Cause for concern?

Saturday, September 30, 2006

In a recent discussion over on the absolute nothing blog, a couple of comments made by the poster WM, otherwise known as Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield really made me think about the kind of people we are dealing with here.
I have taken thousands of images of minors, throughout my life, and have never masturbated over one of them. However, once again, I reserve the right to do so, if I ever wished.
He reserves the right to take pictures of peoples children without consent, and then use them for masturbation if he wishes to, and he sees nothing wrong in that? The second comment is a real corker, not only does he flout his contempt for the legal system he mocks those he would abuse if he chose to, and he still says he's not a sociopath.
You must know, by now, that I will break laws that I view as unjust and I am willing to accept the consequences. And, no, the families, of which you speak would not have a cat-in-hells chance of legal action, even if I had pumped pints onto to their little cherubs (feel free to contact some and let them have my email).
I will leave you with a final comment from him, bearing in mind this man feels he is unjustly labelled by me as a sociopathic paedophile, judge for yourself.
I have served my time. The job is done. Unless, of course, you mean ‘rehabilitation’, in the sense of being subservient to an unjust and ill-informed system? That is not my style, never was, never will be.
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