The Adolf Hitler of Boylovers

Sunday, October 31, 2010

He calls himself the 'Adolf Hitler of Boylovers' and he won't take 'No' for an answer, meet Mikeie:
"Little boys want and fucking need sex.Why cant the fucking parent see that. I believe the time is now to rise up and take our rights to hav e sex with any little boy we want. Yea I said any little boy we want. We are men with a sexual desier that needs to be for fulled. Yea I wont take no for an answer."
Yeah, why can't parent's see that!?!?! Men like Mikeie have desires involving their children that need to be fulfilled! What a shining example of humanity as it stands today, here's what else this creature had to say:
"We have to take our rights by force because the fucking dods arnt going to give them to us. Brothers we have as much right to a little boy as his parents have. We have the right to take any boy willing to have sex with us into nour position to live with us we want. As far as I'm concerned boys were made for sex with men and it's our right to have any kind of sex we wish with them"
Thankfully, as far as society's concerned, adult men raping little boys is highly illegal, but Mikeie doesn't stop there:
"Brothers we will take our rights and rule this world. Yea I am the Adolf Hitler of boylovers, and I'm fucking proud of it too. We must stop being cowereds, and christians, and take our place. We must do it now. Are you with me. If it takes blood so be it."
You can read more about this 'wonderful' man on Wikisposure.
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