenders. While people cannot change their skin color or perhaps their sexual preference ALL have suffered or are suffering from the same irrational hate. A hate born of ignorance and fear. What does this say about us as a society?"
You tell us Jan. You tell us why you singled out a completely innocent person. A person who has never been involved with this issue and proceeded to accuse her of downloading child pornography, “intimidates, threatens and harasses her chosen victims”, “uses photographs of children to entice men” and lastly, the coup de tĂȘte of your malicious attack: “conspires to commit blackmail, harassment and intimidation, slander whereby she encourages others to commit fraud, cyberstalking, physical harm and murder to those she targets”.

You tell us why you made those wild, hysterical allegations of Anti's being lesbians, Wiccans, making yarn art, being adopted or even fat considering how tolerant you are. To use your words, Jan, "perhaps stupid has indeed been telling dumb dumb what to do" eh?

Meet Ku Klux Jan

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