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Friday, January 29, 2010

GirlChat member, Blue_horiz can't seem to make up his mind about pedophiles grooming kids. Let's travel back in time to 2005 for a moment and Blue_horiz is posting in a thread about grooming:

"I always assumed grooming to be something that was wrong - by my definition grooming was to gain a childs trust in order to 'abuse' that trust into having sex with her when it may not be something that the child would willingly get involved in.

however, there is chatting them up or seducing/flirting them which I think is okay as a method of starting up a sexual relationship with anybody that you are attracted to."
No sexual contact with children is ever okay or "consensual" and kids don't "flirt" either, this doesn't stop pedophiles from misinterpreting a child's behavior as flirtatious or as consent to be molested.
"Grooming on the otherhand would be to force a girl to do stuff with you that she would find unconfortable but as you go on and on about it it eventually wears her down into submitting."
These days you can find Blue_horiz tuning in to perv on unsuspecting children goofing off on their internet webcameras:

"I was wondering whether anyone here visits webcam sites at all? I'm not gonna name any as I don't want to overstep my welcome here but if its okay I will reply with a couple that I know of.

I'm also not suggesting anything illegal like grooming etc but I wondered if anyone goes to these sites - do you just watch or take part - do you chat to these girls and if so do they know your sexual preference at all and are they generally okay about this?"
Not suggesting grooming? Now, why would he need to say that on GirlChat?

We all know why and they do too. He continues...
"I've had so many kinda gm situations on one of them I go on to - I don't chat to any of them as I fear that I might be accused of grooming but as the cams are public and the girls are aware that everyone can see them I don't feel bad watching."
This is why parents shouldn't put photos of their children on the internet or allow their children to use their webcamera to broadcast publicly, pedophiles will always find a way to make something sick of it.
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