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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Harold Spurling aka Aztram who was charged with more than 60 sex-related crimes, including 15 counts of first-degree sexual assault has been offered a plea deal!

Jeffrey Brisson aka The Night Raven charged with more than 140 sex-related charges, including 38 counts of first-degree sexual assault was not!

Together the two were charged with assaulting at least 11 children, ages 3 months to 14 years old and possessing the equivalent of 42 80-gigabyte computers filled with child pornography.....including their own homemade videos of themselves having sex with children - over the course of years and years and years.

I wonder what the terms of Harold's deal were? They haven't been released yet. He has until January 28 to decide. Now personally I believe the only choice he should be allowed is between methods of execution. But I'm not the one offering a deal so HEY, at the very least I'll just bet he's asked to sing a song, don't you?

I just wonder how much information he's got. I just wonder how many people could go down over this. I just wonder how much information was stored in those computers of theirs.

Pedophiles don't exactly have childrens interests at heart. Otherwise I would imagine someone who just loved children would be grateful to Wikisposure. However, it's just business as usual. They'll post the news article on BoyChat, but won't allow them to say that Harold Spurling was one of their most respected pedo-members Aztram. Perhaps some of them are worried about the secrets he can tell. If so they'll surely not say it, instead we just hear the usual mumbo-jumbo distorted crap -- most of it sounds like it could have come right out of Sosen. Or a certain little podcast or two.

Zlurker, visiting from GirlChat. Who does this remind you of? The belief that the government has no right to tell parents they can't give permission for their children to have sex?
But, again, infants and toddlers are incapable of giving consent.

Though I am not very interested in infants, I dispute that. It is true for some "activities", but not for all "activities". I would also add that for some "activities", the parent's consent on behalf of the infant or toddler should be enough.
Toothless Bill Evans
the vast majority of cops are lying, bullying cunts who have no hesitation in "creating" their own evidence if they want to "get" someone.
The Dadbeater
They have no evidence against Spurling other than the statement of a 14 year old boy.

The raid was incited by extremist vigilantes who have a history of entrapment, deceit and potential fraud. The question is not whether the alleged acts are ethical. The question is whether they ever occurred.
We all have our private lives, but I hope this guy "Spurling" had the sense not to show his face on those videos if it was indeed him... I'm sure he's a really good guy.
I remember reading previously about this very suspiciously organised case and recall that an anonymous informant was mentioned, which could very well turn out to be bogus and could fatally damage the prosecution case against them. That would be very interesting indeed.
The law is not on your side in the United States, and it takes millions of dollars to even try to make it apply fairly to you.

Whatever. Fuck the U.S.A.

As an aside, I just had the most boy-filled week I can ever remember having in all my life this past week. This, after the filth told me I'd never be near a child again for the rest of my life after I was busted. HAHA. Last laugh is on me. Some of them were naked too. hehehe :)
As 2008 winds down I'd like to offer a huge HT to Wikisposure for their role in helping to get these two men off the streets and away from children. Let's have a little reminder here of how this all started over on the old boyloveblog. Pedophiles intentionally antagonizing and drawing attention to themselves. What did he think was going to happen? I'm sure Dylan Thomas, Jim Finn, Aztram et al are very grateful too. So for old times sake and all.......Be careful what you wish for guys.

“I think this hysteria regarding childhood sexuality rests firmly
on a general fear and hatred of sex itself.
Otherwise, why would people think sex isn't for children?”
.........Harold Spurling
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