Wikisposure Halloween Outings - Part Two

Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Halloween outings from Wikisposure:

Eric Risch AKA Eric_risch

"I love boys in diapers aged 10 and under"

Michael Guebara

"i have some boy experiances to tell but i don't wwant to post here beause i don't want to get into trouble. i like to tell my experiances to help deal with some guilt i have. most of my experiances have sexual content."

Joe Schramer AKA Joeglass626

"I am debating if I should tell my 21yo nephew that i am a pedo"

Daryl Clark AKA Yogi and 'I Love Boys Undies'

"I love to see boys who have wet their pants or in a nappy and plastic pants, the older te better."

Jon Wesley Elam AKA JonWesley

"Re: Kindergarten Children should be Encouraged to Dance Naked and Masturbate in Pre-Schools

I'm all for advanced methods of teaching, but I'd rather we use these methods on older children 1st."

Happy Halloween!

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