Pedophile progressions.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Absolute Zero,
What a great title, it is exactly the amount of compassion I feel for the person that seeks sexual gratification from a child. I hear the “Oppression of free speech” argument from some of them. I hear the “We are oppressed” from a few of them. I looked around a little and found out some interesting things.
Definition of oppression; prolonged cruel or unjust treatment. The state of being subject to such treatment or control, mental pressure or distress.
With that in mind we should know that children under the age of 11 derive no gratification from a sexual act. In other words when a pedophile engages in a sexual act with a child under that age, the gratification is a one-way street.
Does that not fall under the oppression flag? Who again is the oppressor?
When a child has had to endure a pedophiles selfish urge, the damage done to the child will take years to overcome and our illustrious pedophile just moves on to the next victim. Now we have determined the true oppressor.
Lets look at the Pedophiles that are using the “I have the urge but I’ll never act on it” reasoning. This is a scary one indeed. Lets look at this in phases.
Phase 1. How many years did they have the “Urge” before they started speaking out about it? For the sake of argument lets say, 2 years. No harm yet.
Phase 2. They decide to “Voice” their “Urges” in a public, yet anonymous forum.
Still no harm, however they have graduated in their urges from silence to a voice.
Phase 3. After a period of time talking about it, the next step will be to “Stalk” or “Peep” or possibly talk to a child. Still no real harm done because the pedophile has not “Acted” on the “Urge”
The next phase in this progression will likely be the last for some victim. But it will be the first for the pedophile. Eventually the freak will be caught in this phase of his “Sickness.” Time for the cure!
There is something seriously wrong with a lifestyle choice that is even hated and punished by the dregs of society in our prisons. A pedophile’s life expectancy in prison is extremely short. Funny thing about the prison guards, most are young, getting ready to be sheriffs and have kids. Which mean they are less than sympathetic to the likes of the pedophile. They will mention the conviction to inmates and turn their backs.
Murderers and rapists and just the cream of the crop in our correctional facilities do not like poison in their prison. In a cons mind a pedophile is the lowest criminal in the yard and will eradicate it with extreme prejudice.
Bottom line, all of the pedophiles that frequent these blogs or have their own up, have gotten to Phase 2 and have probably been there for a while.
I do not pretend to know the Pedophile mind; but addiction is universal. If a little is good, more is better. Pedophiles arguing a point like this is futile at best, all we can hope is they either get help or get caught before any harm is done to our children.
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