A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Meet Bob

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Meet Bob.

Robert Hochulski


Bob Hutch

You may wonder what's so different about this pedophile compared to all the others. He seems to be doing the same things they are doing. Posting on pedophiles forums and message boards like BoyMoment and BLISS. But considering that he's a moderator on the BoyMoment forum board, we know this isn't just a 'passing interest' in pedophilia.

So what is his other face? His 'sheep's face' so to speak. Well you see Bob Hochulski is a prominent member of his community, he coached young boys and worked as a staff member for the Town Boys and Girl club of Buffalo, he was a little league coach, and he's the after school program director at a neighborhood community center.

Robert Holchuski is in charge of administering a federal grant of nearly $400,000 to direct an after school kids program at the Northwest Buffalo Community Center

I wonder if they were aware of Bob's "wolf face" I wonder if they knew he said
My AOA is 12 to 16, but I find pre-teen boys funny and cute and a joy to be with.

But i really love a teenagers ability to express themslves honestly and their need to loved.

Oh yeah, a teenaged boys body is sooo hot

Or this
I love their ability to return love, to make fun of themselves and me without malice, to hear them talk honestly about their feelings, to see them grow and mature, their ability to have a meaninful relationship.

Oh yeah, i also love their bodies, their muscles, the smooth abs, and chest, their faces which never hide their emotions, their butts

I love everything about teenaged boys [luvya]
Do people in Bob's community know about him? Someone asked him that question. His reply is chilling
Never told anyone, but I'm sure people suspect as I have been involved with teens for over 30 yrs
Personally I think the parents of boys he comes in contact with would want to have this information. In fact I'm sure of it.

See his wikisposure page for more details. If you know a child who is in one of Bob's programs, you might think about informing his parents about this dangerous man. You might save more than one child, you might even save your own.

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