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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just some random words from freakopaths:

JD420 says:
Funny you should use the term... 'riot'...
...half of my training and development involves starting one - usually directed at me. The other half, of course, involves snapping necks 'till the mercenary sheep get the clue to switch sides - which is the real goal of doing such a thing... ;)

And speaking of "anti's" ....Poor tactical sense, poor construction, attacks on innocent bystanders, poor writing skills, a need to bury the facts, being openly notable in outright deception, poor reasoning skills, and much, much more ensures that they put themselves at a loss

Oh well, let's move on and check out what some of the others are saying:

  • If the children were taught the truth rather than having it held back from them under some thin excuse of "they're not ready", then the children wouldn't be so easily manipulated or exploited. Children are not more easily manipulated or exploited due to some mystical quality of being a child, they are more easily manipulated or exploited due to a lack of experience and knowledge

  • I'm sure most children would choose to make out with a handsome sugardaddy rather than getting beat by drunk daddy every Friday night.

  • Whats the one thing a woman can say that will make her sound interesting? "Well my son is 10"

  • guess you could say that I have used women just to get to their sons. And some knew that! I even had a woman tell her beautiful blond 13 yo son to go over and give me a kiss just because I was so nice......They were both very good in bed, though not at the same time.

  • I believe there should be absolutely NO AoC. I believe sexual contact even in infancy as ways to pacify or soothe a young child is normal. I'm basically for no one controlling or knowing about sex except for the people involved at the moment. I believe once a child can speak with intelligence (4years old) they can consent to certain acts. I believe certain acts of sex should not happen until anatomically possible (intercourse, anal sex...without damaging tissue). I do believe incest wouldn't be such a problem if other sex laws were obliterated.

  • Politics is our next phase of attack next to the judiciary; parliament and congress are definitely high profile in our liberation. The fucking anti-ped's have had enough freedom to make all the stupid laws they want under all the idiocy in their thinking. Now I think people are going to start changing their way of thinking of us; especially with all the publicity we're getting. Unfortunately, in the U.S a felon can't run for politics.....

  • As I said, rape is wrong, and carries an immediate harm with it, yet that harm is not necessarily long-lasting or severe apart from the societal reaction to it. Rape should definitely be punishable by law, and yet I believe we would do rape victims a great service by getting rid of the chief agent of harm - the anti-sexual attitudes that victimize them over and over again.

  • I remember hearing about a recent study which found that in many cases of non-consentual child/adult sex, the child was not substantially harmed in the long-term.

  • What possible reasons could there be for why raping is wrong? I will agree that it violates people's autonomy, but is that wrong by itself? Is it certain that rape directly causes harm, or could it be that the harm is only caused by society making the person feel victimized?

  • Infants are below my AOA, but I have to point out, in the spirit of this forum, that a baby can approve (giggles and laughter) and disapprove (crying and other signs of discomfort) of what is happening.

  • I for one, am beginning to believe that until we can establish some decent pedosexual foundation in society, we must hold onto an all or nothing argument with no exceptions to weaken our argument in the subject of child sexuality. Every human being, no matter the age, should be allowed to have consenting mutual sexual relations with anyone they wish. All age of consent laws must, and forever, be abolished.

  • Nature is angry and human beings and their urge to power by trying to control sex: the true source of life,and the sex life of a human being begins in the womb.How dare they be so arrogant as to create an age of consent?!

  • It's clear why they'll never accept the fact that we love their kids too. Parents don't want anyone else to love their children. If that person has different ideas about what's in the child's best interest, it invades what the parents feel is their exclusive territory. They don't want another cook with a hand in the mix, playing God with what's "theirs." And yet most parents cannot manage to love their children fully. Most parents will never be more than adequate, and a great many fall far short of even that.

  • I have been saying for years; Child Lovers are the most qualified people in the world to take care of children, for we are the ones who WANT to be with them,

  • Remember, the first step is not getting people to agree with us, but rather to get them to simply listen to what we have to say

  • Never compromise the fact that we are fully human, and deserve complete civil rights, respect for our orientation, and understanding for both our sexuality and our love of little girls.

  • my opinion is that we need to take that ball, tuck it firmly under an arm, even hide it, if necessary, and then charge straight through the opposition, with our minds firmly on the goal on the other side of the field.

  • I would say we have lost focus of what this whole movement is about. I've said this umpteen times and it frustrates me how the members here have SOOO much greatness and the potential to be the best friends to girls all over the world, but are scared shitless of going to jail. There are ways to work around the laws and if backed to a corner, stand up and be proud of who you are and who you love.

  • So I say to all of you. Make a REAL contribution. Go out and make a little girl your friend.

  • I know that I personally am afraid of going to jail, but not too afraid to want to befriend little girls anyway. I think the problem for a lot of us is, we're not sure where to look.

  • The problem is that it's hard to find ways to be casual friends with little girls these days. Most parents aren't very trusting........I just wish there was a way for me to, for lack of a better word, get access to more little girls!

  • Well, I'm not here to make them understand. I'm here to rub their noses in it. If the sight of me kissing a boy bothers them, then I'll slip him the tongue too!

  • I will extend an invitation to any of these antis who wish to come do me bodily harm. I'll give you my home address if you really feel the need to attack me, but I will not make it easy for you. If you step onto this property with a weapon, I'll just shoot you. I urge all of my fellow MAAs to follow my lead--get fit, learn to fight and learn to use a firearm. And then, come out and join me. We CAN make a difference. (Todd Nickerson)

  • And last but not least, good ol' Winston: Now all we need is a Martin Luther King! "We shall fight them on the beaches.." Or was that someone else?
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