Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
By Leo Lewis

TOKYO — Japan’s most reviled serial killer – a “cannibal nerd” who preyed on primary-school girls and drank their blood – has been executed in Tokyo.
The hanging of 45-year old Tsutomu Miyazaki brings to 13 the number of death-row inmates who have faced the gallows since last August: a pace that has provoked rising criticism of Japan’s new justice minister, Kunio Hatoyama.
But even amid growing public discomfort in Japan over the continued use of the death penalty, the hanging of Miyazaki raised very little in the way of condemnation.
His crimes may have taken place two decades ago, but the mere mention of Miyazaki’s name remains sickening for many Japanese. Unrepentant throughout his long run of trials and appeals, Miyazaki entered Japan’s public consciousness as one of the worst monsters the country had produced.
A voracious sexual predator, he kidnapped girls aged between four and seven years old, molested and murdered them. In some cases he ate parts of their bodies, in others he slept next to their corpses…”

“…During his trial, Miyazaki sketched cartoons and often talked nonsensically…”

“…His extraordinary appetites for pornography and manga comics gave the Japanese media its first example of a “killer geek”…”

Well, this is something we don’t see every day. It is nice to know Japan is stepping up and killing the bad guys. And people argue that p0rn is safe...
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