Petty Differences

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shana Rowan, the New York State Affiliate for the ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org campaign (pictured above, right), writes the following:
Accept the truth and change the world!

Sometimes it is difficult for us (I know it is for me) to comprehend that not everyone is as willing, ready or able to accept the truth as we are. For me, and probably many of you reading, there's no consideration or wondering or pondering - the truth is the truth and the sooner we deal with it, the better off we'll be.

In this instance Rowan is referring studies and reports such as the frequently cited one, produced by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (which by the way, Dr. Erik Fox explained to Mary Duval can be easily misinterpreted and misleading); However, despite Rowans claims of being eager to embrace the truth when she sees it, the members of the RSOL have proven to be anything but willing to accept the truth when it comes to the matter of NAMBLA founder Tom Reeves holding a top-level position in their organization.

So, here's some truth for Rowan and others like her to digest:

  • As stated on NAMBLA's website Tom Reeves was involved in writing the original Reform Sex Offender Laws petition or the "Call to Safeguard Our Children and Our Liberties" as it was known at the time:
    Tom and others wrote the following statement/petition which was signed by a number of community activists and citizens in June 1998: A Call to Safeguard Our Children and Our Liberties
  • RSOL Indiana State Affiliate: Kimberly DuBina AKA RWsMom, let the cat out of the bag on her forum for the families of sex offenders on
    I am very saddened to inform you to our good friend Tom Reeves (aka Alex Marbury) died today in his hospital bed in Baltimore.
  • The RSOL announces "Alex Marburys" death on their website at the same time as NAMBLA announces the death of Tom Reeves, both are listed as dying on exactly the same day:
  • ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org website:

    Alex died in the hospital on Sunday February 19 after a year-long debilitating illness. All of us in RSOL are deeply indebted for his indefatigable efforts to end the registry and stand against the demonization of people labeled sex offenders. But his work on behalf of human rights for sex offenders was only a small part of Alex’s life and work for social justice and racial equality. No one of any background whose humanity was being violated would fail to receive Alex’s support and love. In next month’s Digest Alex’s good friend and admirer, Paul Shannon, an initiator of the RSOL project, will share a few of the details of Alex’s remarkable life.

    NAMBLA's website:

    Tom Reeves, retired professor at Boston's Roxbury Community College who died in Baltimore on Sunday, February 19, 2012, of heart failure at age 72 was a social activist in many arenas...
    Tom suffered a lot for his beliefs in the last quarter century of his life. Not for his religious beliefs, which were conventional enough (he particularly subscribed to the ecumenical Taizé movement), but for his belief in the importance of challenging the U.S.'s ever more punitive sex laws, and particularly sex-offender registries, which he considered analogous to the Puritan scarlet letter.
Reading through Rowans website, it's interesting to note that she doesn't really regard herself as a sex offender activist; No, instead she emphasizes again and again and again that all she's concerned about is preventing sexual abuse:
However, I have big plans for this group. I'm hoping to use this approach, which calls for legislation reform in the name of effectively protecting our communities and families, to better gain the attention and respect it needs. I firmly believe that this is what I was born to do, and I plan to do it until it isn't physically possible. Hopefully in the near future there will be an official website, a growing member list and tax-exempt status. I am willing to do anything to get closer to a future where our laws reflect facts and everyone - from victims to former offenders and everyone in between - is truly safe.
If she's so concerned about preventing sexual abuse, it makes you wonder why she (and others like her) are part of an organization where someone like Reeves is not only deemed perfectly acceptable, but honored on the front page of their website as if he were some kind of fallen hero considering their so-called attitude toward sexual abuse:
NAMBLA's Official Position Papers - Oct. 12, 1996.

The resolution proposed by Tom Reeves states: (1) The North American Man/Boy Love Association calls for the abolition of age-of- consent and all other laws which prevent men and boys from freely enjoying their bodies. (2) We call for the release of all men and boys imprisoned by such laws.
Back in 2009, when the RSOL was coming under fire with allegations of ties to NAMBLA, Reeves published the following comment in the Digest in an attempt to stem the tide of dissent:
RSOL Must Not Be Divided By Petty Differences!

There is room for a broad variety of strategies in our movement, and we need to be tolerant and encouraging of each other - but we cannot waste time in name-calling or questioning each other's motives.

- Tom Reeves AKA Alex Marbury
RSOL Digest (November, 2009)
It appears the members of the ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org campaign think that it's acceptable for NAMBLA's founder to be involved in their organization. I suspect they think that by ignoring the proverbial elephant in the living room that it will simply disappear: I can assure you it won't.