Pedophiles and Intellectual Capacity

Monday, July 24, 2006

They meaning the pedovores (HT to Shoprat for the term), call us, among other things, ignorant - stupid - racists, bigots, nazi's - selfish - unenlightened - jealous - uneducated control freaks.

These accusations made on the part of a borderline psychotic community of societal outcasts have roots in various predictable places. One of which is repeating by rote the comments other members of their community have previously stated without thought to the truth, rationality or validity of the claim. A second reason is cognitive distortions which we previously discussed HERE and which act to provide a sort of psychological defense mechanism. We'll discuss this further in the near future, but for now I want to focus on a third reason: mental capacity, intellectual potential or rather a lack thereof.

I have said from the beginning that this is not a game, no tit-for-tat, no sticks & stones, nor liar-liar-pants-on-fire mission that we have undertaken here at Absolute Zero. We are here to tell the truth, period. I will now share with you the latest research findings regarding this very issue noted above. This information is from Quantitative Reanalysis of Aggregate Data on IQ in Sexual Offenders, coauthored by James Cantor, Ray Blanchard, Lori Robichaud and Bruce Christensen and funded by Canadian Institutes for Health Research Grant 94205. Published in Psychological Bulletin 00332909, July 2005, Vol. 131, Issue 4

This study concerned the intellectual capacity of sexual offenders and the analysis encompassed 75 reports and represented 25,146 individual people. Some of the issues addressed were those who offend against little girls vs little boys, intrafamilial offenders vs extrafamilial, offenders whose victims are adults vs those whose victims are children, and juvenile offenders vs adult offenders. There were many more issues addressed, but these are the topics of interest to us now. While multiple studies have shown a greater incidence of non-righthandedness and childhood head injury in pedophilic vs nonpedophilic men, this study corroborates what we all surely already knew or suspected.

The subjects for the analysis were divided into 4 distinct groups, noncriminals, nonoffenders (criminal but not sexual), sexual offenders against adults and sexual offenders against children. As we may have guessed, the pedophilic offenders were the least intelligent of all groups, with offenders of adults being more intelligent, and criminal nonsexual offenders being the highest ranking of these 3, yet only slightly higher than offenders of adults. Of course non criminals were the highest in intelligence rankings.

Of the pedophilic offenders the data was further broken down by age of the child, and the discovery was that the younger the child the lower the IQ
The unstandardized regression coefficient, indicated that for each decrease of 1 year in the definition of child, the samples' mean IQ dropped by approximately 2 IQ points.
So the offender of a 12 year old child vs a 2 year old may have as much as a 20 point difference in IQ.

The results of juvenile offenders echoed adult offenders across the board as far as sexual and non-sexual offences. There were virtually no difference between those offended against girls or boys. Likewise no detectable difference between intrafamilial offenders compared to extrafamilial.

While it has been proven that there is a higher incidence of non-right-handedness, and greater frequency of childhood head injury in pedophilic offenders, the authors state this:
Our most fine-grained analysis of victim age and offender IQ suggests that low IQ is a characteristic particular to pedophilia.

We suggest that a third variable--a perturbation of prenatal or childhood brain development--produces both pedophilia and low IQ. That is, low IQ correlates significantly with pedophilia, not because it causes pedophilia, but because both characteristics result from some common etiological factor.

I believe these findings give us reason to hope, not only in finding the cause for pedophilia but that these studies take us one step closer to finding a cure for this affliction.
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