'Our Secret Goal'

Sunday, November 02, 2008

We've talked about it before - how SOSEN and its members are misleading about their intentions. Recently a volunteer from Perverted-Justice was able to infiltrate SOSEN and was even promoted to being a staff member in their forums. For an organization which claims to only be about "Support and Education" they sure have a lot they like to hide...

As we saw with JustaDadatHome's "deep thought," SOSEN members will do anything in the hopes of garnering sympathy from the public for sex offenders:

Jackie Sparling SOSEN's "COO:"
My husband is the SO in my family. Still serving time. Yet, I know that the only way to reach the public and gain ANY KIND OF SYMPATHY/COMPASSION from them is by going through our young people. I know that in the end my husband and every other adult RSO will benefit from the work we do now, using the Romeo and Juliet cases as our soapbox.
Sympathy and compassion - for a man found with child pornography, who conspired to kidnap and keep a 13 year old girl his "sex slave."

As part of their attempt to gain sympathy from the public, SOSEN will often try to claim that they have the interests of victims at heart...

From their request for $500,000.00 USD (yes, that's how much they think they need to run a forum on the internet for sex offender activism) in grant money:
  • Provide a network of support for victims, former offenders, relatives and friends to reduce the risk of re-offense.
  • Collaborate with victim's rights organizations, sex offender treatment specialists, law enforcement professionals, researchers and policy makers to identify rational solutions to sexual abuse.
Let's take a look at how SOSEN Staff shows its support for victims:

Linda Pehrson SOSEN's "CEO:"
They are just a bunch of professional victims who have never received therapy.

Jackie Sparling, in regards to the victim rights advocacy group W.A.S.P.:

He knows these laws are irresponsible. Lets give him some more "fodder" for future shows. Who knows, maybe Golden will be his next "sacrifice". LOL
Lunsford with his new motorcycles and trucks is a non-profit also. How about Walsh? They are all a bunch of thieves!
Linda Pehrson again, talking about the "support" SOSEN provides:
It is not my job to worry in this group if an offender is lying to himself..That is between him and his therapist we are here to fight the insane hysteria and dracion SO laws.
Or how about some of those solutions to sexual abuse SOSEN is working on:

Lee Lee Lawless:
Is "returning the registry to its original intent" our stated goal while our secret goal is the abolition of the registry?
SOSEN is a group for sex offenders. No one is in there with any concern for providing support to victims or about preventing sexual violence, in fact even when their members are showing warning signs of re-offending they go completely ignored:

some of you wen you did your sex crime that was it a one time thing you never think of doing it again PEDOPHILIA i think of it all the time...
Perhaps due to all the infighting that goes on behind the scenes...

Rod Wagner:
I am sick and tired of the sex offender community. Lazy people who dug the hole their in and refuse to help themselves out. They seem to expect everyone to do their part for them.
Linda Pehrson:
The last time I checked I was the CEO. The CEO asked you not to interfere with her contact. You can take care of the whole damn symposium I QUIT
Cheryl Griffiths:
I have worked my butt off for these people, I have sat day in and day out at this computer, on the phone, writing and working for THESE PEOPLE. I have made myself SICK physically and emotionally, trying to save SOSEN and make it a worthwhile place for these members.
Click here to Read more about SOSEN Staff.
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