Counting my lucky stars

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Living in Japan has proven to be a unique experience. The culture is much different, and the food is amazing. Okinawa is blessed with an extremely low crime rate. Crimes against children are extremely rare.

It is not uncommon to see very small children walking the city streets by themselves. The local population is very patient and helpful with them. Every citizen seems to look out for the kids. If a child is doing something wrong, a total stranger won't hesitate to scold them.

I consider myself very lucky to be raising my children in such a great community. I have no hesitation about letting my kids play outside on their own. Living on a military base adds another level of security.

Many communities at home don't enjoy this level of security. Children are vulnerable to all manner of predators. I still have to closely monitor my children when they use the internet, or play video games online. That's just common sense. They've both received detailed classes at school about online predators.

Perhaps I'm blessed, but I don't take lightly the wonderful environment that is Okinawa. Pity that more countries are not this healthy for kids.
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