Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Previously posted on January 2, 2009

Brandon Low AKA Sanepenguin works as a Software Development Engineer for a web-based company

"I am a well respected engineer with my company."

Brandon also happens to be a member of GirlChat and a proud pedophile

"I am a pedophile. In the sense that I can feel sexually atracted to prepubesecent children. Judge this as you choose."

"2) I have spent half the day posting as "lostlogic" on Dr. Phil's boards. That name is _CLEARLY_ linked to my real self, and I have linked my website on that site while stating that I am a pedophile
3) MY name is Brandon Low."

Brandon, like most of the posters at GirlChat, has trouble understanding what's wrong with adults and children having sexual relationships and talks about encrypting child pornography...
"what is wrong about an adult having a romantic loving relationship with a child? Please elaborate on this point."
"Why should collections of child porn be destroyed? I see no reason for this as long as the holder is careful and maintains extremely high standards of encryption etc. "
And here he sounds a lot like Lindsay Ashfords "even babies can consent to sex" argument
"An infant may not be able to debate topics such as this due to a lack of experience and knowledge, however once a child has learned the basic faculty of language, they CAN make decisions about what feels wrong and what feels right. For that matter a child's decisions about this will tend to be much more 'correct' when you get right down to it than an adults, because their decisions are not biased by years of being told what is right and wrong and told how to feel by society and the media. This is the point that I've been trying to make in my posts... that children KNOW what they want and KNOW what feels right."
I suppose Brandon probably doesn't have to worry about hiding anything, at least not financially; You see, the online web-based company that employs him is none other than Amazon.com, as in pedophile-books-for-sale-amazon.com.

We last highlighted Amazon's sale of books promoting pedophilia back in February 2007; Where Amazon was (and still does) sell the book of pedophile activist, Viamund the Rake, next to other pro-pedophile books such as "Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers" or "Daddy's Little Boy," titles that you'd expect to find advertised in a NAMBLA Bulletin, rather than on a website which also markets books for children.

We weren't the first to pick up on Amazons sale of books promoting child abuse, you can read more about that here. And more recently Concerned Women for America has caused a stir regarding Amazons planned sale of the DVD "Hounddog," a movie which features scenes where a child is raped.

What's also interesting to note, is the case of Michael Williams, who was convicted in a Florida federal court for promoting child pornography on the Internet.
As part of a 2004 sting operation, an undercover Secret Service agent (using the screen name "Lisa--n--Miami") communicated with Williams in an Internet chat room. Williams allegedly wrote, "Dad of toddler has 'good' pics of her an (sic) me for swap of your toddler pics, or live cam." He posted nonpornographic photos of a young girl and claimed he had "hc," or hard-core, kiddie pictures, prosecutors contend.
A coalition of free speech and commercial interests were supporting Williams' constitutional claims, including the Free Speech Coalition, online media retailer Amazon.com and National Coalition Against Censorship.

Frighteningly, in Amazon.com's zeal to support Williams, they went so far as to ask the court "to overturn the law, saying it would restrict protected speech and allow for prosecution even if actual child pornography did not exist."

But Scalia methodically dismissed each of the hypotheticals raised by challengers and the appeals court, including whether movies that purported to show underage sex -- or even advertisements for such movies -- would violate the law. "We think it implausible that a reputable distributor of Hollywood movies, such as Amazon.com, believes that one of these films contains actual children engaging in actual or simulated sex on camera; and even more implausible that Amazon.com would intend to make its customers believe such a thing," he wrote.

What exactly is Amazon.com's vested interest in child pornography? Why are they so concerned about their right to distribute it?

You can contact Amazon.com with concerns about their employment of a proud pedophile, the sale of books promoting child abuse, and their position on child pornography through the following channels:


- Jeffrey P. Bezos, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

- Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Amazon.com

- Andrew Jassy, Senior Vice President, Web Services

- Steven Kessell, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Digital Media

- Marc Onetto, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations

- Diego Piacentini, Senior Vice President, International Retail

- Shelley Reynolds, Vice President, Wordwide Controller and Principal Accounting Officer

jwilke@amazon.com or
jeffreyw@amazon.com or
- Jeff Wilke, Senior Vice President, North America Retail

- Thomas Szkutak, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

- Adam Selipsky, Vice President

- Steve Rabuchin, Director

- Ian Freed, Vice President, Digital

- Michelle Wilson, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary

- Sam Wheeler, Director, Advertising & Partnerships

- Bill Carr, Vice President, Digital Media

- Jinesh Varia, Web Services Evangelist

- Colin Bodell, Vice President, Platform Operations of Amazon.com

- Mike Culver, Web Services Evangelist

jeff@vertexdev.com or
- Jeff Barr, Lead Web Services Evangelist

simoneb@amazon.lu or
- Simone Brunozzi, European Web Services Evangelist


Or by Mail:

Jeff Bezos
1200 12th Ave. South, Ste. 1200
Seattle, Wash. 98144
or call 206-266-1000

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Our children are not for sale, Boycott Amazon!!

To read more about Brandon Low AKA Sanepenguin, visit Wikisposure.