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Friday, October 03, 2008

Not surprisingly, sex offender activists and pedophiles activist often espouse a similar or the same views on the topic of child sexual abuse. Recently, listening to a podcast involving Mary Duval AKA Tikibug, Walter Howard AKA Tmaximus95 and Derek Logue AKA Fallenone, provided an opportunity to examine just a few of these similarities.

First off, we have convicted child molester, Derek Logue talking about how society is what's really responsible for sexual abuse abuse survivors struggling to deal with traumatic experiences:

"Permanent Victim Mode" eh? Because it couldn't possibly be that a grown man sexually exploiting and abusing a child could effect the way that person interacts with others and develops into an adult... could it?

Obviously, it's difficult for someone who is able to abuse children in the first place to understand the damaging nature of their actions.

Now imprisoned child molester and former Sure Quality Radio (an online pedophile radio station) DJ Jeffrey Gold put's it all down to people being money hungry:

Despite the fact that it's very rare that a victim will receive or even go looking for money from their abuser, the way we see it, Jeffrey and Derek both demonstrate the same lack-of understanding surrounding the effects of their actions.

Mary goes on to talk about how dangerous sex offenders should not be released into society in the first place:

She says this even though she's also signatory on the "Reform Sex Offender Laws" petition which aims to abolish civil commitments which put people who pose an elevated risk towards society into civil confinement for psychiatric help.

According to Walter Howard (a convicted child rapist) a person should have "a right to choose who they want to have intimacy with" regardless of whether that person is a child being taken advantage of by an adult whose supposed to be looking out for them:

"Yea, what business does the government have in protecting children from filthy adults who groom kids into sex?"

Of course Mary even nodded along with Walter on that and Derek had no objections - why is that?

Regarding surviving after sexual abuse, here's what Mary had to say:

Mary, in a similar state of mind to Derek and men like Jeffrey Gold, talks as though being a victim or a survivor is something someone can simply choose to do. What she doesn't understand is that sexual abuse effects people in different ways.

Survivors are strong people just for living, they are survivors despite people like Mary's patronizing rhetoric, despite their whining, abrasive condescending denial of the life-long effects of being sexually assaulted. They are survivors who have the strength and intelligence to fight back against those who have such reckless disregard for children that they would exploit them and/or enable those who do. And they are survivors for joining this fight and - being faced with a daily barrage of mocking arrogant victim bashing - they carry on despite everything that has happened to them, because they ARE survivors.
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