Turning Back the Perverts

Friday, June 23, 2006

It seems that uber perverts Lindsay Ashford and Todd Nickerson are at it again. Nickerson, Ashford and their buddies have been trying to give themselves a 'good face' by donating money to charity! Yep, they managed to scrounge up over a thousand dollars that they sent in to Save the Children. What's worse, Save the Children accepte the money and sent them a thank you letter, that they are now trumpeting as a 'success' (http://hfp.puellula.com/Press/2006-06-21.html). I can hardly believe that Save the Children could have known that these folks were scumbags, but they are claiming that they said so.

BUT! Thanks to bloggers such as Rose DesRochers and LILO, Save the Children has now realized their error and are sending the money back! Good for them! Now these perverts will know that their cash is most certainly not welcome.

Unfortunately, this is not where it ends. Ashford, the ringleader of this pathetic bunch, has decided to start exploiting the daughters of our politicians by plastering their pictures all over his site. I cannot understand how this has been allowed to remain for so long (http://lindsay.puellula.com/2006-04-30.html). Aren't there laws against this kind of nonsense? And I wonder if these girls' daddies know about this shameful display. I bet they dont - and that they'll be hopping mad when they find out. You can all help us out with this. If the children of your Senator or Representative appears on this site, why not phone them up and tell them. I am sure they will be grateful to you for your concern.
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