The Giving Of Thanks

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am thankful for:

- The existence of a blog such as Absolute Zero;
- My ability to be on the AZ team;
- To have been solicited to become a member of AZ;

- That we are: "A community of individuals pledged to fight paedophiles on the web. We are committed to the safety and emotional well-being of all children."

- That I have made new friends in the form of Christopher, Stitches 77, Daydreamer of Oz, Sues, Anti Pedophile Mother and all the wondrous members of the AZ Team;

- Our ability to be centered on our goal and not deterred by the minions of darkness.

It is an honor to write for Absolute Zero, and to "fight the good fight."

If we do not speak up for children -- then who will?

May the blessings of the season find us, our families and our children safe, happy, at ease, relaxed, and able to experience the wonders of childhood insulated from the corruptive forces constantly nipping at our heels.

And you know what I mean.

"I enter upon my eightieth year, with thanksgiving to God for all the blessings and mercies which His providence has bestowed upon me throughout a life extended now to the longest term allotted to the life of a man; with supplication for the continuance of those blessings and mercies to me and mine, as long as it shall suit the dispensations of His wise providence, and for resignation to His will when my appointed time shall come."
-- John Quincy Adams, July 11, 1846 on his 80th birthday

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