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Friday, October 17, 2008

“I think this hysteria regarding childhood sexuality rests firmly
on a general fear and hatred of sex itself.
Otherwise, why would people think sex isn't for children?”
.........Harold Spurling

5-Year-Old Interviewed In Sex Abuse Case

Police said a 5-year-old victim who was allegedly sexually abused by two New Britain men told them he would go to the men’s apartment and watch movies on the computer of children having sex with adults.

The two men -- Jeffrey Brisson and Harold Spurling -- were arrested earlier in the year after police spent 10 months reviewing computer evidence confiscated from their apartment. The men have been charged with sexually assaulting children ranging in age from 3 months old to teenagers.

The 5-year-old alleged victim said Brisson and Spurling would also make him look at pictures of naked children between 5 and 8 years old. He also told police the two men would perform sexual acts with one another in front of him.

Another piece of evidence the court has is a letter listing quotes from Brisson and Spurling, including one that says, “I love 5-year-old boys and am very attracted to them.”

According to the warrant, investigators began to look into the pair when an official at the Pulaski Middle School in New Britain received a warning about pedophiles in the community.

Police said they learned that Brisson and Spurling were allegedly "using the Internet to promote their pedophile lifestyle" during the seven years they lived together in a Washington Street apartment.
Investigators said a search of the men's apartment turned up the equivalent of 42 80-gigabyte computers filled with child pornography -- enough they said to fill nearly 103,000 paperback books with illegal material.
Brisson and Spurling have been in custody since January. Together, their bonds total more than $5 million


Visit Wikisposure to learn more about The Night Raven and Aztram, as well as the conviction of their fellow BoyChatter Jim Finn, sentenced to 97 months for child pornography and don't forget the ever popular Wiki-win Dylan Thomas

Four for Four, I kinda think BoyChat is coming out on the raw end of this deal.

Perhaps they'll start thinking twice before saying things like Aztram said:

"My drug *IS* boys. Sniffing a boy's silken hair makes me higher than any calibre of cocaine; the touch of his skin bringing me a euphoria millions of times beyond that which the finest hashish can invoke; kissing his lips making me lose myself totally ... death of the ego, annihilation of self ... at one with sweet, sweet quintessence of that youth the eternity of that youth the happiness the love the oneness fuck drugs they fail where boys fulfill ..."

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