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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Outraged residents beat rapist to death

Johannesburg, South Africa

A man died from injuries sustained when he was beaten by outraged Motherwell residents after he raped a five-year-old girl, Port Elizabeth police said on Tuesday.

Captain Verna Brink said the child's mother had told elders in the community about the rape, which took place on Saturday. The community was then mobilised to take action against the alleged rapist on Monday.

"They beat him with sjamboks and their fists while others held him down," said Brink.

Police dispersed the crowd and took a badly injured 35-year-old Mhleli Phali, along with the girl's mother, to the police station.

"Phali confessed to raping the girl on Saturday. He said he told her to go to the shop for him and when she came back he raped her in his home and threatened to kill her if she told anyone," said Brink.

He also told police he had given her 50 cents before sending her home.

Police did not take him into custody as he had sustained severe injuries. He later died while being transported to the hospital, said Brink.

"The mother is being questioned because she did not report the rape to the police immediately and took matters into her own hands, but no arrests have been made."

The five-year-old girl has since received medical attention and social workers have been called in to assist with counselling.

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