Warning: Choking Hazard

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh poor Rookieeee. The more he tries the dumber he looks. Darn, he just doesn't know which way to turn. See? He got this cockamamy idea that he could sell T-Shirts with something to ruffle the feathers of the anti-pedos who think we're monsters anyways. Sort of a 'f*** you to them' So he designs some shirts and offers them up for sale. They say "And she's Daddy's Little Girl" With the girl lover logo no less

The thing is he forgot about jd420. Of course you would remember him, the repulsive, militant pedofreak that even the pedofreaks wish would go away. So jd proceeds to threaten Rookieeeee over on the boychat message board and tells him
Please remove any and all content which currently has the word "daddy" in its design from the pl webstore, preferably within 24 hours. Failure to comply may result in suspension and, in some jurisdictions, prosecution for hate speech
Dylan Thomas doesn't particularly care for JD the girl lover coming to boychat and making demands, especially when it could have been cleared up with a private email. Dylan says the girl community must be more organized than he previously thought and called it
Committee Ultimatum on Negative Thought, which will be enforced by the Collective Legal Investigation Team. I'm startled to realize that there's apparently a body over there, with jd420 as its spokesman, that's operating something like a Team Watching Appropriate Tactics and Theatrical Inquisition Tactical Squad
Poor olive freak wants one of the aprons that say Grill Chat on them, BUT only if he can figure out a safe way of receiving it without public disclosure of his location. Reckon, he's unaware that the secret's been out of the bag for awhile now? Right down to the last digit. And poor BlueRibbon just can't give it up He's still quoting figures that say pedofreaks don't commit child sex abuse. Poor boy. Now really I find the whole affair rather boring and petty. So imagine my surprise when Dylan Thomas made a request for some boxer shorts to be made with this logo!Does he really think there's something humorous there?

And why would Rookieeee be so anxious to SHOCK the anti's?

Doesn't he realize that you're already shocking enough? TRYING to shock us, I guarantee you will not help your cause.

Hey! I have an idea. It's really avant-garde but you know, perhaps it might help. From now on, why don't you try TELLING THE TRUTH? Now that would probably shock us.
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