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Friday, October 10, 2008

Well they've already deleted it. Leave it to a bunch of filthy pedophile boy rapers to try and hide the truth. Fortunately..........we saw it first.

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been!

Posted by silly1 on 2008-October-11 00:22:08, Saturday

First of all, no, melf, you don't get to out me this time. I'm doing it myself. So while I'm sure you are chuckling and rubbing your hands together because you know the IP I prf'd from was from a KNOWN ANTI, you don't get to sit on that info and think you're some kind of know it all. :)

I wrote my last letter to Dylan a few days ago. It is a good feeling to finally close this chapter. Because, you see, doing what we did with this nick wasn't easy. We had to listen to all of Dylan's bullshit on the radio, and I had to pretend I liked him. As a matter of fact, he thought I was his biggest fan. His best friend.

Isn't that what you guys do? Pretend you're a kid's best buddy, only you have another agenda? Turnabout is fair play, and sometimes it's pretty fun.

The day we found out Dylan was finally arrested, after months of monitoring his every move, was one of the most hilarious days in history. Not only had we managed to help the FBI nail a Top Ten Wanted, but we also got to listen in, if you will, on pedophiles freaking the fuck out about it. Oh yes, I have an actual audio recording of that! :)

So, the next time you see a pedo saying Peej had nothing to do with this, you will want to take a short trip back in time and remember exactly how this went down.

And, of course, all the others who were identified were just icing on the Dylan Thomas cake. IRC logs, months of them, of you stupid fuckers typing away about your lives, your "YF"s, your illnesses, your financial problems. What a bunch of moochers and wrecked individuals you are. But your misery is enjoyable to some people, as I'm sure you know.

For example, did you know that Dylan is allergic to penicillin? And that his dick had big pus-y sores on it because of that, when he was having his tooth problems? We. laughed. so. hard.

Did you know that Skylark is trying to fake that he has autism by substituting the word "me" for "I" in his sentences? And that Bill pays for his cigarettes, but makes him make his OWN wine? And that Dacarus is a pathetic piece of shit who's grooming even more kids, even after he was found out about by his community?

There are many, many things we've discovered this year. But the biggest laugh of all is when Dylan wrote to me and said that Peej had nothing to do with his arrest. What a huge laugh we all had at that one line in his letter, handwritten just to me. :) And how funny it was that the rest of this garbage "community" felt that that was some sort of confirmation. He wrote that letter to me, which I passed along to Bill. Starting to see the picture now?

Oh, I sure hope you guys fight about security now. We love to see that happen. After all, I WAS staff at BTR. -waves at toothless ugly ass Bill-
You know, the safe and secure BTR you're always being invited to. Yeah, that one.

Ahh, finally, an end to this persona. It feels good to be free. Unlike Dylan. lol. He gets to spend the rest of his life thinking about how he trusted me, loved me, begged me to never forget him. He asked me, get this, he asked me to make a memorial website for him. Not just any old memorial website, but the website of all websites, the one that would make him a LEGEND. Yes, there he is, sitting in jail for molesting a child, thinking that somehow he could become a legend.

He and many of your other friends get to stare at blank walls for years and years, knowing that their very narcissism is what got them busted. All of your idiotic "security measures" will not keep you safe from jail. You're too fucking stupid.

There will be a full write-up about this soon, so keep your eye out for it. Xavier is so good at those things, and it will be extremely amusing.

Cheers from the Deeeep South! :)

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