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Sunday, January 10, 2010

...This is how Derek Pridemore A.K.A. Sweetguy201 describes his pedophilia. Pridemore used to be a member of the now defunct "Butterfly Kisses" forum, which was created to cater to female pedophiles with a sexual attraction to young girls (a female equivalent of "BoyChat"). Dr. Judith Reisman had this to say about about Butterfly Kisses:

""It's very dangerous when you begin to see women organize in the same way you have seen men organized to rape children," said noted researcher Judith Reisman, who referred to the people behind the website as the "Women's Auxiliary of NAMBLA," the North American Man-Boy Love Association."

Although the forum was originally created with female pedophiles in mind, a large number of the posters were men like Pridemore (shown above, if you can guess which one he is):
"As for my GL life, I have had encounters with a few younger girls and have been very lucky to do so. I will be happy to share these stories with you."
Be sure to check our Derek Pridemores article on Wikisposure.
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