The Price of Perversion or Gimme Gimme Gimme

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lindsay Ashford that smiling, weasely, nauseating scumbag is at it again. Gimme Gimme Gimme he begs. As always, he needs money. And he always has a scam, of one sort or another. It may be trying to use someone's good name....against their will. Or it may be nickel and diming pedo-pals, but you can always bet on one thing for sure. It's always to benefit himself.

Now Lindsay is hiding out in another country, one maybe like, oh, say Panama for example. Stuff is cheap and little girls are even cheaper. Or should we say easier to molest. Either way he needs money because you see, he's just not very marketable in the employment arena. He calls it The Price of Honesty and whines:

Since 2002, Puellula/HFP has been committed to presenting the truth about pedophilia (girllove, childlove, amaros — whatever you want to call it). For nearly five years I have managed to offer all of the resources to you completely free of charge. I have donated literally thousands of hours of my time to ensure that the many facets of our sexual orientation are brought to light in the hope that others will have their thoughts and perceptions of us challenged.

The cost of this public stance has been enormous. There are many job opportunities that have been denied to me and I have lost jobs as a direct result of who I am. Existing clients have cancelled work with me and potential clients have declined to work with me upon discovering who I am. In short, my public advocacy of pedophiles and pedophilia has exposed me to unending uncertainty and insecurity. Whilst I am not threatened with having my service terminated by my web host, I am threatened with being unable to pay the rent, the electric bill and other living expenses.

Therefore, I am appealing to all of you who value my work and wish to see it continue to make a financial contribution to my efforts. In return, I give you my assurance that I will never give up this worthy fight and will continue to give my utmost to sharing the truth with the world.

I hear all you pedo's out there, the ones who haven't yet learned your lesson, pulling out your checkbook. Well, there's a sucker born every minute to be sure. But if you don't believe he's manipulative, go back and read that statement of his very very carefully. Especially the part about how he's donated thousands of hours to the maintenance of his own personal website of which you have no say so or control of. Yeah be sure and read that part. And then if you still feel compelled to support his sorry self, well there's only a few ways you can send him money you know. Paypal won't be involved in any activity which even remotely supports pedophilia, so that's out. You'll have to send him cash, or wire it to him. Better go check out Western Union and see what's required. The next thing you know we'll have girl chatters trying to figure out how to use pigeons or some other non-traceable means for pedo-exchange. Sheesh.

Remember though, don't send any money to Todd. He's no longer the money collector. He has this nasty little habit of ... er ... confiscating funds.
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