Operation Restore Hope

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In a combined effort of 29 law enforcement agencies, earlier this week 44 people from the state of Georgia have been arrested in connection with sharing child pornography over "Peer to Peer" networks.

The crack-down called "Operation Restore Hope," is intended to make a dent in the amount of child pornography being exchanged.

To give you some idea about the types of people being arrested:
"Whitaker said one of the more disturbing cases was in DeKalb County, where authorities found a child who said she had been sexually abused for the last eight years."

"For example, there are some in which infants are being molested and one in which “the images involve the rape of a 4-year-old male child," the director said.

“[In] previous experiences, some of the offenders have children in the home and they have been manufacturing their own child pornography,” Keenan said. “The child pornography that they are pursuing is known child pornography -- certain files or certain images.”

In another case, Keenan said agents entered a house to find that the same child seen in the pornographic images was actually in the home."

I'm watching to see who'll be missing from BoyChat and GirlChat - these people are dirt with absolutely no regard for children.

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