International Boylove Day - 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Evil Unveiled strikes some more blows against organized pedophilia on the internet today. But make sure you have a barf bucket on hand before you check out the articles for any of these freaks:

WARNING: The following quotes are explicit and may contain triggers, discretion is advised.

William Vanatta AKA LBL

From a "story" written by William Vanatta:

"As I cleaned my cock with a tissue, he laid there, pants around his ankles, on his side, crying, his face to the filthy floor."

Leo Kan AKA Genghis

"It was the most horrible realization, that the friend whom I had come to trust and confide with for four years, who knew that "BL" was my most closely guarded secret, had decided to tell several other people without my knowledge. It was the worst betrayal I have ever encountered."

George "Sonny" Hoffman AKA Phil Phantom

From a "story" written by George Hoffman:

"Yes, Catherine, accept it. I told you before, you are a sex slave. It doesn't matter what you want, at least, not to your master. As long as you have a master, I have one, too."

Neil Nordeck AKA Byteman2000

From a "story" written by Neil Nordeck:

"At 5 months he was getting pretty good already of trying to reach for things. Feeling his little feet brushing over my ass and sac while I masturbated with him between my legs and I kneeling down I found myself getting close to cumming."

Jeremy Richards AKA Mrlonely

"My biggest fantasy is about being with a mom and her infant or toddler daughter. My biggest one is about a mom and her three or four year old and her six month old daughters. The three year old helps mom and I enjoy the baby.

Im a pervert thats for sure."

Happy International Boylove Day!