No Easy Answers

Friday, September 19, 2008

So speaks Sarah Tofte in her Human Rights Watch report "No Easy Answers"...
Neighbors as well as strangers harass, intimidate and physically assault people who have committed sex offenses.

In the case of former sex offenders, such measures should include limiting access to online registries, carefully limiting community notification efforts, and taking steps to signal forcefully to the community that harassment and violence are unlawful and will be prosecuted.
Much of Sarah Tofte's Human Rights Watch report talks about how she thinks the sex offender registry affects the lives of convicted sex offenders. One of the people Sarah interviewed to gather the findings for her report was none other than Linda Pehrson the "CEO" of the pro-sex offender activist group SOSEN, refering to her by the alias "Amy," here's what Sarah had to say about Linda:
When they go grocery shopping, they go thirty miles away because she is afraid somebody will recognize them
This same person who goes 30 miles away to do her shopping also rallies in defense of Sex Offenders on the front steps of a statehouse. The way Sarah Tofte says it, she makes it sound like Linda does it out of fear of harassment...

Now, meet Linda Pehrson, talking inside of SOSEN about someone that she suspects to be an online anti-pedophile activist:
I’ve found an address in [edit] Maybe I can write to her or call her to see how to order the book. I found two phone numbers [edit]and [edit] If anyone else is interested in the BOOK and calls and gets ordering information, please do post so everyone else can see it!

Linda also talks about how close she is with Sarah Tofte, leaving a scathing remark towards a fellow sex offender activist for trying to make contact with Sarah without her permission:

I am confused also Rod. I have been cultivating my relationship with Sarah for 3 years. I asked you when I was in the hospital not to contact her, that I would take care of it. I get MANY MANY reporters sent our way because of her. If you want me to do something, I do it. I do not appreciate you writing to Sarah when I asked you not to...

I do not like my toes being stepped on. You asked me to do something. I did it. The last time I checked I was the CEO. The CEO asked you not to interfere with her contact.
My question is, if Sarah Tofte and Human Rights Watch is so concerned with people who have committed vile, cruel and disgusting act's against children being harassed; Then why do they seem to support someone who openly encourages others to harass people they suspect to be Child Advocates, simply for speaking out against people who abuse (and enable people to abuse) and violate the human rights of innocent children?
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