Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

To Stitches, Jacey, Day and Carisma, To Tampa and Sues and Llort and Rez. To of you who have always supported me through all these horrible monsters posts and words.
Words that tear your heart apart.

and words that heal a woman, together-we heal.

To those that support the work that so many Anti-Pedophile Activists do. Those who realize that
we are in this for a purpose. Not revenge, not because of ignorance. But to stand up for children and really love them, is to stand up and say "Our children are not for sale!" "Our children need loving and safe parenting!" This is a shout.. a scream have you.. from a long time survivor..IE THRIVER who happens to have a voice that you pedophiles can never silence.

But the knowledge of the the vast under workings of the pedophile strategy to market pedophilia as just "another sexual orientation" is enough to fight forever against that message.

I applaud all those who listen. Truly listen.... and hear the screams of those suffering and still suffering through-out life because of a sick perverts' penis.

Thank you. And I hope to see every one of you next year so we can again celebrate the victories we have shared in the

fight for children never to be abused!
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