'Nothing that is below an Anti'

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheryl Griffith, the self-titled 'Chief Operations Officer' of the Sex Offender forum 'SOSEN,' recently made this comment, in response to a graphic description of sexual abuse some children are forced to endure:

"Noone could say it better than the anit's (sic) themselves how disgusting they are. Talk about the harm to a victim if they came to this site. There is NOTHING, no WORDS, no BEHAVIOR that is below anti"

It's important to understand that what is being talked about, is child sexual abuse. This is a topic that isn't pretty, and can't be 'sugar-coated' to sound the way sex offender groups and pedophile activists try to make it.

Perhaps if people like Cheryl were to ever take time to venture outside of her circle of convicted sexual offenders and sex offender apologists to read the words of sexual abuse survivors, someone like our own Violet Leaves blog, she would see that the reality of what abuse looks like in no way resembles the glossed over image the administration at SOSEN seems to have of it.

Just like Linda Perhson for example (HT to Roarful for this one):
It seems to me that those sad pathetic people in PJ are professional victims. STUCK in their victimhood. They need to get a life and let us live ours.
They really are sick, twisted people
Professional Victims? For having the strength to not only come through their child abuse, but to also have the courage to stand up against the twisted people which have abused and are abusing children or the people like Linda Pehrson and Cheryl Griffith who defend child sex offenders regardless of their crimes. While SOSEN administration may think that victims which are survivors which become Anti's are the lowest form of life, here at Absolute Zero we understand what these people have been through and regard them as heroes for being strong enough to come out the other side to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Cheryl Griffith may think that there's nothing below anti-pedophile activists for describing horrific acts of child sexual abuse, but she forgets that it's the members of her group and the people which she's defending who committed those acts against children.

And the only thing more ugly, senseless and disgusting, than someone who blindly defends people who commit these acts against children are the offenders who choose to do it.


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