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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Robert is a member of Sosen. He's a troubled man from his own account. He is a pedophile who has molested many children though it was never discovered by authorities.

Robert29 was busted for possession of child pornography on his laptop while crossing the border into Canada and is now a registered sex offender who struggles with his desires for children to the point he recently considered castration as an option. He said:
I'm not a DOCTOR but I have told this forum every thing in my life about my sexual problem I have with underage kids and my porn problem. and since 2005 win i got arrested for porn I have been trying everything to get over this problem I'm even on Risperdal and fluoxetine used to treat pedophilia and it helps some I don't have the fantasies and desires like i did before but i still HADE them 2-3 times a week i have not looked at underage porn in over 3 years but i still fantasies about it so i have been looking for something to help me with the fantasies i have looked into castration but i don't think i have to go that far so i started looking for some thing to lower my sex drive and i found this web site about liquorice (licorice) and testosterone and found out that licorice (glycyrrhiza glabra) can lower your testosterone and libido so i ordered licorice supplement from natures way and for just over 2 weeks i have been taking 3 450mg capsules a day and it seems to be helping me with my fantasies for about the past 9 days i have not been thinking of sex like before I'm not saying it must be the licorice BUT that's the only thing i have changed in a month and in 2 weeks ill update the forum on how I'm doing with it
Clearly this was a desperate cry for help, but what's even more alarming is the lack of response or concern he received. Some of his many statements he's made while at Sosen include:
we started to find teenage boys for that we hade sex with about 6 boys we all so hade a computer and i was looking at child porn just about every night
I was never a danger to any child i was arrested back in 2005 for teenage porn i hade on my laptop
i never did anything to a child and i never wont to but do to porn on the net im sentenced for life
I have posted a lot of fax about myself fax that i can prove by people i know and people i new wen i was a teen some are victims these fax can put me in jail for a long time and i have been a member for over 1 year and i have not been arrested
I'm not saying what i did is ok i have done other things with teens the courts don't know about what i am saying for what i was charged with why am i senates for life wen its ok for people on drugs to be around kids
I have ben diagnostic with PEDOPHILIA........some of you wen you did your sex crime that was it a one time thing you never think of doing it again PEDOPHILIA i think of it all the time.
i did report being on yahoo im msn im and paltalk and thay also have all my e-mail addresses so if thay have any problems thay can come and talk to me im not hiding anything
And yet, interestingly enough, when someone did report him to the authorities, he came back to tell them about it and to admit that no, he had not registered all his email addresses. His responses from the old-timer Sosenites i.e. Rod Wagner and Zman were to tell him not to ever let the authorities search his computer again. Only one voice, a new one spoke up to say:
Every time someone reoffends it hurts our cause, not to mention another victim. I hope that you have no anger towards those who "told". Since you are innocent (and even if you weren't), I hope you are grateful to those people who cared enough to say something. At first I was like, gee, you can't talk on this forum without someone telling on you, but then I realized that that is a prison mentality. If someone on this forum prevents a new victim by ratting me out, then that is great. Do it anonymously, but just do something to help us stay straight. And if there are moles on our website who are doing the telling, as long as it is a legit "concern" then I wouldn't be mad at them either. They are trying to stop someone from being a victim at our hands and that is a good thing no matter who it comes from.
Why was the CEO pretend 'child advocate' not addressing this herself? I suppose it's because Sosen is not a 'support and education' network. It is an activist group. Their mission is to change laws. Linda Pehrson:
This is not an offender therapy group. My husband falls into the "grooming" type of offense. Been there done that, bought the T shirt. It is not my job to worry in this group if an offender is lying to himself..That is between him and his therapist we are here to fight the insane hysteria and dracion SO laws.
Successful activists know and understand that in order to bring about change......whatever it may be, you must first change society's opinion of whatever the topic is. Sosenites only believe in ramming victim bashing denial down society's throat and expecting people to love them for it. Here's another example. Robert29 asked the question
how many of you have stopped to think

1 Hade i not got arrested how far word i of gone?

2 How many Victims word i have?

3 word i of STOPPED with out going to jail?

Me I think of these Qs all the time hade you read my story you will see I do have more then 1 Victim and it was more then just cp I never did anything with anyone under 13yo but the porn i was in to was 8-12years old and if i did not get arrested in Canada for cp ill probley have More victims and the ages might be under 13
Robert even further clarified for them what he meant and states that since he's been caught he wouldn't do it again for two reasons, neither of which have any recognition of damage to his victims.
IF you never got arrested do you think it wod of just ben a one time thing or do you think you might of did it more?
me yes it was more then a one time thing it went on for about 9-10 years and i know if i did not get arrested it probley wod of went on thear is 2 things that changed me
1 Jail is not a place for anyone to be and i do not wanna go back
2 MY loved one I dont wanna let them down like i did
Robert got a few responses. Derek told him "Could've should've would've", Zman plead the fifth, and nkrso told Robert that he didn't even HAVE a victim at all, it was only child porn that's all. One voice, so different than the usual Sosen mumbo-jumbo interjected... Static. He encouraged Robert to bring this up in treatment and although the precedent had already been set in Sosen for how these things would be handled - 'ignore it or delete it' - he didn't follow normal procedure and let nkrso's statement slide. No he addressed it. As it should be:
Nkrso- It's easy to say that when someone "merely" views CP, they aren't victimizing anyone. But, the truth is that the child is actually being victimized all over again every time the CP is viewed. Your opinion on this is something you definitely want to discuss with your therapist. If you have a good one, he/she will show you how seeing CP that way is actually just minimizing abusive behavior. I'm not picking on you- everyone is at different points on the "treatment path" and I'm just trying to point you in the right direction. It's thoughts like that that make it easier to start down the path toward re-offense.
That was the voice of a man who Derek said never "fit in" at Sosen. Derek is beside himself simply because Static has chosen to voice his opinion here as though there is some vast conspiracy in the works. And yet, I'm gonna play nice and be perfectly honest here. "Static and Stitches" aren't in cahoots. He's simply a man here stating his views, and I'm simply a woman who is listening, sometimes agreeing and perhaps sometimes not. But there's one thing about it, he's not bashing victims of crimes, he's not minimizing or denying on their behalf and he's certainly not whining and moaning about imaginary Nazi's.

He's simply trying to help RSO's in the way that he believes will be most effective. The difference in his way and Derek's way, or Linda's, Tiki's, Tmax or Tom's is that their way has been done for years and it's never gotten them anywhere. Trying to keep non-offending victims or their advocates out of their forum is a sure fire way to assure they'll stay in there, long after they've been bored to tears. It's time to clean up the House of Sosen. It's time to clean up the 'art of RSO advocacy'. It can and will be done or else Sosen will cease to exist. Personally I think it's too late but you never know, maybe someone will wake them up before it's too late.
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